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Gun Holsters & Drawing Firearms : Learn About Cross Draw Gun Holsters

Okay we are going to get into the cross draw
which I just spoke briefly about in the last segment which is in essence the same exact
thing. Support side holster which is for me to wear properly just like this. I would come
here, draw it and wear it here. Even though I am not dominantly left handed, I could wear
this holster on my support side. Same thing would be like I said earlier from a cross
draw. I could buy a holster that was designed for cross draw and I could wear it on my support
side. Even though I am still strong hand dominant, I could always carry my weapon over here and
assess it and use it if need be. Again, not a very common practice in law enforcement
and military. Normally the weapon stays on your strong side but it still has its place.
A lot of people still believe in cross draw for whatever reason so it still has its place
but it is very uncommon practice especially in law enforcement today.

12 thoughts on “Gun Holsters & Drawing Firearms : Learn About Cross Draw Gun Holsters

  1. But what are the tactical disadvantages of cross draw? Is it easier to disarm or is the difference between cross draw vs. strong side just preference?

  2. So what did we learn from this video? Uhhh….not common for law enforcement to cross draw. How does that help? It doesn't.

  3. EXACTLY, I was actually pursued by an armed individual who approached my driver side door. At gunpoint he demanded I get out. I held my hands up showing no threat and explained I was going to remove my seat belt and cooperate. Reaching for my seatbelt I drew my firearm and presented my self. This probably saved my friend and myself at the time. 15 seconds later a state trooper pulled up and handled the rest of the situation. Cross draw definitely has its advantages-plus being abmi helps 🙂

  4. Totally against cross draw.
    1. It's slower……don't want to hear that you can go just as fast as a traditional draw.  You can't punch out the weapon out as quick…..I'll take anyone on that challenge.  And we said cross draw, not appendix carry
    2. If your not careful and have lots of practice you might end up muzzling your support arm/hand
    3. Close counter engagements.  In the 5 steps of a traditional draw, on step 3 I can fire as soon as I clear the holster and am pointing at my target.  You can do that with a cross draw unless you bring the weapon across your body and to the traditional step 3 of a regular draw.
    4.  You reach across your body to draw, I can move in and block your draw if I'm close enough.
    5.  If your left handed why would you want to wear a cross draw holster and now have a belt buckle in the way when your driving. 

    I gave 5 good reasons for not going with a cross draw.  

  5. +expertvillage
    Although I've never bought a cross draw holster, it looks to be a very fast and natural draw position, especially when sitting down or in your car, and safer than appendix because it isn't pointed toward your body. Why isn't it very popular??

  6. Cross draw is stealthy. If you need to draw without the whole world seeing you do it, you can. You can actually have your hand on the gun, without drawing it, and no one will know. Its perfect for driving also. The seat belt has no effect.

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