Gun Holsters & Drawing Firearms : Learn About Clothing Gun Holsters

Okay clothing holsters or holsters. Now certain
lines of clothing make clothing that actually has built in holsters to them. They are a
lot of different brand names available in law enforcement, military and some civilian.
Again, it has a holster secreted inside where you can carry a firearm undetected. For these
purposes, I don’t actually have my jacket with me that has a built in holster. However,
just to give you an idea, they have pants where the pocket has an inside little pocket
has a holster so this is not just fitting loosely in my pocket, it is actually in a
holster that iis secreted in the inside of my pants pocket. It can be a front pocket,
a support side pocket or it can even be a rear pocket. They have a lot of vests now
that have Velcro lining right on the inside of it where it has a holster where you can
place a certain caliber handgun. Most of these holsters that are secrete weapons are not
large caliber weapons. You won’t find one that is higher than a 357 with a 6 inch barrel
or 44 Magnum with an 8 12 inch barrel. You will be able to find a 38 Snub Nose, a little
22, something of that nature that you can secrete in there. It’s not bulky and won’t
give you away. Again, there are a lot of different name brands out there that provide these type
of clothing options for the person that wants to carry a concealed weapon whether they are
law enforcement professional or military professional.

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