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Gun Holsters & Drawing Firearms : Learn About Ankle Gun Holsters

Okay we’ve done small of the back and under
the arm and now we are going to get into what we consider the ankle holster. Normally you
use a very small caliber .22 or .32 or .25 or .38, this happens to be a .38 Sub Nose
which is a smaller revolver and is small enough to fit on an adult size man’s ankle probably
undetected depending on what type of pants or shoes they are wearing. If you are wearing
court room attire or business suit of some sort and the pants fit loosely, you could
actually attach this to the inside of your ankle and put your pants over it and you would
never know. One of the draw backs is if you had to run or you know be physical, you’ve
got to worry about it bumping around. How is it secured? Is it by snap, is it by Velcro?
You get to running around or being physical, you may take the chance of losing it by which
for a concealable weapon, great place to keep a second weapon. I would prefer this over
the under the arm definitely over the small of the back. I would definitely recommend
ankle holster to carry because it is undetected again. Most people don’t think about that.
If for some reason your main weapon or primary weapon goes down, you go to the ankle holster
and you can access it easily. It is easily to conceal. That would be the ankle holster.

4 thoughts on “Gun Holsters & Drawing Firearms : Learn About Ankle Gun Holsters

  1. Good advice Lee…Question: If I am running or in contact with a bad guy what or how do you suggest I keep the weapon secured. Velcro? Snap? Locking mechanism?

  2. Ankle holsters lol one guy I know had one with a full size 9mm and flip flops on. Knuckle head tried to run and the damn gun got kicked right to my feet. Lol jackass said he saw another guy on doomsday preppers with one on and it looked cool. Moral of the story is 'Real men don't wear ankle holsters or flip flops'.

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