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Gun Holsters & Drawing Firearms : How to Draw a Gun

So from my strong side draw, I am going to
reach back, my hand high on the back strap, I am going to activate my release lever or
while I am coming up so it is all one motion. So it’s here. My arm goes straight up and
what I am going to do is rock the weapon forward and again for training purposes, the weapon
is clear and safe. I am going to do a visual and physical check. There are no magazines,
no live rounds. Okay so this weapon and holster, I come up arms straight out, rock it forward
bring it in close to myself and then I go out to get in my stance and engage my target.
Okay I am here. When I go to put it back, the same exact thing. You should be so comfortable
with your equipment where you don’t have to look down every time and oh, where’s my holster.
If you are right handed and you wear a strong side support or storing side hip holster,
it is going to be in the same place every single time. It’s memorization of gear. If
you are in law enforcement and you keep your handcuffs here and your pepper spray here
and gun here and at any given time, you know automatically my baton is over here at the
cross draw. If I need my pepper spray, it’s right in front of my handcuff. You have to
know your gear. Same thing if you are a civilian. If you are going to carry a firearm on yourself
and you’ve got three different holsters and one day I carry an ankle, one day a sport
side and one day I carry it under the arm and if you need it, where is it. Are you reaching
for under the arm when it is actually on your hip or to your ankle when it is under your
arm. So you want to get familiar with your gear and where you use it. So that is the
proper drawing technique. You know you are in your stance and you come back, break leather
bring the weapon in close, punch it out and engage a target and do what you have to do.
Come back and put it right back in there. Secure, it’s locked, heard it click and not
worried about someone coming up and grabbing it at this point. So that is the proper technique
for drawing. We will get more in depth in that in a few segments later.

9 thoughts on “Gun Holsters & Drawing Firearms : How to Draw a Gun

  1. What mindset does calling you a civilian or a citizen impose upon you? Here's a hint……nothing. It is just a word used to seperate one group of people from another group. If the police, fire, etc are talking about anyone who is not an emergency response member, they use the word civilian. Its your ego that is the problem, not the word.

  2. I agree police are civilians as well they are not military. Furthermore, my suggestion to this instructor is to stop teaching new shooters to put their non-firing hands in front of their barrel during the draw sequence. This creates bad habits and is bad training overall.

  3. Granted this was 10 years ago, but I hope you've received some training on safe pistol handling since then. You pointed that gun at yourself many times.

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