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Gun Holsters & Drawing Firearms : Achieve the Proper Re-holster Form When Using a Gun

We’ve talked about target acquisition and
lasering and how to un-holster our weapon. The simplest way to re-holster is to follow
the same steps we did to un-holster. It’s very simple. Again, we’ll walk through it.
Standing here, I’m in my position, the command is to fire, I draw my weapon, punch it out,
I’m on target, I fire. Okay, re-holster. Same thing. It make take you a moment to find it,
but I’m not looking down. The theory behind that is whether you’re training, or whether
you are in law enforcement or the military, there could be a threat that you didn’t see.
So if I’m, boom boom, just because you fire, doesn’t mean the bad guy has gone away or
the threat is over. So, if I take my eyes off the bad guy and I’m looking around here
trying to put my gun in my holster, guess what, he just advanced on me. So, now, I may
not have a chance to get it out again. So you don’t wanna do that. Boom, come to a low
ready, I prefer people to scan, when you come to low ready, look around, make sure there
are no threats approaching. If all is clear, you go to re-holster, my eyes are on my target,
and I put my weapon away. All the while, keeping my eye on the target. So re-holstering is
the same principle. Hand high on the backstrap, your grip stays the same. It’s the same grip
I had when I drew it. So, nothing has changed there. My hand is still high on the backstrap,
fingers are naturally curled, thumb is over there, the thumbs marry and meet, I’m on target,
I’ve done what I needed to do, now it’s time to reholster. I scan the area, no more threats,
elbow goes back, pivoted, now it’s toward the sky, and I’m in the holster, lock in,
and now I’m back. So that’s re-holstering. The easiest way to do it, is to practice those
steps, one, two, three, four. First step is grab it high on the backstrap. So the fourth,
in reverse, would be, hand off the weapon because the hand is going on on the first
one. Those are the steps you can practice in the mirror to get it down, and if you follow
those steps you should have a safe and fun time at the range or training.

11 thoughts on “Gun Holsters & Drawing Firearms : Achieve the Proper Re-holster Form When Using a Gun

  1. Horseshit. Men under fire might fall back on the most basic training, but unless you've been dehumanised by your military exercises and can no longer live a normal human life, you will rely mostly on instincts.

    Same goes for self defense videos. Real fights don't involve obvious, slow punches and stabs, they involve one person attacking another in an unplanned situation.

    This is how men are shot by snipers and blown up by roadside bombs. This is why not every hostage is saved. It's not a game.

  2. @ChainsawGutsFuck The idea is that the more you practice something, the easier it is to become second nature (what you call instinct). It applies to martial arts, weapons and everything in life.

  3. Another way to say unholster is draw…lol. Watch this guys support hand. Looks like he keeps covering his support hand with the muzzle.

  4. I am rather new to this, but wouldn't it make it quicker to draw with your weapon a few inches more toward your mid section? It seems like you have to reach back to get the handle. Just wondering. Any insight would be much appreciated.

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