Gun Grabbing Liberal SPEECHLESS After Wayne LaPierre’s Response

for many years it had been obvious that the gun laws needed reform and after that tragedy we got it including national uniform gun laws a ban on semi-automatic rifles and shotguns and a buyback of six hundred and forty thousand of those guns we saw gun homicides dropped sharply after the new laws came in and by 2002 the gun homicide rate was at its lowest since 1950 since 1996 there’s been more than a forty percent reduction in all forms of gun deaths nowadays Americans are 16 times more likely to be killed with a gun than Australians in 2002 Australia had 50 gun murders compared with 11,500 in the US Canada also tightened its gun laws in the mid-90s and also saw the gun homicide rate dropped steadily it was twenty percent lower in 2002 than in 1995 nowadays Americans are eight times more likely to be killed with a gun than Canadians are in 2002 Canada had a hundred and fifty gun murders compared with 11,500 in the US by the way Americans are 40 times more likely to be killed by guns than Britains in 2003 Britain had 68 gun murders compared with 11,500 in the USA the UN secretary-general kofi annan has said even in societies not be set by civil war the easy availability of small arms have contributed to violence and political instability and damaged development prospects and imperiled human security in every way the member states of the united nations have agreed on a programme of action to reduce small arms it has some very very moderate measures countries agree that there will be an offence of criminal possession of guns for example thank you very much miss Peters and now we give the floor to Wayne LaPierre it’s good to be with you at the outset let’s be clear that neither miss Peters nor the United Nations has a monopoly on genuine compassion for the injustice that exists in our world all of us would wish to end tyranny and atrocity poverty and disease for decades the people of the United States have provided not lip service but unrivaled levels of aid and assistance to those in need across this planet yet you just heard miss Peters in essence claim that some of our freedoms caused some of the world’s problems you’ve heard miss Peters call me to take responsibility for and even offer solutions for many of the world’s most ancient and complex challenges central to her mission is a new gargantuan global bureaucracy endowed with sweeping controls that miss Peters through the United Nations intends to impose upon the world on everyone on every gun without exception I’m here to oppose this baseless initiative on behalf of the freest people in the history of mankind the people of the United States I’m here to say I believe in arming the good guys and in disarming the bad guys and I’m here to rise in opposition to this new face of global socialism that history has exposed time and time again as a colossal failure I’m not here to impose upon any nation the freedoms we enjoy in the United States unlike miss Peters who seeks to impose her failures upon all peoples of all the world her social experiments in gun registration and confiscation have been monumental failures trusting in her flawed logic good people gave up their guns only to watch it backfire in record-setting criminal brutality visited upon the formerly free people of Australia Canada the United Kingdom here and other countries that is a simple sad fact and that’s why this issue must be approached on a less emotional and with much more common sense basis whether it’s billed as gun control or arms rights or illicit weapons it’s a debate as ancient as mankind and as fresh as today’s newspaper because it’s a topic that strikes deep in our hearts then that belief is tortured by statistics twisted for each new debate today instead trust your instincts to lead you to the truth listen with an open mind sidestep the dogma of the day let what you hear be balanced by your rational mind and compassionate heart and the truth will find you trust your soul more than any statistics because 25 years in this arena have taught me stripped bare of chief drama and emotional manipulation the right to bear arms in defense of self family and country is ultimately self-evident reduced to its core it’s about human freedom human worth and self destiny so we are at a crossroads if our freedom weren’t so precious and if the threat weren’t so clear and present I wouldn’t be here in these hallowed halls pleading with everyone within the sound of my voice that our planet is not growing more free but less free with every Sun that sets because more and more supposedly free peoples are submitting to the empty promises of miss Peters and her United Nations miss Peters we are at an historic collision course here between what you want for the world and what the world wants so forgive me for asking if you can’t bring yourself to respect the Bill of Rights at least keep your hands off it the Bill of Rights is why America is the freest nation in history that’s why I side with the visionaries who founded our nation in the belief that law-abiding people have a right to keep and bear arms so I say it loud and clear and without apology I’m all about arming the good guys and disarming the bad guys thank you very much

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