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“Gun Girl” Troll FACEPLANTS During Bogus Interviews

I have something that I think you’re going
to enjoy today. There is a young woman named Caitlin Bennett
who I had never heard of before yesterday before seeing the videos I’m going to play
for you today, but apparently she’s known as gun girl in some circles. She’s a pro gun anti-abortion, anti trans,
seemingly religious conservative. She strikes me as a religious conservative,
although, although maybe that’s not the case. Wikipedia says that Bennett received media
attention in 2018 because she opened, carried an AR 10 rifle at Kent state university. Imagine being known for holding a gun, holding
a gun is what she’s known for. I believe she’s 2324 years old. She goes to college campuses and she does
these horribly bad faith, dishonest, gotcha type interviews where she wants to show how
crazy things are on liberal college campuses and she asks students, what do you think about
abortion or what do you think about guns or trans people? It’s done totally out of context and very
bad faith. And she did this the other day and a young
man who has upper management written all over him. I think you will agree. After watching this segment stopped her short
when she started asking, Oh, what about tampons and men’s rooms or what about this or that? And the kid very clearly says, who cares? No one’s committing a crime. I’m living my life. I believe in individual Liberty. Who cares about this stuff? Check this out. What do you think about putting urinals and
women’s restrooms for women who have penises and they just want to stand in pee? I think people just making too big of a deal
about it. I don’t really care naughty words. Okay, so we showed her shouldn’t, I mean I
really care. Okay. What about tampons and pads and men’s restroom
for men who have periods, if you’re really getting that worked up about it, why does
it matter? Like I don’t care just sitting there. I’m not going to take it. Okay, so we should provide men with tampons. I mean, if a dude wants a tampon for some
reason he can have a tampon. That’s not my business. What would he use it for? I don’t know. That’s his problem. Well, we use a pad for his problem. Do you think they should seek medical advice
if they’re having bleeding? I mean, if they want to. I don’t really care. Why should I here? I don’t know. I care about people that they’re bleeding
out of their penis. I would want to, I care about people’s personal
rights. They can do whatever they want. Some, none of my business. Beautifully done. Absolutely beautifully done. This is like a fake, reactionary libertarian. This woman, Katelyn Bennett meeting an actual
libertarian and I mean libertarian in the authoritarian versus libertarian sense, not
like a capital L libertarian who says there’s no crime being committed. There’s no violence to anyone. There’s no interference with my life. What do I care about where a tampon is found? She has nowhere to go with it because she
can’t get an emotional response from the student. So she has to become more unhinged and start
saying things like, what about a bleeding penis? Then here’s another one that went horribly
wrong and she actually is so unbearable that I almost started feeling bad for how dumb
she looked here. But then I didn’t take a look at this. Yeah, there’s, there’s a, there’s more than
people think. White men having periods. Yeah, I got did you tell them to seek clinical
help if men are having periods? Well, trans men have periods. Okay. Okay. Explain that one to me. Yeah. So some people who have transitioned from
female to male, um, you know, obviously, you know, they might still have periods and you
know, if they identify as male, you know, they have the right to go into the men’s room. Uh, but if they’re still having periods, they
have the right to have, you know, the products they need. This is of course how these reactionary social
conservative movements work. They work by strategically narrowly framing
questions when it makes sense. And then when it’s more convenient, you broaden
it where the questions and the topic are way too broad to actually have any meaning and
it conservative, I’m sorry, conspiracy theorists actually do the same thing. There’s a strategy in pushing conspiracy theories
where you will sometimes say, let’s zoom way out in order to further your conspiracy theory. But when taking a broad view actually hurts
your, you’re a conspiracy theory. You zoom way in into narrowly, uh, calculated
details. And it’s a very similar strategy here. First they go very broad. Something like the identity politics left
things men can have periods. Okay, well, it’s not hard to understand. If you’re born biologically female, you transitioned
to male. Unless you have certain procedures, you’ve
got a uterus, you have the reproductive system, it doesn’t go away. So someone who identifies as male in society
and uses the men’s room might still have a period. Menstruation may still be part of their biological
reality. So then they go broad and they right, the
left thinks men has period, have periods or something like that. And then when you point out how absurd the
framing is, they will narrow it to, are you telling me you don’t care about someone who’s
penis is bleeding? This isn’t about a man whose penis is bleeding. This is about individual Liberty. It’s about rights. It’s about nobody’s breaking any laws. And the most important takeaway here, because
it’s an election year, is that these people vote. And many people agree with the framing of
a cake. Katelyn, Katelyn Bennett, she gets to vote. The people who find her intelligent and who
find her videos prescient about the future of America, they vote. And none of this means anything. If we can’t start fixing this problem from the bottom up and that means we all have
to vote in November of 2020 I want to hear from you, what do you think about these videos? We’ll take a quick break and be back right
after this,

100 thoughts on ““Gun Girl” Troll FACEPLANTS During Bogus Interviews

  1. She's trying them and they have the time. Don't give people like that a reaction. That's all they want. Only usable thing is learned so far in high school

  2. Please show when she dressed up in Native regalia and danced around to harass Native students in Oklahoma

  3. He should of said

    “if you payed as much attention to your own body as much you trans peoples bodys, maybe you wouldnt shit yourself at drunken partys”

  4. I'm actually against the hivemind "We must all agree with their lifestyle decisions" of the left with trans people, but this is stupid. Nobody but weirdos actually care how others use the bathroom so long as you aren't spreading the fluids outside the bowl. This is the dumbest hill to die on.

  5. I’m honestly so proud of the answers the people have responded with. I haven’t seen one response agreeing with Kaitlin


  7. I feel like this is a audition. Like what candace owens and steven crowder did. She trying to get a job somewhere and willing to say the dumbest stuff just to tell that one person she trying to get a job from that she willing to say anything to do the job.

  8. When you transition, or in the process of transitioning from female to male. The testosterone slows down menstruation until it stops. Some have experienced spotting even after years of taking testosterone. Of course this all happens if they decide not to have any medical surgeries…

  9. I could be wrong (because i have not seen the original video that Pakman is reacting to) but I think her point may be about the absurdity of this relatively sudden social fervor to confuse/blur/twist the meaning of terms like "men" and "women". The statement "men can have periods" can be interpreted as meaning the same thing as "females who identify as men can have periods" by a small percent of English speakers. But to almost all English speakers, the statement "men can have periods" is factually incorrect and a lie; a lie that can (and I am sure does) confuse some people.

  10. For someone that’s spoken out against socialism on many occasions she certainly doesn’t mind being publicly owned.

  11. Evangelicals are so pressed about other people’s private lives and genitals those sick naughty word (welcome to elementary school, evangelical detachment from reality) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. My favourite video of her is interviewing someone who was at the party where she pooped herself, and then trying to shame him for being gay after he mocks her for pooping herself

  13. She also shit herself so why does she care about what goes on in bathrooms if she doesn't know how to use them. 😂

  14. Kaitlin Benett thinking that trans men get periods out of their penis really shows how little shit she actually knows about trans people.

  15. Oh. she's the one who told government workers to "go get real jobs" during the government shutdown because our taxes shouldn't pay their paychecks… She's a dumbass.

    I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face if she interviewed me.

  16. Something she doesn't seem to understand is that No trans women would use a urinal in a women's bathroom. The whole thing about being trans is being discreet and blending in with those you identify as. Using a urinal in a women's bathroom really defeats the purpose of using a women's bathroom

  17. Girl ur really saying naughty words when ur carrying a gun around campus, ur racist, homophobic, and a transphobic women. All of those things are so much worse than “naughty words”

  18. Garbage girl is the typical right wing media personality: She cashes in on her lack of ethics and empathy and humanity yet doesn't really care about anything but her cash and follower numbers. Best to just ignore the garbage girl.

  19. This isn't unique. All of her videos are just her looking the fool while her intended victims verbally smack her down. She also has a lot of videos where she picks fights with people, and when they escalate, she threatens them that she's carrying.

  20. Bishhhhh TF do you think you're doing in this video fool??! What she asks are all Democrat desire! Show your parties fuck ups… They are ignorant look at hair boys stupidty! Stfu you shes mocking you idiots!

  21. Women send boyfriends to the store to buy tampons and pads. Makes sense that if needed maybe the womens bathroom is out that such items could be in mens bathrooms as well.

  22. These were the type of questions she asked?! Why would you care, or even know, if a man’s penis (A STRANGER) is bleeding? And if a man was bleeding that doesn’t mean they’re transgender. They could have a health issue or be passing a stone. Either way, she’s not a doctor! Why is it any of her business?

  23. Kent State??? Where four students where killed by national guardsmen in 1970??? I was only 12 and was still shocked and disturbed. Did she go there on purpose? Did she even know? I firmly believe in upholding gun rights. But that is beyond disrespectful to the memory of those innocent students. Learn your history and think for yourself. I will finnish watching now, sorry that opening set me off. Very painful memories.

  24. Conservatives cry that they want less government, but then they try to control everyone's life through laws that restrict people's lives. I just recently answered questions in a Trump2020 pop up message, it framed the questions like "would you rather vote for Trump or a communist?" Too bad "neither" was not an option. And since I had to pick one or the other (and I knew that when they said "communist" what they really mean is "progressive") so I chose communist.

  25. I have watched some of her videos and I am starting to think she does not like herself. In private I have a feeling she has very bad emotional problems.

  26. The most concerning aspect of this story is that it’s a story… Come on David – you can do so much better than this. If I want cheap theatrics I cold go to commercial media.

  27. Kaitlin Bennet must be an example of those evil 'social justice warriors' I hear so much about.

  28. Thank you for doing a video on this, David! This girl is SICKENINGLY closed minded. It made me so happy to see how these men reacted to her incredibly ignorant questions.

  29. Lets just get rid of urinals. Think about it. Does anyone have a urinal in the bathroom in their home? Answer, No. Lets just have toilets inside stalls in all restrooms. Unisex restrooms. Maybe install cameras in the common areas in restrooms such as by the sinks and such for those who think the opposite sex are predatory towards them. Privacy in the stalls. Security in the common areas. Problem solved.

  30. God she did the gun thing not only at a college but at fucking Kent State of all places like of all the things to do wtf

  31. I cant believe she went to a fucking pride festival and bothered people for 20 minutes and was obviously being homophobic to their faces.

  32. She seems like she’s only into guns because it will get her fucked by certain dudes she wants to fuck.. It’s like when chicks pretend to be really into sports teams and it’s all horse shit they just want some dude who’s really into those sports teams to fuck them 😂, sad.

  33. This bitch is retarded. But no fucking way some fucking man is using the same public restroom as my child. Y'all people are fucking morons

  34. Stupid girl. I know plenty of men who seem to have periods. They are called moody bastards. This silly girl could be really annoying or very easy to wind up!

  35. Bennet is a phony baloney in an Irish step dancing wig. And she was flirting with that dude, and failing miserably.

  36. “Oooh naughty words?” What like you’ve never heard a single non-child swear? Like at all? So basically “ah yes you’re swearing so ur looking stupid” acts stupid and childish in next interview

  37. "I care about people" she claims as she has fat shamed, ridiculed, and disrespected EVERYONE with a different view than her

  38. David says she's known for carrying an AR-15 on campus but she's really known for shitting her pants at a frat party.

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