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Gun Control

Clint: Second Amendment! In God We Trust! And God wants us to own guns! All: Woohoo! Lil Gulch: We can carry our guns wherever we want! All: Yeah! But just for now right? Josie: Huh? Albuquerque Kid: Are you saying someone might try and take away our second amendment? Josie: Take away our guns! No, I just mean hopefully in the future we won’t need guns. I don’t understand. San Fran: Well … right now we live in the lawless Wild West. So we need guns for our protection. But in the future, society will advance to a point where, you know things will be better and we won’t need to carry a firearm. Ah, but we could still own guns right? Yeah, sure! Well… but it wouldn’t be prudent to sell guns to someone with, let’s say, a mental illness. Well, obviously not! But everyone else should have the right to own guns! Yeah, I mean, unless you’ve got a criminal record or something. Yeah, alright. Well, we’d still have our rights, just have some reasonable background checks and licenses. Right? And then everybody could own *any* gun! San Fran: Yeah, except any gun in the future might be very powerful, be able to kill dozens of people, like just like that. Well we don’t need a superweapon just to protect ourselves or hunt. All: Yeah. Yeah. Of course, of course. Well the Second Amendment, may it never have restrictions, until of course society advances! Josie: Until things get better! All: Woohoo! Albuquerque Kid: Ahhh, ahhh, ohhh, ohhh. Josie: Goddammit! Again? San Fran: See, mentally ill. That’s what I said.

1 thought on “Gun Control

  1. In future you will not need gun? You think that police will protect you? You do realize that police is more like a cleaning group? They don't prevent crimes, they catch the criminals AFTER THEY HAD DONE THE CRIME. Police will never appear in time to save you.

    Also first amendment was made to protect people against government. Also criminal record thing? You do realize that tyrannical government can make pretty much anything illegal to the point that everyone has criminal record?

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