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Gun Control Walkout Just The Start, Students at One Maryland School Say

– [Boy] What happened
at Parkland has shaken the roots of our nation. We should be waking up everyday saying what are we doing to make
sure that the next generation doesn’t have to deal with gun violence? – We care about our safety. We have established a
safe school environment and a safe community environment. However, we can’t stop someone
from coming into the school if they have access to machine guns. – [Students] The people
united will never be defeated. – I believe that everyone is entitled to their second amendment right, but simply by making the process a little bit harder and strenuous, we’re able to weed out
those that might use the gun for ill-intent. I wanna be safe, and I wanna be able to get a education. – [Students] Don’t take our schools away. Let’s keep the students safe. – We’ve seen our lawmakers, they were gonna do something about it, and they’ve never done something about it. So now we’re taking
action into our own hands, or we’re demanding that
they do something about it. – [Students] I’m entitled to
my education not a bullet. – Guns down. – [Students] Guns down. – Grades up. – [Students] Grades up. – School’s a safe place. It’s a place where you
come to get your education, talk to your friends. So we shouldn’t have to be worrying about getting hurt in schools. – The students united. – [Students] The students united. – Will never be divided. – [Students] Will never be divided. – Books not bullies. – The question becomes what next? We had Parkland. We had Sandyhook. What next? Is it gonna be Parkdale next? What next? What’s the next school? And we wanna prevent that from happening here in Maryland and all
over the United States. Change is now. – We are here today to take
a stand against gun violence. And this is the first step. This is not the end. This is the beginning. Who knows about the shooting
in Parkland, Florida? Those 17 people that lost
their lives that day, they’re expecting to get
on a bus and go home. Let’s give them a moment of silence. – [Students] Parkdale
against gun violence. Parkdale against gun violence. Parkdale against gun violence. – From here we keep
marching, keep protesting, keep speaking, keep
tweeting, keep retweeting, keep liking until we see change. (students talking) (dramatic music)

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