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Gun Control in Florida | No Guns Allowed Signs

A student recently asked me — can we bring a firearm into a building with a ‘No Guns Allowed’ sign? You guys know my policy — It’s only a felony if you get caught. What’s up guys! Ryan here with Tampa Carry. If you’re new to my channel, We talk about everything that has to do with guns, gear, and concealed carry. Consider subscribing and make sure you hit that little bell icon so you can notified of any new videos. Now, you guys have probably seen signs like this on certain businesses, stores, and banks. The question is — are these signs enforceable in the state of Florida? Well in Florida, these signs don’t mean Now you may see signs just like that at a bank. Well, they may not want me to have a gun at a bank, But it is not a crime to have a firearm inside of a bank and let’s just be really honest, Do you really think that that sign is going to stop a robbery? Probably not. You ready to do this? Yeah! You ready to get that people, son? Hell yeah! All right, man. Let’s do it! Let’s go! Isaac? What? We can’t rob this place, man. Why not? You’re not allowed to bring guns in. Dumbass! Come on, amateurs. Now, many amusement parks do not want guns inside of their park. However, it is not illegal according to Florida law — even if they put you through a metal detector. I wonder if anybody’s ever tried to sneak a gun inside. Oh man! Look at this little gun. What the hell am I supposed to do with this? Look at how tiny this thing is. You cannot be serious. This does not make any sense. This is the worse day of my life. Now I know what you’re thinking — what if your employer prohibits you from having a firearm while you’re at work? Well, because Florida is a right-to-work state they can tell you not to have a gun and if you choose not to listen, Of course they can fire you. However, your employer can never prohibit a customer from having a gun on the property. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? So we’ve learned that ‘No Guns Allowed’ signs really don’t mean much in the state of Florida. So let’s head on in. I’m just kidding. That’s a quick way to get your ass kicked. You may see a ‘No Guns Allowed’ sign at a police station But it’s not the sign that makes it illegal to bring a gun inside. It’s Florida statute 790 that says that — it is unlawful to have a firearm inside of a police, sheriff, or a detention center. To learn more about where you cannot have a gun in the state of Florida, Watch this video right here. Now, do you think that these no guns allowed signs are effective in Florida? Do you think they stop violence or they really have any effect on a criminal bringing a gun? Leave a comment below. And to learn more about the 15 places in Florida that you can never have a firearm, watch this video right here. and until next time, stay safe.

100 thoughts on “Gun Control in Florida | No Guns Allowed Signs

  1. if I own the company and have a sign at the door and then I see you carrying a gun I will be at fear for my life and stand my ground. If I own the company and put up a sign saying no guns you should either no carry of go somewhere else its called respecting a persons property.

  2. So YOU need to visit YOUR states DOJ (department of justice) website. States differ on laws and it could be considered a felony. Which means no gun(s) for you ANYMORE, and possibly even other rights you will automatically revoke. Possibly even your job.

  3. I’ve never paid attention to those signs. As long as I’m not brandishing my fire arm ( which is a crime in Florida) they wouldn’t know. Besides that the signs are usually small enough for you to not see them. 🙂

  4. Indiana has similar situation. A small number of businesses have signs for no guns and no knives. Even though I agree with this video I obey the signs but not out of being scared just out of respect. I want my rights as a concealed carrier to be respected so I feel property rights should be respected. I don’t want the government telling me what’s ok on my property and so I feel the business has the same right. So at that point I just have to decide how bad I want to visit that business or not. As a side note, post offices are a definite no no even if you want to disobey signs like I do occasionally.

  5. Those signs mean nothing if their not a 30.06-30.07 sign those signs are for comfort for everyone else. Now I don’t go I. Their open carrying a firearm that’s just setting your self up for failure lol

  6. It isn't a crime however if a business has a sign up and they ask you to leave, you must comply. Otherwise you risk getting trespassed.

  7. What about Arizona State? I live in Tucson and get attacked every year! Taking a bowie knife into a doctors clinic is "against policy", I was almost arrested for that! I can't drive because of medical reasons, so i need to carry a gun for self protection. Can you find if there is a way for me to bypass that so-called " policy, without being arrested? If i am arrested, they will take away what guns I will have then and revoke my CCW.

  8. No you can't bring a gun if you seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a sighn ! But make sure you know how to use it ! Team trump ! 2020 !

  9. It was explained to me in my ccw class that these signs were merely a suggestion. Well that's the approach I take with it. My mother on the other hand while being taken to the hospital insists I leave my edc in the vehicle when I park it to which I respond with a snarky "OK" but of course I don't. The only time other than a federal building which includes the post office mine comes off is in the shower or when I sleep. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your latest videos as I to live here in Tampa bay the gunshine state

  10. How about you leave you're firearm and go in then get hurt because you can't defend you're self?
    Then you sue the business owner!!!!

  11. USAA is headquartered in San Antonio. They insure $30K of my guns so I wonder if they prohibit me from carrying in their building?

  12. awesome! the people who claim only criminals with guns are the problem are literally encouraging the "good" guys with guns to be criminals!

    "it's only a felony if you get caught"


    ofc those signs mean something lol
    like "no shirt, no shoes"
    if you do NOT meet the requirements to be there, you are TRESPASSING!


  13. In Texas private property have to have signs 30.06 and 30.07 both up for no guns to be allowed on private property.

  14. But it’s private property, therefore they have the right. Cry like a baby if you want, it’s their right just like it’s your right to go elsewhere.

  15. The "No Guns" sign only lets criminals know that there is little / no resistance for robbing 'that establishment'.

  16. It is actually illegal to enter an establishment with a no guns sign w/ a gun. It isn't part of the gun laws, but it is conditional admittance to the property. If you enter an establishment knowingly breaking the posted rules of the establishment that is trespassing.

    Floridian law states in 810.08
    “Whoever, without being authorized, licensed, or invited, willfully enters… any structure …commits the offense of trespass in a structure…“
    A sign can be the notification that an individual is not authorized or invited to be on the premises, or area within the premises. The sign can state under what conditions a person is authorised and invited to enter the premises, or area within the premises. Other common examples, employee only signs, no solicitation signs, members-only signs, and even hours of operation. If you willfully break the conditions of signs defining admittance it is trespassing.

    Moreover, if you trespass with a firearm it is a felony
    "If the offender is armed with a firearm or other dangerous weapon, …while in the structure or …, the trespass in a structure … is a felony of the third degree,"

  17. I went to get my hair cut yesterday and the shop had a HUGE SIGN by the door. It said we are a CCW and gun carry and second amendment right business. I was very pleased with that and left a tip equal to the haircut.

  18. In South Carolina there is a specific design and wording to prohibit firearms in the establishment. If it doesn't comply it means nothing.

  19. Criminals dont give a shit about your signs. All they're doing is preventing good guys with a gun and making more victims.

  20. One NRA nutcase makes a video and all the other nutjobs come crawling out of the woodwork to comment.
    What a joke..

  21. Trick question. If i bring a recover to a no gun zone with it unloaded, and cylinder is removed. Do i have a gun in a no gun zone?

  22. It's only a felony if you get caught. I love that! I mean why call the cops anyway? Handle your own business. They'll just wind up shooting or arresting you anyway even if your the one that calls them for help!!

  23. Why would you ever want to do business with anyone who hates you and the US constitution?  Just take your business to someone who's on our side.

  24. I carry everywhere I go and if I see signs saying no guns I ignore them. All they can do is ask you to leave. Of course the places that you are barred from having a weapon That are state or federal places I don’t carry in.

  25. In Florida it is not a felony unless you refuse to leave when asked to do so by the owner or his representative. And then it will be a trespassing charge and only a misdemeanor. The police will not enforce because it is not against any law. If you're doing it right you shouldn't have to worry about it. After all, concealed carry means exactly what it says. Concealed. But just because a business owner decides to make his business gun free doesn't mean it is against the law to enter his business armed, and you won't get arrested as long as you leave when asked.

  26. I am a gun supporter and owner, but I don't agree. If a store has that sign, even if I doubt the reasons it has it, and I doubt the fact that without weapons that store would be a safer place… I respect that intention, and I dont go there with my gun. Right or wrong, wise people respect other ideas.
    If I find a store that has a sign "no dogs", I dont start arguing why and bla-bla-bla… I take my business to an other store.
    Entering a "no gun" store wit a gun, makes us look less respectable people.

  27. It's only a misdemeanor in AZ so I will take my chances and you will only know I have it if the shit hits the fan !

  28. I may be wrong but aren't you forgetting business terms and householder rights etc.?
    While the businesses may not be able to sue or arrest you for bringing a gun they can expel you from the property and/or deny service.
    E.g. the amusement park may be a private business and the land private property. If they guide you through a metal detector and find a gun on you I'm pretty sure they can refuse you entry based on their buisness terms which prohibits guns on their property.
    And if you refuse to leave then it becomes trespassing for which they can indeed have you arrested by the police…

    I concede that the signs are silly and mostly meaningless since you do not need to announce carrying a gun but saying the business owners have no way of throwing you out if they knew is as I see it wrong.

  29. U.S Constitution supersedes ANY law that goes AGAINST it … so FUCK the GOVERNMENT and FUCK the LAW … our founders got right … and THE LAW DOES NOT CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION … because UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS ARE NOT LAWS … Marbury v. Madison … cops can GO POUND SAND … unless I'm sleeping … showering … or shitting my gun NEVER leaves my hip … even when I've had to go into a police station I NEVER disarmed … I won't allow ANYONE to disarm me so why in the hell would I disarm MYSELF ??? … the COP isn't taking his / her gun off so why should I ??? … CRIMINALS aren't taking their guns off so why should I ??? … to show that I'm a good little BITCH / SLAVE who OBEYS THE GOVERNMENT ??? … get THE FUCK outta here … keep calm … carry on … and blast ANYONE who dares disarm you … like the old saying goes … better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6 … which is actually VERY sad because gun laws only put you between a rock and hard place … and that rock and hard place is either being KILLED because you DIDN'T have a gun or going to JAIL because you DID have one … so if you're damned if you do and damned if you don't … at least BE THE ONE WHO LIVES

  30. Private businesses should be prohibiting from not allowing guns. It violates the constutution. Im all for private property and such but draw the line when it violates the 2a

  31. Um… it's still a felony, even if you don't get caught and WHY risk it. You get a felony and then you can't carry at all… ever.

  32. In Ohio it’s not quite as good as FL, you can be charged with trespassing…don’t get caught

  33. The answer would be NO, my doctors office has these signs posted all over the place…….. still carry everytime im there lol

  34. You have to be careful because these businesses will have a case for armed tresspass if they catch you. Not saying we shouldn’t just want to make you aware of possible consequences.

  35. right. in Florida, those private property No Gun signs are not enforceable. But if they ask you to leave, you must leave.

  36. So you’re ok with having a carrying ban at a police station where there heavily armed already, but having a ban anywhere else is stupid?

  37. I’m actually really confused on this: can you get arrested for “trespassing” by having a gun in a place that has a sign saying no guns? And if you are arrested for armed trespassing, isn’t that a felony?

  38. There are outpatient doctors offices near me, which are geographically separated from any inpatient/hospital facility which they are administratively connected to (90% of medical stuff in the city is managed/owned by the hospital's company), which has signs trying to claim they're a gun free zone under Florida Statute section 394.458. However, if you read the law, this only pertains to hospitals (which means they require beds and inpatient facilities) and not a doctor's office (unless said office is geographically connected to a hospital campus). I ignore those signs as well, because that's not the only clause which makes the sign incorrect and illegal statements under the color of law.

    Technically the 394.458 ban exists "except as authorized by law" and can be argued that CWLs qualify as an exception authorized by law, but as far as I know, there is no case law confirming this interpretation…and I'm not willing to be the test case in an actual hospital on that single clause in the law…

    I also wonder how 790.251 subsection (4)(e) ("No public or private employer may…expel a customer or invitee for exercising his or her constitutional right to keep and bear arms or for exercising the right of self-defense as long as a firearm is never exhibited on company property for any reason other than lawful defensive purposes") works out when one is "asked to leave a business" because of suspected legal carry of a firearm…when you're asked to leave, you have to because trespassing (and having a deadly weapon), but when the request is made is illegal…is there actually going to be a consequence? The only caveat I can see here is it can't be "exhibited" and even though "inadvertent display" isn't illegal under 790.06 with a CWL, it can be grounds that you "exhibited" the weapon and thus can be expelled. More caselaw I haven't found a clear ruling on.

  39. Tampa carry Bro keep making content this videos came up In an advertisement I could have skipped it but ended up watching/enjoying it and subscribed to your channel you have a great sense of humor bro looking forward to watching more videos from you 10 out of 10 👌👍

  40. Went to a class with Ryan, amazing and enthusiastic instructor; a true subject matter expert on these issues.

    Wasted too many years at university to admit, most professors I encountered were not half the teacher. He was engaging right from the start and got the whole class of strangers to dialogue on the subject matter in a few short minutes.

  41. I've only seen these signs in a couple places in Florida and they don't do jack. I'm a CCW and I just walk in knowing I'm not breaking the law. Criminals don't give a crap. They will take their fire arms anywhere like government buildings and schools.

  42. Do gun free zones in Florida work? Well, judging by the fact that the Pulse nightclub shooting and the Parkland shooting happened in gun free zones, I’m gonna say no… You mentioned theme parks, but, even if it’s not illegal, if they run you through a metal detector, and they say you can’t bring your gun in, I wouldn’t fight them on it. But, I’d feel relatively safe in an amusement park since most of them do have armed guards these days. When I went to Busch Gardens in 2016, I saw a guard carrying a full size M&P, and a M&P shield as a backup in the crossdraw position. And when leaving, I notice where the guards were sitting had a gun rack with AR15s. So I’d say the place is pretty secure. Any place with a no weapon sign with no metal detector… well, concealed is concealed. I don’t have a ccw yet as I’m only 19, but I do carry my knife with me pretty much everywhere.

  43. Gun Free Zones are like a candy store for children.
    Now if you replaced that Gun Free sign with "Warning….armed guard on patrol".Mass shootings would significantly decrease

  44. I'm a new subscriber I love your uploads and I live in south Florida so your advice definitely pertains to me.. so thank you, your information is greatly appreciated to me…

  45. Those signs are illegal anyone or buisness uses those signs they can be sued under title 18 u.s.c. section 241 CONSPIRACY AGAINST RIGHTS.
    If they use law enforcement they can be sued under title 18 u.s.c. section 242 Deprivation of rights under color of law.
    Section 42 1983 and 1985.

  46. One word I’d like to mention… Respect. If a property owner says no weapons, then it’s no weapons. Whether at my house or business. If they don’t say it and the law is ok with it, then fine; no problem. But, for example, if I own a property and you defy my rules, we will have an issue. It’s mine and I get to decide. Same with you and your properties. You say no and I’m cool with that. It’s yours. You’e the boss. Keep property owner rights in mind. Wish everyone would get that property owner rights trump gun owner rights. Now, if the company doesn’t forbid it, but the local manager sticks that sign in the window on his own, then different story.

  47. It drives me nuts that my workplace prohibits firearms on campus. Most of my time away from home is at work or traveling to work. And the 20 minute ride goes through several rough spots where I can imagine a situation cropping up. Thank you for reminding me, though, that I could be fired. In the end, the prospect of losing my job and no longer being able to provide for my family is a lot scarier to me than the prospect of not having my firearm when I have to defend myself, because I think the chances of a self defense situation are actually very low on my commute. That being said, we don’t carry for the times when we think we will need our firearm, we carry because we have no idea when we will need it. So basically, damnit.

  48. The signs mean nothing for concealed carriers and I hope they continue to ignore them. God forbid some active shooter happens and your gun is out in your car waiting to get stolen. The only thing private property owners can do if discovered carrying a firearm is ask you to leave. That doesn't mean you won't loose your concealed carry permit but so what …Federal Property…different story….but that's why Federal Buildings all have armed Security as well. The liberals know the signs for gun free zones don't work also but they don't care about the truth and they never have and never will. They are irresponsible children.

  49. My wife had her purse checked at Bush Gardens, they told her to throw away her brand new kimber pepper spray or leave. She didn't want to walk back to the car so it was tossed. You know the security guard took it home, I'd assume.

  50. is it true that if a business has that sign that says no weapons allowed then they are required to provide a safe or lock for your weapon or else you have the right to take it with you??

  51. No. Those signs mean nothing… well actually they mean "hey douche, come on in and rob whoever… our patrons are unarmed "

  52. I’m sure criminals obey those no guns signs🤔 yup I better go to another store for mass shooting. But seriously I’m not going to be a sitting duck cause criminals prey on the unarmed easy targets. If I can save lives including mine then I will.

  53. I live in The Bay Area. Aside from where I’m not legally allowed to carry, I ALWAYS exercise 2A! We can never count on others to protect us with our 2A right!!! It’s a responsibility of everyone capable of exercising that right to uphold the standard.

  54. I was at Lake Apopka North Shore and it had a sign "Conservation Area- no guns, motor vehicles" etc. Can you provide insight whether it is illegal to carry in a Florida Conservation Area or just against company policy of St. Johns River Water Management District- the company that takes care of the park?

  55. I want to see a store put up a sign saying "no blacks allowed or no "gays allowed". How can a place that invites the public, be allowed to abridge anyones rights?

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