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Gun Control – Do We Need More?

Have you ever engaged in a discussion about gun control? Have you made up your mind if you’re for more or less of it? Most people have at some level, it’s just one of those topics where people have an instinctive position and most often that position is not based in fact. For example, what if I were to ask you, “should we loosen controls on handguns?” What would you say? Think about it for a second. I bet you’d say, “no, we have enough shootings with handguns as it is”, and based on what most people hear from the media day in and day out this is understandable, but what if I then asked, “do you know what the current restrictions on handguns are today?” What would you say then? The truth is most people have no idea that the current firearm laws and regulations are, so how can you be expected to offer a fair and respectable opinion on something you know little or nothing about. Gun control makes its way into the platform discussion in every single election with every major party, and it is inarguably the most poorly understood social issue of our time. The good news is that accurate information is at your fingertips from sources like Stats Canada and the RCMP. To be better informed about this critical issue. Go to:

18 thoughts on “Gun Control – Do We Need More?

  1. Legal gun prices going up while illegal gun prices going down thanks to Trudeau's everyone welcome hugs for everyone open borders policy "A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian" and "terrorists get to keep their Canadian citizenship" 10.5 million dollars for radical terrorist and "I admire china for its basic ducatorship, can turn their economy over on a dime!"

  2. It's Pitbull gangs without a license tag that go around biting people

    So please stop trying to put a muzzle on a Great Dane , we are law-abiding dogs , just a gentle giant

    Milk-Bone please!!!

  3. What frustrates me here in Canada, is how people seem to confuse gun issues in Canada with the US…..not to imply they understand the US either.

  4. In the USA gun homicides have dropped by over 50% since 1993, while gun ownership more than doubled. 80% of gun homicides in the USA are gang related, and the perpetrators purchased firearms illegally on the black market. The USA already has fairly strict gun regulations, because the Natl. Instant Criminal Background Check System "NICS" has processed firearm background checks on felons since 1998. All federally licensed gun sellers must run background checks at stores, online, and at gun shows. Private sales are a complete misnomer at best.

    The National Firearms Act of 1934, already heavily regulates 'assault weapons', which are firearms that can fire intermediate powered cartridges on automatic fire. That means machine guns! AR-15's are NOT assault rifles, because they can only fire one single shot at a time per squeeze of the trigger. That is why they are considered "semi-automatic" and not automatic firearms. Over 90% of rifles, shotguns, and handguns are "semi-automatic" and the rest are "bolt action" to single shot. The 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution is considered a fundamental human right for self preservation.

  5. Let's start with Canada's future. I say schools should make it mandatory to teach gun safety and hunter safety classes at the grade 8 level then continue it as a choice through high school. It would be interesting to see what kind of numbers we'd get in the application for P.A.L's. I would be willing to bet that when these kids got old enough we'd see a positive change in the way guns and legal gun owners are looked at in Canada.
    A well armed society is a safe society. A level playing field will chase criminals underground and not on the sidewalks across from our schools. How many mass shootings has Switzerland had? Let's adopt their gun laws.

  6. I'd like to play devils advocate for a second:

    Assuming gun controls were loosened and more guns were readily available in Canada to more individuals, the accessibility of firearms WILL increase proportionately.

    Accessibility can lead to illegal or misguided activity with firearms. Regrettable incidents such as unstable individuals getting access to a firearm due to negligent storage practices and committing suicide, murder, or mass murder.

    How would the CCFR address these concerns? This is a topic that I find difficult to overcome when discussing gun control with people. Even if I get them thinking logically about how law abiding firearms owners aren't the ones causing problems, so why should laws constrict them… Inevitably some people bring up the accessibility counter-point. Unfortunately we can't fix stupid, and I've certainly met my fair share of negligent / stupid individuals that ALREADY HAVE firearms licenses in Canada. Without stricter education and enforcement on sensible and safe firearms usage, storage, and transportation, people will continue to be negligent with their firearms and "accessibility related incidents" will continue…

    Please check this link this is crazy the government sets strict rules but if I claim to be religious those rules don't apply is this for real ?

  8. We have tight gun controls in Canada as it is. It don't need to get tighter. The criminals don't fallow the law so bother them not us.

  9. To be honest, I don't really know restrictions of handguns in America, or really any gun there for the matter. I only know the most rudimentary knowledge about restrictions, like how "Assault rifles" are banned in California

  10. It would be interesting to see stats on other violent crimes like sexual assault, assault, etc between countries with high gun control and low gun control.

  11. statement of all the video on this channel:
    criminals break the laws than we can legalize it
    Why is murder against the law? I mean bad people don't follow it.

  12. "[Gun control advocates] don't know anything about firearms. So they don't understand the implications of their laws. For them it's all about the rallies, the hashtags, the "let's-feel-like-we're-doing-something" sugar high. When you don't care what law you pass, as long as it's something that restrict gun rights, you create bad law. And when you create bad law, good people suffer."
    — Colion Noir

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