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Gun Control at its Best | Chyndallton Skit – S1 E13

Hey, you alright? Sorry I was rough with you… we had to stop the gun. So when did you first see the gun on the scene? Umm, well it- or… He… was in my hand. It was in your hand? You were trying to stop it, weren’t you? Yeeaaaah…. I was trying to stop… him. Did you know the gun personally? Umm yeah! I had it in my house for the past five years. How did you meet? Well, I went to ____ ___ shop- Well that was probably a bad move right there. What do you mean? Well, being acquainted with a gun can give you a bad reputation. Were you aware of the gun’s intentions? I knew for a long time… I- I really didn’t want it to happen but… Then… the next thing I knew, there I was… with the barrel of the gun… pointed towards her… and… It was too late! We are working on making new laws against guns because we know it’ll work! Just like it did for drugs. Thanks for talking with us! I know it must be tough. You know, you having a gun at the scene of the crime in your hand. It might make you look guilty but… I want you to know that… We are here for you, bro. Yeah, thanks. [Music that is actually a sad remix of the Chyndallton’s theme comes to a halt(go back and check, it’s real neat and no one notices it)] Thanks for watching that sketch! If you enjoyed then consider leaving an ‘OK’! And comment down below on what you think about gun control! AND Subscribe… or else… Aaaah! We need KNIFE CONTROL! Liberals…

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