8 thoughts on “Gun control advocates & opponents weigh in on Walmart, Kroger gun policy changes

  1. Well, isn't this nice… now when a criminal comes in to rob the place they can be sure that there won't be any heros there with guns to stop the bad guys and keep them from shooting their customers.

  2. Ok as a retired cop I fully support concealed carry. In fact I take my gun almost everywhere! Why someone would open carry baffles me. Why would you want the public and possible criminal to know who's armed?  What's funny about the anti gun crowd, they like the new policy. OK the policy is against open carry  to my understanding. So guess what you will have the same number of people with guns but just under their shirts!

  3. I have never bought a gun or ammo at a Walmart! Never have! Who would want some cheap Chinese knock off of a gun or ammo? So no biggy Walmart, we don't buy them there anyway!

  4. This is not stopping anyone from buying a gun off the street or creating one in their basement and doing again another mass shooting, smh but yeah go ahead and punish concealed and open carriers that would save lives 😠😞🤔😒😒

  5. You never hear about people carrying guns getting shot you always hear about unarmed people getting shot now more people will get shot since no one can carry guns anymore. Is ridiculous

  6. Lol not a big win….. no one will be any safer…. big picture means nothin other than criminals now knowing they won and can go there to commit crimes feeling safer!!!!!! They just made the problem worse for themselves

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