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GUN Art?! Painting With A Gun!

check it out hey this is Kirsten Joy Weiss and on today’s episode of the fun challenge and joy of shooting we’re going to combine two of my favorite things guns of course and art this is about to get messy we’ll get right to it but before we do I wanted to let you know that I’m actually an artist and a shooter I’ve won awards, I’ve been featured in the Cody museum but in recent years i have not had the chance to do much artwork because I’ve been shooting and spending time with you guys totally worth it so i combined both things so i can practice art and practice shooting all at the same time how efficient is that this is a little bit of a break from the norm but who knows we may just create something legitimately beautiful so let’s get messy obviously the winds picked up and the sun is at high noon yeah it’s kinda hot it’s kind of windy it’s kind of dusty but we’re going to create something anyway I have paint downrange lined them up i may vary a little bit we got to put our artistic touch on it right i’m also not going to shoot this from off hand I realized that i was probably going to hit the table with the angle punch a hole through the canvas and I may still do that in the kneeling position but it gives it a little character right time to shoot I’m gonna go for the brightest one in the middle looks like I got it now lets see what happened on the canvas now that is cool oh my gosh going for the turquoise one got it this is great I love how this is turning out so it looks like I got some paint on the camera still have we’ll have those wiped off and we’ll see what we create I’m going to rearrange them slightly I blew the top of that one well I got that blue one I put them all artistically where I went to them and now we’re going to shoot them into a lovely pattern sorry I’m no bob ross now for the signature you can’t forget that i chose gold that’ll work and now we need a pen of course well that was awesome i’m so glad to be out of that Sun by the way but check this out this is better than I even imagined it would be all of these pieces of the bottles just dried this way I left the bottle pieces on there because it really shows the pattern of how the paint splattered and it’s just so cool it’s very natural very beautiful way better than I thought it was going to be and I’m so glad that you could be here to enjoy this with me it’s always great to have you here and if you know someone who happens to like artwork and guns or just really likes a big mess share this video with them thanks so much i really appreciate it aim true and happy shooting I think I got some sunburn if you’re not part of us yet join us hit subscribe because there’s a lot more fun where this came from subscribe Ah! The golden bullet! Jason and the Argonauts searched long and hard for this one-of-a-kind original and signed best offer just kidding i really don’t think i can part with it but…

100 thoughts on “GUN Art?! Painting With A Gun!

  1. I honestly did not know you were an artist Kirsten. That is awesome. I just recently took up acrylic painting but nothing close to what you do.

  2. You should team up with Jeff of Taofladermaus and offer up a series of gun art. You could offer paintings and he can offer sculptures and at times you can cross over. He can shoot all sorts of crazy shotgun slugs at buckets of paint and you could shoot ARs and .22s at blocks of clay. Or, better yet, a collaboration piece, Taoflaedermaus can shoot a block of clay, and once it dries you could shoot containers of glaze over it to color it; one done, chuck that bad boy into a kiln and you'd have yourself a nice and unique sculpture.

  3. Awesome Kirsten! Look how good you are at drawing.. picture displayed at the Cody Museum! Good at anything you put your mind to! 🙂

  4. I am a 4-H shooter and state comp is in 11 days and your tips are helping me a lot thank you and please keep posting tips they help me a lot maybe something  positions
    it would help me a lot  thanks…

  5. 308 with 2oz paint pots is toooooo much pressure 😀 it blows out the back of the canvas. However 22lr with 1oz paint pots is awesome, especially when you shoot glitter pots over top. My daughter and I had a very creative day at the range.

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  7. Hey Kirsten, you remind me of the main character in the new Horizon game! She looks like you and I wonder if that's what was intended?

  8. Your art is freaking amazeable. I know it's a gun channel but it would be pretty sweet if you made a video showing more of it.

  9. Be very interested in seeing some of your art work. that brief glimpse of a sketch looked very excellent. Seems to be consistent with your amazing eye-hand coordination etc. Just amazing skill at holding and aiming. Heck, even seeing. What is your eyesight? Better than 20/20 i would assume. Keep up the great work breaking the steriotype of a shooter and firearm enthusiast.

  10. All my life I have had a deep interest in art and a deep love for weapons of every kind, specially black powder ones so for me it has been a beautiful surprise to find in this video my two favorite subjects interacting. Thank you Kirsten, for your postings. I love to watch them but also you have created in me a feeling I did not have before and that is envy because I will never be able to shoot as good as you do.
    Make God bless you and happy shooting!

  11. Enjoy your videos a lot! Im so jealous of your gun collection and the fact that you have so many nightforce and other high end optics. It would be amazing to shoot with you

  12. I just recently subscribed to your channel and Love it. You are a breath of fresh air for gun lovers. I am an AR-15 nut, how about you shooting a video about AR's? Maybe show and describe your AR's if you have a few. Thanks for the great videos and you are a great shooter and a beautiful Lady!

  13. get a large box or build a box with the canvas and hang the paints inside mid-air…..that way all the sides get painted …..might take a lot more cups of paint but should look great !

  14. is it possible to get these picture maybe? Its very beautiful and very unique. U do a very good job. Greetings from Germany

  15. You are just wickedly fun to watch! You are an artist and all facets.. And that is why you've just won yourself one more subscriber

  16. Beautiful, pretty awesome, cute, colorful, dorky-ish (me too though),depth, did I say beautiful? Fierce, caring, lethal, I could probably go all day. Do you know what ,"yellow blue bus" means?

  17. Kirsten Joy, você é um show, quero te conhecer um dia , é um sonho meu, espero que se realize algum dia , te adoro, com todo respeito

  18. I was watching Kirsten's video where she shot the foam can and I had the idea of painting using a gun so I searched "painting with guns" on youtube and I find this video that is also by Kirsten. I'm a new subscriber and I really like this channel.

  19. Hey Kristen I'm about to start some more gun videos on my channel and I want to make sure your channel is advertised.
    Love the pumpkin carving. This one is awesome as well

  20. You have quite a number of 22 rifles can you do an episode where you line them up and tell us a little bit about them and what mods you prefer?

  21. Yeah looks like one of hubbles deep space photos ,, i knew it was a stoner flicking paint at a blackboard in his shed all along

  22. She's beautiful. She loves America. She loves guns. She retches at Justin Beiber. She does Monty Python. KJW has ruined me for all other women. And I have never been in the same room with her.

  23. Throw a silencer on the gun and you could make a name for yourself as a painter.
    Claude Monet: Impressionist
    Kirsten Joy Weiss: Suppressionist

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