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GUIDE: How to PROPERLY use the Vector SMG (The Close Combat Beast) in PUBG

Welcome guys There are four submachine guns to be found in PUBG and some of them are harder to find than others. The Vector has the lowest spawn rate of them all – but once you find it, should you take it or leave it? This guide will cover the Vector and give you all the information you need to decide if you should take it or not. In this guide I’ll go over the following: the stats and recoil, the best attachments, selecting firing mode, and how to implement the Vector in your gameplay The vector has a hit damage of 33 on a naked target, 23 against a level 1 vest, 20 against a level 2, and 15 against a level 3. But the rate of fire is super high, as you can empty an entire 25 bullet extended magazine in just 1.4 seconds This gives the Vector a DPS of 600, which is insane. For comparison the UMP9 has a DPS of 380. This enables the vector to kill a target with a level 3 vest in just 0.3 seconds, which is the same as an AKM. The bullet velocity is 300, which is actually 30 lower than the notoriously slow bullet speed of the VSS sniper. The recoil is excellent, with relatively low horizontal movement. But spraying more than 10 bullets at a time will make the spray become very unpredictable and difficult to control. The best attachments for the Vector starts with the extended quick-draw mag You really need those 25 bullets as 13 bullets in a non-extended mag simply isn’t enough to make this weapon worth it. The vertical grip and the stock are their only possible attachments in these slots, and the best sight will be a red dot as this primarily is a close-quarters weapon where the bigger casing on the holographic simply would obstruct your view too much to be worth it. The muzzle attachment is the interesting part though. The choice should come down to either the suppressor or the compensator as the flash hider is stuck in between and is an odd compromise to put on a close-quarters weapon like the Vector. The suppressor does not affect recoil, but how much better is the compensator really? Let’s find out in a test. First, let’s test the recoil with the suppressor. And now, the compensator. When we compare the two, there is no doubt that the compensator has a huge effect on recoil. However if we’re going to compare the recoil, we also need to compare the sound. The audible distance of the Vector with the compensator is about 400 meters. But when using the suppressor you can only hear it 90 meters away, which is an extreme level of stealth. So the suppressor makes the vector as quiet as a VSS, but the compensator makes the handling significantly better so this choice is all down to preference and playstyle. When playing a lot of games only using the Vector I realized that selecting the appropriate firing mode for the specific situation was super important. The full auto mode should be used in close combat only up to three meters when using hipfire and up to 25 meters when going ADS The burst mode that fires two bullets at a time should be used between 25 and 100 meters And single fire should be used from 100 meters and beyond. And remember being in full auto is your best default setting to avoid accidentally being in burst mode when needing full auto. So how to implement the Vector in your gameplay? First of all the Vector must be used together with a medium to long range weapon such as a semi-auto sniper or assault rifle with a 4x scope or better. Using it with a bolt-action sniper rifle such as the Kar98k will make you lack power between 100 to 200 meters – a distance that is widely dominated by 5.56 assault rifles with a 4x scope It stands clear that the Vector is a short-range weapon. It is a great choice for storming a building and a super alternative to a shotgun. The hipfire is very strong, and I’ll recommend not using targeting mode when hip firing as you move slower when doing it. I really feel this limits the agility of the Vector – just spray while in normal freelook mode when within 2 to 3 meters of your enemy. If you can go into ADS in closer ranges though it will be a huge advantage as the spray is easy to control. Leaning will help you a lot here and if you don’t use leaning I will strongly advise you start doing it. The Vector is a worthy weapon to use up to around 50 meters when tapping quickly using burst mode. When tapping quickly while in burst mode the recoil feels highly manageable, and you can still obtain a very high rate of fire On longer distances though, it will be very difficult to kill your targets as you not only have to be able to tap quickly in single fire mode but you also have to aim very high and shoot far in front of your targets due to the very slow bullet velocity. In fact, you need to aim three player models ahead of a running target to hit him at only 100 meters of distance which is why hitting moving targets at range with the Vector clearly isn’t worth it. When summing all this information up, the purpose of the Vector is strikingly clear – destroying enemies at close quarters combat up to a maximum effective distance of 25 meters. This is what this weapon does good enough to compete with the rest of the guns in the game. You can put a 4x scope and a suppressor on the Vector and pretend it’s a VSS, but the VSS will still be a better choice here due to the better scope, damage, and increased bullet velocity. Now that’s all I had for you guys in this video. If you liked it don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and also remember that you can financially support the channel on patreon – something that ensures that I can keep making videos just like these and I’ll see you guys next time.

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  2. What are your views on the UMP9 with attachments or have you reviewed that gun already? I personally like it a little more than the Vector. Love all of your videos.

  3. Please apologize for insulting the best close quarters sight. Don't you ever talk smack about the hollow sight, but besides that video.

  4. Rare? I literally found the Vector everytime I played and always ditched it as soon as possible because i thought that if it's so common then it mudt be trash… that's why i searched for this video in the first place, to see if it's any good

  5. Maybe I should use this weapon more. I always trade it up for literally any other gun except for an uzi because of the small mag size

  6. unrealistic- kriss vector has very little recoil in real life because of its design. they should have reduced recoil baseline in game.

  7. Only two guns have all sttachment slots the m4and the vector m4everybody uses it but vector with full attachments is like finding a legendary gun

  8. You don't "need" the extended quickdraw mag. Just run 2-shot burst, be deliberate, and range your opponents. Anyone using anything else at close range, ESPECIALLY in full auto, doesn't stand a chance. Keep a med pack and stay jacked on pain killers and energy drinks. There is a reason why the Vector has the lowest spawn rate… because it is simply the most lethal weapon in the game, at engagements up to 250m, and that makes it the best primary weapon. Best secondary? A full kit 416, or heavy sniper. Always be sure to carry the .45 pistol, so you aren't having to carry separate ammo, should you pickup the Vector.

  9. I use the ChocoTaco Vector Setup, 6x Scope, SMG Compensator, Vertical Foregrip, Tactical Stock, and the Extended QuickDraw Mag. Pretty much an automatic sniper.

  10. Vector + red dot = beast mode.. its gives better accuracy while hip firing so u can hip fire from a longer range

  11. I used to hate the vector. I thought it was the worst gun in PUBG. In war mode, when I get a vector I absolutely hate it. After watching this, I think I'm gonna try it.

  12. Wackyjacky: it's only for close quarter fights
    Chocotaco: i'm gonna use this gun on FULL AUTO with 6x scope

  13. You absolutely make the best PUBG tutorials out there. Thanks for all the time and effort to produce such professional content.

  14. when u get so desperate to get kills with this gun that u have to watch a video because u literally find this gun everywhere and also get shocked when u realize that it has the lowest spawn rate of an smg in the damn game

  15. Now at 2019 Vector use 9mm and UMP use .45ACP now UMP succ (For me) And Vector is the best SMG for close-medium range

  16. Whatever the game it is, when Kriss Vector comes in, nobody refuse it, just like PUBG, MW2, Warface, these 3 games make Vector felt like mini M249

  17. A light trigger finger works well.

    If you go with the suppressor, it's like shooting a VSS. Then use a DMR or AWM your choice as a great secondary.

  18. Which version of PUBG is this? What I use in my iPad and my android phone look a lot different from this. How it shows the bag, boxes of dead people etc is different.

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