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GTronix 360° – Multi-function spray for firearms

After each shot of a firearm, powder, soot, lead or copper residues settle in the inside of the weapon, depending on the type of bullet. If the gun is used in wet weather conditions or is stored in damp areas, there is a danger of rust formation through condensation water. The cleaning and preservation is therefore crucial for the reliability and durability of a firearm. Use GTronix360 to clean, lubricate and maintain your firearms. Simply and effectively with just one product. The application of Gtronix360 dissolves the residues and makes it easy to remove them. After thorough cleaning, the barrel as well as all other metallic components are wetted with Gtronix360. The Water-Block-Effect of the multi-function spray forms a protective film around the components, which ensures a long-lasting moisture and corrosion protection. GTronix360 – the high-performance multi-function spray. Made in Germany

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