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GSh-18 Pistol Documentary

A handgun takes a special place among all other kinds of firearms. This sort of weapons is intended for firefights at close ranges and life of its owner often depends on gun’s combat properties Combat pistol GSh-18 is one of the best examples of personal 9mm gun. Extreme combat readiness is one of the main merits of GSh-18 pistol. In situation when distance to the enemy is counted in just several meters, a capability to fire one moment earlier can be decisive for the outcome of the encounter. Designed to be carried with a round in the barrel, GSh-18 is constantly ready for immediate fire. No additional actions are needed to fire the first round. One has just to pull the trigger. A flat shape of the gun, without any protrusive elements, assists in quick draw and preparation for fire. Meanwhile the gun is completely safe in handling. The trigger and the striker get blocked automatically by safeties. Meanwhile the action spring gets fully cocked directly before the shot, when pulling the trigger. Two-column type magazine with 18 rounds capacity allows to create a solid fire cover during contact with the enemy. Despite a serious capacity of the magazine, the pistol’s grip fits perfectly in the hand, thus assisting in firing accuracy. Low position of barrel’s axis reduces gun’s muzzle rise while firing. Meanwhile the low weight of the gun allows to restore aiming line during rapid firing. A 9x19mm armor-piercing round was developed by the Instrument Design Bureau for penetration of well armored targets. The round’s bullet penetrates Class III vest or 8mm thick steel sheet at distances up to 25 meters. GSh-18 weights just 480 grams without magazine, which is a record for guns of similar type. GSh-18 gets disassembled without use of instruments. The trigger mechanism gets easily detached from the plastic frame, just like the bolt, the barrel and the recoil mechanism. Thus providing ease of maintenance for all assemblies of the pistol. GSh-18 handgun is a powerful, reliable, personal, high combat readiness firearm, providing its owner a significant advantage in close range firefight. When using an armor-pierced round designed by the KBP, the GSh-18 overcomes every existing handgun of similar type.

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  1. That is a light pistol for its class.Still like browning high-powered and Beretta 9mm.Ot old colt 1911xtra capacity,but still 7 should deal with most situations, snub nose 44 revolver a favourite.Jusy for power.

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