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GRS Berzerk Rifle Stock Review: The most comfortable tactical stock on the market?

welcome to the social regressive for a
while now we have been testing and reviewing this savage model 10 GRS in
6.5 Creedmoor and now is the time to take a good close look at that GRS part
of the name and figure out what makes this stock so special GRS makes a
handful of stocks that are really all based on one theme and they’re made out
of different materials there’s some really pretty laminate ones and then
there’s this the GRS berserk which is the one that comes on the savage model
10 GRS and what this is this is a fiberglass reinforced polymer and
supposedly that ratio is 65% fiberglass to 35% polymer and it’s the shape that
you’re gonna find on the laminates as well and they’re all going to include
very similar hardware like the push-button adjustable cheek piece and
the push-button adjustable buttstock right there and they’re all going to
have this grip this is a cast off and canted grip that it seems a little funky
at first but it’s going to put your finger exactly where you want it right
flush on that trigger so here’s what I mean by cast off and canted this is the
centerline of the stock and you can see that the grip is sitting off here on the
side and it’s off at an angle as well and what this means is that all of the
muscles in your arm and your hand are going to be relieved of tension in a big
way when they’re gripping this versus your traditional ambi stock there’s no
need to be torquing your wrist around and trying to find a comfortable way to
grab this thing this is utterly intuitive very comfortable and like I
say it puts your finger right on the trigger
looking in the barrel channel you can see that after shaping they did some
milling to remove some of the excess weight upfront and this is something
that makes this rifle have a more excellent balance than you would expect
I tried some offhand shots with this and it actually did work it’s not one that
you want to fire offhand a whole lot at least not in the configuration that I
had as a varmint barrel but if you had to
it’s really not that bad the stock is molded with this pebbled
texture and you can see that the roughness increases as you get into the
grip area right here and the forearm right here and this right here is
actually a rubber panel on the forearm and a rubber panel right here on the
grip another feature of the grips shape is that you can choose how to hold this
there are lots of folks that like to ride their thumb along the side of the
rifle and you get this little divot right here that can work pretty well
with that you can just fit your thumb right in there or like I like to grip I
like to wrap my thumb around and there’s a really neat little channel right here
that you can drop this into at the front in the rear we have these steel pillars
you can see that these are not flat these are what make contact with the
action and you can see that these are sort of dished to fit the shape of that
savage action you can also see the exact contact point so we have one two and
then this big long one on the other side that’s what’s actually touching the
middle of the action back here we have a similar arrangement a little bit harder
to see but you can kind of see the points where it actually makes contact
with the action on the off side the stock also includes these quick detach
swivels and you can see that you can pop this in if you have one of your mag Pohl
type of slings it’s just going to be that standard quick detach all you have
to do is just push in that center button it’s one of the forearm and then one
here on the buttstock and as you might expect you get a swivel stud right at
the end of the forearm if you already own a savage model 10 GRS then
congratulations you have a rifle that is not just squared away as far as accuracy
and all that goes but it’s something that’s just a hoot to use I’ve been
really enjoying playing with this thing the bedding to the action seems to be
working just great it’s an accurate rifle
and of course the comfort is just off the charts this grip is just wonderful
and you’re going to be able to adjust these various pieces to be able to fit
not just you but other members of your family or friends that you want to fire
this as long as they’re right-handed it going to work and there are some other
products out there that some of the manufacturers that they’re dropping this
stock in you can buy them from the factory I think tika has one and maybe
Homa has one not sure about that check around and it might be expanding over
time as these stocks start to gain more popularity if you have a rifle that you
would like to take to the next level and make it not just accurate and you know
perhaps good-looking or whatever but you want it to be something that you can
make adjustable and that is going to be you know much more comfortable than any
of the ambi stocks out there you know this is a great step up and there are
all kinds of options available from GRS in norway go to their their website I
think it’s GRS rifle stocks I’ll put the link somewhere down here but yeah go to
GRS rifle stocks comm check out their list of inlets that they can do they can
do not just these savages they can do Tikkas Howas Sakos Remingtons Mausers
Sauers all kinds of stuff if you even if you have a Ruger 10/22 they have an
inlet for that so go take a look at their full list and they have something
for you and if you want you can choose not just the berserk model which is this
this fiber glass filled polymer but they have all kinds of really pretty
laminate options as well like I mentioned and you can get into some
different shapes you can pick exactly the stock that’s going to work for you
and not just work but it’s going to be very comfortable and just a fun
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21 thoughts on “GRS Berzerk Rifle Stock Review: The most comfortable tactical stock on the market?

  1. Awesome content as usual! Can't wait to see what's next, you have quickly become one of the 3 youtubers that I get excited to watch when I see a new video in my sub box. Keep up the great work and thank you for all the time you put in to make these excellent videos! 🙂

  2. I find the laminate version to be even more comfortable. The rubber on the grip of the syntetic makes it feel a bit larger and undefined.

  3. Fellow 918er here as well as RCGC member. Need your advice/experience a minute. I have been saving up(and researching) for a GRS in 6.5CM for a year now. Up until this morning. I saw a forum talking about the berserk synthetic stock being too flimsy and actually flexing into the barrel. Some people liked it ok, some hated it, everyone said it wasn't worth the money. I have started looking at the savage 10 Ashbury instead, also in 6.5cm could you offer some assistance?

  4. I know I'm very late to this video but recently bought the 10grs based on your and others recommendations. Quick question would you recommend bedding this rifle? if so who thing or just the recoil lug area?

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