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GRENADE + AWM 31 Kills | Even GOD Can’t STOP Him! | ChinesePlayer PubgMobile【XiaoKouJiao】

f**k you this is an awkward landing but nobody’s here ammo is enough unequip the scope i don’t need scope bro, don’t run his teammate may have gun, i get to be careful inside this warehouse okay get a ‘muscular man’ gun let me show you my recoil control they’re coming these guys were low on health and they didn’t have med annoying 98k leave it there first he is down red packet lucky draw, 31 seconds left those who never on TV, please grab this chance red packet lucky draw result will be released soon let’s see who will be the winner he is throwing grenade 6 kills 9 kills bro, 30 kills do you think that’s possible? the number of remaining players are dropping slowly don’t worry be calm this direction someone’s there dude, stop doing that damn it f**k you what the…this guy is really… nasty i’m going there flank i can’t go this way, it’s too dangerous you make me do this i tried to be humble let me kill him first this guy pissed me off you bastard i want to finish him off f**k you oh my, he is tough f**k, this guy is so nasty let him see the reality level 3 vest let’s get outta here i don’t want to stay here anymore do you play WangZhe? yes but i’m too good i’m better to be humble i can’t compete with ‘WangZhe’ streamer right? if i play WangZhe should be… i will be a famous streamer i think i won’t get killed by the red zone i will play WangZhe with you guys, okay? solo fight i will become your nightmare QunZi knows it am i good at WangZhe? China server, rank 1 i think to be honest this game i can play it well very strong [thanks chat] i got a lot of work to do recently i don’t have time to play WangZhe i was planning to climb the rank but i was too busy forget about it maybe next time don’t worry, they’re coming someone’s here, flank him retreat, retreat retreat, retreat can i do a 20 kill contest? okay? it’s too easy okay? we need to challenge as long as i win this game getting 20 kills is not a problem a car is coming i hear it i see him oh come on, i missed bro throwing grenade i think… i think i can throw it from here why are you running? chase him i didn’t headshot him my mistake [thanks chat] [thanks chat] this place has been looted wandering around nobody’s here [thanks chat] [thanks chat] to be honest, we got a pretty good early game but the number of remaining players are dropping fast we’re going to say goodbye to 30 kills this place has been looted forget about it, let’s go to the center of circle and get the airdrop airdrop there are enemies i see him like an idiot retreat [thanks chat] took his life with one shot here… let’s get a new car looks like someone’s there game over chicken dinner confirmed let’s see where i can guard this airdrop move the car here i shot his head but he was looking upward so…no headshot go die leg shot bro, look here i don’t know if i hit him he wants to leave there f**k mistake what i hate the most is when the enemy is throwing grenade it should be a headshot but it doesn’t count potato this is not ‘real’ me but now, it’s real me 22 kills this direction 12 players left…footstep i think i need to retreat kill this guy first 24 kills this thing… nobody can guarantee that that’s not a headshot i don’t know how to play this game anymore did i hit his scalp? what the heck this guy didn’t run away, i threw a grenade hit his scalp that’s not a headshot i’m done 8 players left let me show you my sniping here.. one guy two guys stop moving come here, bro kill the nearby enemy okay 28 kills 30 kills chicken dinner 30 kills chicken dinner welcome all right i will kill the last few players with AWM, okay? okay i ran over a i just do a red packet lucky draw those who never on TV, please grab this chance a little gift is enough 30 kills, the last guy that guy kept moving so i didn’t headshot him i shot his body for twice one player left wait for a while 31 kills chicken dinner those who haven’t subscribe to me yet, please subscribe to me now i see smoke wait for his shot wait for his shot and then i kill him body shot body shot wait for him to peek he must be healing trying to run? 31 kills chicken dinner

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