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Grandma, Chicken, and Meth, Web Exclusive, COPS TV SHOW

OFFICER: OK. The reason I wanted to pull
you out and talk to you is you have a warrant. You’re probably going to be
going to jail tonight, OK? SUSPECT: All right. Can I call and get somebody to
come pick up my car and my dog? OFFICER: We could
probably do that. Do you have anything in the
car we need to know about? Guns, drugs, bombs,
anything like that? SUSPECT: No. OFFICER: OK. SUSPECT: Just a dog
and some chicken. OFFICER: Just a dog
and some chicken? SUSPECT: Right. Yeah. OFFICER: All right. Do you mind if we
search your car? SUSPECT: I don’t care. OFFICER: OK, cool. OFFICER: Why don’t
we move the puppies into the bed of your
truck for a minute? SUSPECT: It’s only one dog. OFFICER: Oh, OK. Cool. SUSPECT: Come on, Daisy. OFFICER: Yeah. That’d be perfect. That way, she doesn’t have
to get scared or anything like that. OFFICER: That’ll work. OFFICER: And just go
ahead and right back to the front of the– OFFICER: Yeah, just go
right back to the front. Have you used narcotics in
the past at all or anything? SUSPECT: Yes, I have. OFFICER: OK. What was your drug of choice? WOMAN: My drug of
choice was meth. OFFICER: Meth? SUSPECT: Yeah. OFFICER: When was the
last time you used meth? SUSPECT: I went
to prison for it. OFFICER: You went
to prison for meth? SUSPECT: Mm-hmm. OFFICER: When was the
last time you used meth? SUSPECT: Oh, a long time ago. OFFICER: A long time ago? SUSPECT: Mm-hmm. OFFICER: Something in here
that we need to know about? SUSPECT: No. OFFICER: You got some weed. OFFICER: So there is
stuff in your car. So you’re lying. SUSPECT: Yes, I’m sorry. OFFICER: So how much
meth do you have on you? Let’s start telling the truth. SUSPECT: I have no meth on me. OFFICER: Let’s start
telling the truth, though. All right. SUSPECT: There’s a meth pipe. OFFICER: So she said she’s
got nothing in the car, but– SUSPECT: –paraphernalia. OFFICER: –this is a
meth pipe right here. OFFICER: When was the
last time you really used? Let’s be honest. SUSPECT: OK. Yesterday. OFFICER: You used yesterday? SUSPECT: Day before yesterday. OFFICER: [INAUDIBLE] Do you
have anything in your purse? SUSPECT: No. OFFICER: You got
meth right here! SUSPECT: I know. OFFICER: So why are you lying? Why do we play the game? SUSPECT: I don’t know. I’m sorry. OFFICER: You have to
be honest, all right? OFFICER: You’re obviously
not ready to change your lifestyle because– SUSPECT: Yes, I am. OFFICER: –if you
were, we wouldn’t be standing here, having
this conversation with you. OFFICER: You’ve got
to quit doing dope. SUSPECT: I agree wholeheartedly. I was going to give
you a high-five, but– OFFICER: We’ll
pound it, all right? SUSPECT: OK. OFFICER: Right there. Bam. All right? All right. SUSPECT: OK. So can I make that
phone call now? OFFICER: So let’s
make a phone call. SUSPECT: Can I get my sweater
on and have a piece of chicken? OFFICER: Yep. Let’s put your dog in
the car real quick. OFFICER: We’ll let you
have a piece of chicken. All right. [INTERPOSING VOICES] OFFICER: Some chicken and meth? SUSPECT: Mm-hmm. OFFICER: Chicken and meth? OFFICER: It’s like chicken and
fries, but different style. SUSPECT: Chicken
and waffles, no. OFFICER: No chicken and
meth, though, right? SUSPECT: No. OFFICER: All right. Fair enough. OFFICER: It’s time
for you to change– SUSPECT: Change my ways. OFFICER: –your ways. You know what I’m saying? SUSPECT: You’re
absolutely right. OFFICER: I mean,
there’s only one person that can make this change. SUSPECT: I totally agree. OFFICER: All right. [DOG BARKING] MAN: [INAUDIBLE] OFFICER: Get down and
get on the ground now! OFFICER: Come on! [INAUDIBLE] OFFICER: Get down! OFFICER: Get on the ground! MAN: I do, sir. OFFICER: Heel! [INTERPOSING VOICES] OFFICER: [INAUDIBLE] OFFICER: Get on the ground! [INTERPOSING VOICES]

27 thoughts on “Grandma, Chicken, and Meth, Web Exclusive, COPS TV SHOW

  1. Love u cops so much thank u so much for protecting us and keeping us safe i dont know where we would be without you guys omg i love yall so much yall are the best yall keep the bad guys off the streets you catch the criminals you put the bad guys in jail you do a lot of good things for us and we are so thankful each and every day for you police officers you do your jobs day and night and you dont stop doing your job until your job is finished and done you are the best cops ever we love each and everyone of u and wish u the best of luck out there we want you to know that if your our family then we are your family too cop family is forever you have our back we have your you take bullets for us we are taking them for u u cover us in bad situations you help us to get through tough situations all we have to do is call and ask for a officer but we all know and agree that u can get us out of sticky situations that we are in you.can be there for us like we can be there for u

  2. He asked her if there's anything in there he should know about. She said no. Then he found the drugs and said you lied. She didn't lie. She didn't want you to know about the drugs. She answered the question correctly.

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