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Grand Power Pistols from Slovakia: Guns & Gear|S7

– So let’s talk about
Slovakia: medieval towns, Gothic churches,
beautiful mountainsides, and of course,
Grand Power pistols. Grand Power is a brand that
you may not have heard of, but something you may
want to take a look at. So, let’s talk about it. This is their big
.45, this is a P45. One of the things that
the Grand Power has, that’s kind of interesting,
is a rotating barrel. And you can actually
see how that works. Well, it’s supposed
to reduce recoil, so I thought we’d
start with this .45 and shoot it, and
see how it works. (gunfire) Alright, .45, real controllable, rotating barrel of
the Grand Power. So the .45 was controllable. Now we have the K100. This is a full-size 9mm. And you can see, I mean,
full-size gun right? Now several of the Grand Powers have the interchangeable
backstraps to customize the
grip for your hand. But one thing we
wanted to talk about is the trigger on this gun,
’cause it’s really nice. This is a SA / DA kind of gun. So right now you can
see an external hammer. Now, I can fire
this single-action. (dry fire click) (cocks gun)
Okay. You can run it
cocked-and-locked like a 1911, it has a thumb safety on it. Actually, an ambidextrous
thumb safety. But you could also
lower the hammer, and do this kind
of as a DA mode. The first will be a longer
double-action trigger pull, and then the gun’s gonna cycle and then you’re gonna have
a shorter single-action. Now, some people like that. So, you kinda have the option. Now, another thing about this is (dry fire click) second-strike capability. So, if you’re in a gunfight, and you pull the trigger
and the gun goes “click”, probably, you’re gonna just
pull the trigger again. And you can do
that with this gun. So, that’s a nice
little feature. So let’s shoot this and show you the single-action
and double-action
trigger in this gun. Alright, let’s shoot
this Grand Power K100. Big full-size 9mm. We’re gonna shoot this
single-action first. It’s already cocked,
it’s ready to roll. (gunfire) And you can see, obviously it
cocks the hammer every time. Now if you wanted to
run this or carry this as a double-action and
then single-action gun you can do that. Now what you need to do, you need to block the hammer, take your finger
off, and let it down. Keeping the gun pointed in
a safe direction, obviously. So, if you were gonna
carry it this way, and you can shoot it this way. You’re gonna pull it,
and watch the hammer, I’m pulling the hammer back. (gun fires) Now it’s in single-action mode. (gunfire) So, this can be a double-action
/ single-action gun, it can be a single-action gun, kinda gives you the option. (gunfire) This is the Grand Power P11. This is a compact 9mm,
nice carry-size gun. Something I noticed about this, you got the ambi-safety,
safety on, right? But, you can still rack the
slide with the safety on. That’s a nice feature.
Let’s shoot this. (gunfire) I’ll tell ya what, the
triggers on these are so sweet! You can’t see it,
but I can feel it, and I’m telling
you, they’re nice! Check it out, Grand Power guns, I think you’re gonna like ’em.

13 thoughts on “Grand Power Pistols from Slovakia: Guns & Gear|S7

  1. For God's sake don't train yourself to repeat strike the trigger!, If the pistol won't fire, tap, rack, press. Bad rounds don't always go off after a second try, and an empty chamber never does.

  2. STI in Texas was the first to import the K100 as a competition pistol. Then, Century arms imported them. I'm glad Eagle arms took over the importation of this fine pistol. I have thousands of rounds down range in my K-100. One thing they forgot to mention is that the barrel can take +p+ rounds and hold up just fine. This is a very popular pistol in European competitions. You will see a lot more of them in the US matches very soon. They make an Excalibur that is basically a race gun out of the box. The trigger on my K100 is better than anything I have shot and I'm a pistol junkie. The finish on the weapon is great. Reminds me of a well seasoned parkerized A2 that had plenty of CLP cleanings. Residue just wipes off with no effort and sweat, water and humidity don't bother it. My other pistols are collecting dust because of this beast. You can still find the century imports for dirt cheap on GB. Go for it and you will never put it down! N- in MT

  3. I don't want to love the k100 they do run good when they run I have had cracked slide problems and cracked frame problems with this pistol

  4. Just ordered one in 10mm, p40L, can't wait for it to arrive and feed 'er some 🙂
    How about field stripping these handguns, is it easy, any tools required (like in Hi-Point) ?

  5. This guy doing the video is mistaken!!! Double action just gives the gun another safe way to holster the gun because it has a heavier trigger pull. It's NOT to strike a bad primer again!!!

    If you don't feel comfortable lowering the hammer on a live round, run the gun cocked and locked like a 1911.

    Tap magazine, rack slide, bang!! ….when you get a click, instead of a bang. It's sad to see this much misinformation in a well produced videos.

  6. I never cared for slow motion video of recoil and flip. It always makes it look worse than it really is. Just my 2 cents.

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