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Govenor’s gun bill will face challenge in Round House

9 thoughts on “Govenor’s gun bill will face challenge in Round House

  1. Democrats only take and never give. Take rights away, and take earn money away. Make America authoritarian and poor again, vote democrat. Unconditional , guilty until proven innocent as usual.

  2. Trying to take 2 admentment rights away because of stupid people. The second amendment law and people owning gun no other country will ever invade the United States take that away leaves it wide open for take over

  3. NM needs to wake up to the fact that idiots & lunatics run this state. NM always ranks last in everything good & 1st in everything bad. At what point does the public wake up? I would venture a guess there are MANY illegals on the voter rolls diluting we the legal residents vote. Every $ we got from the Trump tax cut MLG has wound up with, due to her tax plan on many things.
    Time has come to speak up to everyone you know & try and talk sense to them. If this upcoming election is not a 180* we all will continue to circle the bowl.

  4. Calm down. No one else has offered any other ideas on better regulations. I think that there needs to be something done about all of the firearm deaths. Do you really think that if it passed it would be less safe here in New Mexico?

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