Gov. Walker eliminates 48-hour waiting period for handguns in WI

Less than a week after a deadly shooting in South Carolina. Wisconsin is making a big change to its gun laws. News 8’s Brittany Schmidt joins us now to explain… Lisa, The 48-hour waiting period for purchasing a handgun in the state of Wisconsin is now a thing of the past. Governor Scott Walker signed a bill into law today that eliminates the waiting period. NAT POP- load the gun Since Roger Wendling took over Monsoor’s Sports shop in 1982 NAT POP-shot gun He’s been telling handgun customers to be patient. ROGER -they had to go into a two day wait period after they signed up to buy a handgun, that was called a cooling down period. But today…that all changes ROGER -they could come in and look at something and purchase it and be gone in 15 minutes. We are now in the 21st century ,we have a national instant background check system that allows us to check on information to make sure those who seek to hve a handgun, that htey are verified and legal for them to possess a fiream. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill into law that eliminates the 48-hour waiting period for those who want to purchase a handgun. For us it gives one more tool for law abiding citizens who have all the right background. However, the law does not change who is eligible to possess a handgun. Felons can’t posess a firearm. //-any criminal backgrounds or on parole, they won’t pass a background check It just says if you can do the national instant background check, system can pull that up right away, you don’t have to wait 48 hours to possess a firearm and I think that is incredibly important. If they can’t have it they can’t have it, if they can have it, why wait Even though it’s now law, Wisconsinites may have to wait a little longer for it to take effect…until they get the official word. ROGER -we know it’s been signed but we haven’t had any paper work to us yet to tell us anything is different so don’t rush in and say we don’t have to do anything yet because we have not been legally notified not to do anything yet. IN LAX, BS, N8 Wisconsin now joins about 40 other states who no longer have a waiting period when it comes to handgun purchases. Thanks Brittany,

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