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Good cheap shotgun

hello youtube, i was just surfing
youtube today and was looking at some shotgun videos on budget shotguns and um… didn’t see anybody mention new england
firearms partnered pump model number hr1871 uh… just a little did kick around impule buy, hundred and fifty dollar
shotgun that i bought about a year and a half ago just a little home defense ur leave out of the safe somebody breaks in while im gone the only thing there going to get as far as
only thing you’re going to get a sport firearms is this hundred and fifty dollar shotgun
which i’ll be pissed but that won’t miss it standards stock set standards sight holds five plus one side released in sticker anything safety
standard pretty decent spot there well means decent spot standard safety, no big deal fires two and 3/4 and 3 in’ shells. it’s made in china so I DUNNO to do with that which you will i guess
uh… i didn’t really know that when i bought
it um… like i said it was an impulse buy. it was small, cheap, and black so i picked it up without really thinking about it i didnt really stop and think stop to think that it only holds five
plus one. but it’s got a nice will short barrel so good for for getting around my house and stuff i
don’t know if you could take that stock off and uh… put a pistol grip on their
whatever but if they can pretty much stuck with that
stock set fired at a few times like i said just to
kick around the house gun kicks pretty good. its a cheap ass shotgun with a shorter barrel so its going to kick pretty good but for a hundred fifty bucks i’d buy it
again i don’t know about the made in china part but if something happened to it uh… i’d get another one just a cheepy like that haven’t seen any anything defective other than the fact
that slide sticks a little bit but but thats cause it hasent been fired much. uh… anyway thanks for watching

19 thoughts on “Good cheap shotgun

  1. I've even seen them in gun shops for $99, but that was a few years ago. I've seen videos of them with aftermarket stocks and accessories. I think most 870 stuff fits them, but don't take my word for it.

  2. Ive got one and theyre exact remingon 870 clones except for the barrels and magazine tube the stock does come off and so does the foreend if you want ill make a video showing how.

  3. would you be able to use this gun for hunting? probably a noob question but ive never owned a shotgun before

  4. Hi. Is there a way to add a magazine extension to it? I would like to have as many rounds as possible in a home defense situation. Thank You. Sincerely, JAMES.

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