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GOLD & GUNS ! DEADLY STORAGE COMBO ! I bought an abandoned storage unit

look at these nice boxes though it makes
you think right away you’re gonna think there’s gonna be something in this it’s
like a treasure chest ladies and gentlemen it looks treasure chest II money well what do we got here let’s say
say guns is there really guns in here I didn’t want to look in this one now I’m
think I’m uh we’re gonna stop so it says guns and dogs I keep all my guns with my
dolls it’s a way I’ve always been my whole life
ladies and gentlemen found ammo ladies and gentlemen boys and girls pirates
I bought this you know for seven hundred and seventy dollars after taxes record
collection right in front that was the one reason why I wanted then you see the
dust cobwebs spiderwebs everything that turns me on and I think the Smith
sitting here for a while looks like about a eight to 12 year period of
sitting here anyway let’s get right to it and see what’s in here this new
device is making everything easy look this late again we’re filming and taking
the lock off unbelievable there we go right there
ten by twenty five what I liked about it is right there
dust spiderwebs cobwebs you see a record collection
good-looking records Ray Charles we didn’t get the CDs what you saw them in
there you see a Santa Claus you see a lot of Christmas stuff
what I saw was old items see what’s in here brainy stuff an Ace Hardware door
hinges hinges that’s a good sign when you open up boxes and you just see like
they bought all sorts of things new we peaked in this box after the auction
Scott open it up I thought I had filmed it but this box right here tells me all
I need to know about this unit look at this hat right here this was any Stetson
hat box right this is the lid but this is not a Stetson hat
see that flower vintage this has Alameda written all over it
mr. Charles I would venture to say that is 25 to 50 bucks for that happen not
this one here kind of boring maybe five-ten
ooh that’s kind of cool mr. Charles and another one this to me is a good
sign of good potential for what I’m about to see in the rest of this unit
another nice hat it was almost peyote looking what is this box right here
oh-ho that almost like a jewelry box still kind of does I see jewels mmm so
tool box they were a crafter look at these nice boxes though it makes you
think right away you’re gonna think there’s gonna be something in this it’s
like a treasure chest ladies and gentlemen it looks treasure chest II this is a kind of treasure chest
Wow look at whoa this is looking like jewelry huh another fake jewelry that’s a piece
of gold whoo number-one godmother I love it come on
gold not gold it’s a good sign though
that’s kind of cute not gold sweet baby Jesus z is for wines of gold
in 10 karat in Z that is nice though Zoro that’s a gold ring that’s 100 bucks carrying on come on give me another one
daddy wants another gold ring look at those diamonds I don’t know if it’ll
obvious I just send off to so Mary Harris and she sells and the gold and
silver right oh yeah we can take that all out it’s not a bad idea
you’re getting excited we’re just into this unit we’re already finding stuff
like this very costumey what was in here come on $5.99 this is the same set so maybe those
aren’t this might be diamond for this gold nope look here it’s like 2 and a 2
grams of 10-karat well this is not so we could throw that over and over lady said
keep the gold side always starts base made in Korea these are silver ooh ooh that looks like gold right there
teddy bear gold I see one potential piece of gold yeah let’s go harder the
heart looks like almost over I don’t think it is my money be money in reading that’s the
watch Jules Jorgensen TennCare gold filled filled out please this box and
not watch we could probably get that is kind of cute that looks like gold see
you have 10 karat it’s another one of those little pins that you there’s like
when you work for 20 years that’s should they give you twelve dollars in gold but
this actually we can probably sell on eBay that drools Jerguson wash
come on million dollars so weird array of stuff that’s gold filled Eloy Duffy
you’re from Pittsburgh actually is that gold fill to gold
I said that I find a good one we look at these seashell earrings miss
Alameda they were a doctor there’s not MBA stands for medical doctors
Association this is getting good what doctors unit sake oh this is just
my prediction for early on in this in this is that this is the bad jewelry
barfi this is just a junk jewelry and someone we’re gonna find like the good
jewelry box this is just my speculation Oh most those are nice costume jewelry
though no see right there that this kind of clasp is not this right here no if it
was that would be like some gold right you know who where they’re still
probably faithfully who can you picture wearing a piece like this know somebody
somebody’s almost eyelets that’s going that one is gold this is an Uncle
Michael piece this is a total Uncle Michael piece we should just give it to
him just because found money there’s some weird zippers nice the moon
one is it on a pair though is then same poop different day this is the main
reason why I bought the unit I needed a sign see that that was my sign we were
struggling to get this open ah crafts or should I say crap almost
elemina some like that’s five ten bucks in Alameda what right here
yes something hopeful Michael or Tony looks like not anything good clothes
wise these cooties cushy I call it – I call it kooky I’m looking for them $700
jeans right now phat farm is not one of them what teddy bear yeah you get like a
little pole or something do you like a little pole or something
right here Oh what what and the braiding hair is
this well what do we got here let’s say say guns is there really guns in here I
don’t want to look in this one now I’m think I’m uh we’re gonna stop psych just
kidding that is a trip no one noticed that it says guns and dogs I keep all my
guns with my dolls it’s a way I’ve always been my whole life replacement cash drawer sounds brand new
and tight right here okay so Chinese endo should we look at these
right now that in German should we say these till the end ladies and gentlemen
oh she said oh ho ho these are eight guns look at that
oh they got us that was still fun for a second that wasn’t it how they get you
like that got all excited home mm-hmm come on Bell busca Wow still I’m excited
that means they might have real ones somewhere that’s fake better than your
not your standard Chinese or Japanese say my stored knockoff a pump master 760 alright well bluie found where we find a
ar-15 right here yapping hey our hair 17 I just want to give a shout out to this
crowbar Jesus that is a huge crowbar comes up to my waist
we got helmets local 324 alright no shortcut 2015 gonna spare you guys on
going through the clothes where there’s a condor field international made in
Korea I’m sure it’s not $0.99 though found Oreo you guys want one keys cause
I’d say a talent meeting we could probably get like 20 bucks for that box
with all 25 but its Stockton like 4 bucks sound bills I bought an abandoned
storage unit sorry guys up can’t show this personal
information on 3 2 0 ha more bills Oh wonderful
we’ve got bills ooh please these could be love notes or they could be like I
can’t stand you enough it’s bills look at that worksheet totals rent and
food and meds well saving they had an expensive lifestyle if you look at the
year right look what they’re making they’re
subtracting a 291 left at the end of the month that’s not good if you’re making
twelve thousand one hundred sixty three dollars it’s not what you make is what
you spend thirty six hundred and rent Jesus that’s a lot in 2008 yikes look at
this guys it is corduroy in velvet it’s the endless supply maybe that’s why on
the side of this box who said this is almost intriguing hmm raha Rico this is intriguing this could have value
we’ll have to have our guy look that up Pajarito
Nadja reto this could be five this could be five hundred what sewing patterns
these could be very valuable sometimes sometimes they can have no value I like
this right here Ernest ooh
Evie Ryan could this be in oh this is something definitely gotta check out you
know we love art this is before 1900s all right Evie Ryan with a set this
aside this one’s heavy what do you think’s in here gold dolls pictures Oh least favorite stuff in the whole
gosh-darn world so look that looks like a get out need a piece I could see that
being like 20 $25 Oh kind of fits in would we do that kind of interview
they’re not obsessive Saturday May 21st 2011 O’Connor charms have failed to
elevate the NCC oh program Connor you fail Betty you know what
would go good inside of there know one of those things the kind you bug me that
I should make that I didn’t have last time as an alum you know like a little
sign assist like hey on YouTube ooh and now we know what to charge people for
sales tax oh yeah oh sorry guys right oh you spent 20 let me see here right here
you owe a dollar 40 in taxes that’d be fun to play with people is this Alameda
rough I keep getting a lot of people who are like hey we need an update on the
dog how come you haven’t seen the dog where’s the dog I don’t know what this
how huh don’t see I was talking look at that blue one is that just jeans or is
that like a rug all right she’s a very uncooperative dog thank you yeah I mean
do a Christmas early and this thing started off so hot oh oh
I feel like potential on this one I see you’ve seen beads in there oh wow
dolls of color something special this is kind of interesting yeah what is this Texas patina enriched rice that is that
honestly there’s still like a three or four our bag is chunk ladies and
gentleman found ammo should we see what’s in the bag that was
a sign that I had to buy this you see what the sign lettuce too or should we
wait I like teasing them flashlights so we
could see in the options this just reminds me see how you have
these little sprockets and everything like that
that’s like reminds me of hustle grind rewind that’s about it that cheap no
it’s freaking paperwork doesn’t matter what year you’re in the Raiders always
lose I think we can do about that sorry uncle Mikan and check all most
collectibles here America moving some decorations
it’s weird stuff man well how you’re supposed to get mad that’s kind of cute not cute enough what
is this your clown aren’t these just lovely I’m so glad they saved these look
at that’s a nice napkin holder no no I better make a good nap you know there
may be your plates this these are high quality speakers
that in German Fisher’s is top-of-the-line pasta jewelry we have to
get to their box Oh vintage oxygen
breathe it in ladies and gentlemen you ever needed you know we do need and I
don’t see it in here and surprisingly it’s a big thumbtacks
I don’t think that there’s a constitute as old ones that maybe those doll stuff
that one would probably be they get elevated crapping like 5 10 bucks there
these are neat these always are kind of cool a lot of people like them for
decoration this is how I used to do laundry back in the day can you believe
that you rub your stuff up against them meaning yourself in case mmm
Chomsky’s cheap stuff stuff so is a posture of jewelry right now it’s looking like bags you know such a little well Trey would be nice when I drop this look at that then states quarters I don’t think any of these are real but
that might disappear as a whole box of these just like two three bucks apiece
that’s a good eye you had for seeing their jewelry on more the same stuff not a bad score though I want to see
gold he look like all costume dad hmm it’s a crab in any cancers I knew the
answer to that already it’s being a wife oh look who’s that he’s late for a tea
party this might be worth a bang it’s by
bergamot brass works 1974 that one I was putting on eBay pile that might meet our
minimum quota Ginny Lee I don’t know if these would sell in Alameda
what about that one greatest football team ever right there
49ers going to the Super Bowl that is actually that’s hand blown glass it’s
not just like cheap ceramic but that is actually glass me a good flowerpot frame
I’m Dib seeing it that’s how you get when you want to keep setting you just
say dibs and a quarter did you dibs it never have nothing there
okay Michael found some toothpicks in my store shared a subscriber sent me these
like oh my muse under in my storage unit these are almost cool I don’t know if
we’d ever get to the extent we need to do all this when we just saying we think
they have a store and then what do we find you know what I bet it is I bet
they were like in charge of like Church sales or something you know how churches
always do that in want to keep these know this is fun to do we do is we take
you to Alameda and you’re our best stuff is you right sold on it and it makes
people want to buy it because it’s sold you’re like oh would they pay I’ll give
you this much more now we can really charge tax here’s a fun little game I play Mike
right sold on two things and then then sell it when it’s already sold all right
that’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen what we’re thinking we see so far as a
potential of the fact that there could be a store involved it seems like
personal stuff but as well they might have maybe Devon doing Church sales ever
will have yet to go through these records so we have this to go through I
think that’s one two three four five six boxes of records are going to darn your
paper to seven seventy definitely with the few pieces of gold and silver should
take care of the price of this and the rest we profit anyway you have to
continue to watch the rest of the videos to see if that happens thank you

23 thoughts on “GOLD & GUNS ! DEADLY STORAGE COMBO ! I bought an abandoned storage unit

  1. Biggest smile over here hearing your lady love with you and that she was enjoying it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good finds in this unit it appears.

  2. Mike your camera set up is making your videos,ย to another level. Now we can see every box you go through. It makes every thing more interesting.

  3. Get the clothe hats with nets checked out at a hat store. Jackie Kennedy Onassis, made that type of hats popular while married to President Kennedy!

  4. Isnโ€™t that an interesting unit. I little pit of everything and anything. You may agree(!) the best in the unit is your helper?! So happy for both of you๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿคช

  5. pirate,only saw a bit of your dog,what breed is she? have you tried taking her to puppy school? it's something you should think about if you have not.

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