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Go large! USA gun shops – watch and weep

[Music] At 150,000 sq feet this place is three times
the space of an out of town British supermarket. We’re back in Las Vegas and this shop is
humungo fantasmagorically enormous it’s a Bass Pro one of three big chains which dominates
hunting and shooting shopping Opinion is divided on whether Cabelas, Gander
Mountain or Bass Pro is the best shop. They are certainly popular. The Cabelas in both
Kansas and Minnesota rank amongst the top tourist destinations in both those states
and they are twice as big as the one in Las Vegas. Bass Pro’s shop in Missouri is a
third of a million square feet, that is the same size of 6 football pitches or the whole
of the Grand Bizaar in Istanbul. British gun shops are traditionally poky little
things stuck down back streets, but this is America. I am off to see a gun shop owner who I met
hunting driven wild sheep in Germany. He runs a gun shop which is small compared to Bass
Pro, but offers a warmer and more friendly service and it is still twice the size of
any UK gun shop. Nice to see you. Nice to see you again. So you call this a
bit of a tiddler. It’s a fair size, fair size for round here.
We’re pretty big here, but there are bigger stores. Can you show me around. Yes, sure, come on. Louisiana is hurricane country and when hurricane
Katrina hit nearby New Orleans it caused both spectacular devastation and billions of dollars
of damage. It was however, a bonanza for Jim. So Jim, Hurricane Katrina was a relatively
exciting time for you here in Louisiana? Oh indeed, indeed, lots of unrest and very,
very busy for us, it was very crazy time. When you say very crazy time, what was the
shop like. Before you could buy your fire arm and leave
it was about anything from 6 to 8 hours for 3 days. Six-to-eight hour queue for three days? Exactly. How many guns did you sell in that time? Hundreds and hundreds literally we had one
person doing nothing but calling in background checks, we had distributors coming in with
literally truck loads of ammunition. And why did everyone want these guns? It was a time of unrest, people were fearful
and looking for security, also a lot of military police fire department lost a lot their guns
under water so not only do you have civilians coming in, but you also have your local police
departments things like that buying guns, ammunition, holsters, cleaning supplies, just
everything went under water so quickly. So you’ve also got some fun stuff here haven’t
you? Oh yes we have got something really unique
which I am sure a lot of people would like to see. It’s a .410 revolver. So can we have a look? So Jim what precisely
is that? Basically these are two Taurus .410 revolvers
and this one right here will shoot the .410 and the .45 long colt and what is very popular
here is for a snake gun for fish farmers and things like that deer hunters during the summer
to maintain their land, they like this to despatch snakes. Snakes, what sort of snakes do you get here? Let’s say it is a big water moccasin. Big water moccasin, I hate those. And you want two hands on this one. Yeah, that almost came out of your hand. I’ve managed to hit snakes in a kind of
4 foot radius. Well that’s it, you didn’t miss and you
put some right in the X ring. Yeah, look at that, 4 in the middle, 4 pellets
in the middle and quite a lot on the outside as well. Well, it’s a big snake. Well yes, exactly disguised as a man. Of course all the staff hunt. I dove hunt, squirrel hunt, deer hunt, coyote
sometimes, I’ve hog hunted, I think that is about it. That’s pretty well more animals than we
have in the UK. Yeah, that’s just about everything. Did you grow up doing this? Ever since I was about ten. And is this normal for a Louisiana girl? It’s somewhat normal. Have you ever shot a gator? No I have not, I have caught one though. Caught one with your bare hands? I was fishing one day and I was reeling in
my spinner bate and it snapped my line and I reeled it in and I caught it. It was about
5 foot long. Fantastic. Self defence is a major theme of American
gunshops. In the UK, we have all but forgotten about sidearms following the restrictions
which came in 15 years ago. Jim gives me a refresher course. Watch that thumb – don’t want to get it
cut. Nine, eight, those must be mine there. Not too bad. Not too bad. I mean it’s down. It’s the first time in a long time. Exactly, 15 years, exactly, he’s crawling
away. I think it was rather a rabbit target, but still. With the London Olympics coming up and Britain
in with a chance for shooting medals, with handgun crime rising massively in the wake
of the handgun laws, surely now is the time for the British government to start relaxing
restrictions on handgun ownership in the UK. [Music]

100 thoughts on “Go large! USA gun shops – watch and weep

  1. Bad guys are universal. The UK have knives on the streets everywhere. Only the intended victim is murdered without the collateral damage from bullets. People still die just not on a wholesale basis.

  2. "I don't shoot to kill, I shoot to stay alive"
    "When every 2nd (second) counts, the cops are just a few minutes away"

  3. there's no reason British people should not be allowed to own guns…well…except for the part about the last time they were allowed to have guns they split off and created the USA.

  4. If a guy grabs a semi truck (Lorry for Brits) and enters a crowd and kills 30 people…do we ban the truck? By the current logic of the UK and other governments it looks like so.

  5. We will always prefer the dangerous freedom of owning firearms over the
    "Safe Slavery" of giving up our weapons. The 2nd Amendment shall not be infringed. God Bless America.

  6. i hope you get your gun rights back some day and get stores like this for yourself. nobody free should be split from their gun rights

  7. You heard it first here folks: British man confirms an increase in handgun crime AFTER the strict rule changes.

  8. Now you get why it is SO important to not give up rights to bear arms and to oppose any so called "common sense" gun control, poorly disguised as confiscation? Once you get the laws, it is very very difficult to relax those! America, don't give up your guns!

  9. president wow beautiful rifle firearms and pistols for American hunters is good sports fantastic great shooter's shooting range perfict awesome pretty good beautiful self defense fantastic great hunting perfect excellent alot fun shooting there great excited everyshoot perfict fantastic have nice day"

  10. I find it amazing how Poms envy this and talk about it when they too can do the same thing. Poms sux!. Yanks are cool as they think big and do things without talking about it.

  11. We welcome our British Cousins to share our love for guns…… Fight England for your rights my cousins

  12. Well yes, but how come bass pro has archery and other ranges inside the store but no firearms range ?

  13. Lol there is no divide Cabelas is the best but only fools buy guns from big box stores. You will pay way less at a small shop.

  14. Devestating hirricane hits, people line up for hours to have their background checks ran, and wait for their approval to buy a gun.
    Democrats: GuNs aRe eAsIeR tO bUy THaN BoOkS!!!!!!!

  15. Feel sorry for any people living in a country where if a hurricane comes you feel you gota queue up for hours to buy a gun! I hunt & target shoot but sure hope gun shops never become like this in the uk!

  16. This is AMERICA !!!
    Great and Freedom !

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  18. "weapons bring more safety… and bullshit, if there were no guns avaivable in usa, there were no school shootings and the gang violence were different

  19. God Bless America breaks my heart that some Americans are not with the Second Amendment and are trying to take our God given rights away from tru American patriots like us. So sad 😢🇺🇸

  20. The British people have destroyed their country and their freedoms with their pussy politics and lack of border protection and letting outsiders destroy their culture!!!! Most Americans would prefer it if all Brits would not come over here for any reason and don’t do any documentaries on anything! It was clear the Brit in this video is a Pussy! We don’t need outside help to destroy our gun rights like you British People have done in your country!!!! What a bunch of dumbasses!! Stay the fuck home!!!

  21. Gun control is tailor made legislation for a tyrant.  In a gun free society, nothing will be there to stop the government from telling you which God to worship….. if and when to worship….. what words can come out of your mouth.  With the way the Democrats have gotten with their Marxist-Leninist ways, all these nightmares could become a reality if our guns are taken.

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