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[GMod] Spy and Sniper’s Splenderifious Sortie

(Sniper and Spy jeering each other goodnaturedly while playing a game of chess. Sniper is winning, and Spy is furious.) *devious laughter* (Inwardly) IIIIIIII HAAATE YOU…. *Suddenly, idea!* *The snort snort of inevitable victory* *The nnrrg..? of defeat* *Spy throws a light bulb behind Sniper to distract him with a fairly average falling-down of everyday furniture* “Honestly, what the flippidy floppidy fuck just happened? He threw a god damn light bulb behind me and suddenly a whole fucking mini apocalypse can just “happen” behind my back? Who writes this shit? What kind of a dumb fucking distraction is this? Why not have an unexpected character moment? Hell, it could be a genuinely heartfelt and completely satirical monologue from Spy on why I should turn around, then funny music plays as all is forgotten by him as he pours whatever the fuck he’s pouring in my cup. Anything but this sack of steaming dog shit in the sizzling heat of a hot Summer day. (All is forgotten) *the chuckle of “Well, back to the game”* (Australian for “aww shit m8”) *Sniper is getting ready for one big shit* *plop* *the screams of Hell* *Sniper keeps screaming in the background* Sniper: ded. *an otherwise pleasant yelp of brief surprise* Spy: Sniper? (This scene speaks for itself) Doctor! *phone ringing* *Madick picks up* Medic: Hello? Spy: Medic! Sniper is dead! D: What? Spy: Indeed. *Fucking Scout ruining shit as always* I require assistance, Doctor! Spy: Are you free? (German for: LOL) *Scout screams in excruciating pain as his bones and injuries are jostled, lancing him towards the inevitable, cold grips of death as his vision fades to red. Medic watches and laughs in a sick fashion, seeing his handiwork come into existence just in front of him* Ja! Spy: Excellent! When can you come? *Feminist arguments* *Everyone else’s reaction to Feminist arguments* Why don’t you go? Spy: What? Doctor, please help! Ooh, fine.. Medic: Danke, Spy! *laugh of contentment* Spy: I’m sorry, my dear friend. *sudden transition* *brief laugh* Well, now. You have done well. ??? Spy: Sniper! ??? Sniper: Nothing personal, mate. Go to Hell, and take your cheap sui– *A variety of jeers and rude cajoling from the members of the traffic jam Spy just stumbled upon* *jeering continues* This is a bucket. DEER GOD. Heavy: Move, Stupid! Spy: no u *jeering escalates, still going strong* *jeering turns into exclamations of surprise* *everyone stops talking* (It’s a sphee!) Crowd: Aww… *jeering turns into adoration and happiness* Sphee: Gun. *dead silence* *jeering turns into screams as more murderous sphees arrive* Patriot Soldier: Consider yourself dominated, son of a bitch! (Inwardly) God bless America! The Political Left: YEET *Sphees surround Patriot Soldier as his fate is sealed* *fate* *chaos continues* *Heavy drives away, seemingly victorious, before unfortunately falling off the bridge and into the depths of the river* *le French badassery commences* Sphee: Sphee. *dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty* *imitates a Sphee as best as he can* (Inwardly) Oh, good, a concussion. (I FORGOT TO BONE MERGE THE SUIT ON AWWW DAMMIT) (Damn Bone Merger.) Medic: (Inwardly) Sniper! (This scene speaks for itself Part Deux) Ooh! (Maximum realism) *a car approaches and stops just behind her* *Medic is frustrated as he tries even harder to revive Sniper, but his voice is faint in Spy’s ears as he realizes his friend’s potential end* *sudden realization* *laughs uneasily* BLU Medic: Would you also like a doctor? (Referring to the spy’s eye) ??? Spy: No, thank you. Medic: Spy! Medic: I tried everything! Medic: Except one. *one* *Sniper screams as he awakens* Spy?! Medic! Ja? Sniper: What happened? You died lol Spy: You died merding. Spy: *laughs raucously at his own joke* *laughing continues awkwardly* *…ending with an unexpected sob* *comic relief* *someone knocks on door* Medic: What? *knocking continues* Sniper? …I’m sorry. Oooooohhhhh, this’ll take a while. WELL.. I think–… Medic! Ja? Sniper: Get bloody going! (referring to Medic’s time taken to reach the door, considering Spy just told a whole damn novel worth of a story) Sniper: *grunts* …Heads up! Spy: STOP! BLU Medic: Spy — *exclaims in surprise* ??? Spy: *laughs briefly* Well now. ??? Spy: Pardon me. *The mafia members leave* *Medic, Spy, and Sniper are all recovering from the past experience, laughing and telling jokes* *joking continues* *knocking on the apartment door, making the three occupants momentarily jump* Spy: I’ll go. (French for “sequel?”)

100 thoughts on “[GMod] Spy and Sniper’s Splenderifious Sortie

  1. Ha, well done. Wonder why that brief case was dropped off at red house, and if it was the same one from that deal gone bad.

  2. Never mess with diarrhea pranks. If you do you might have to do the same thing the spy did to get sniper back from death

  3. Triggered feminists? Check. Absolutely fucking amazing animation? Abso-fucking-lutley. Rating? Bloody Perfect. Hilarious? Hell yea!

  4. 2:18 I had paused the video and pend a new tab testing my GF and my ear buds are horrible so they pop and go max valum when I hit play again and well, I have a ring in my ear XD

  5. The animation and editing is lacking at points, but this is really ambitious, I could never imagine myself creating something at this scale, overall I found this really enjoyable and I look forward to seeing more of your work : )

  6. I have but one Question: is this a early desing of the Ambi? Still awsome vid very good for laughs and maby memes

  7. 22:52
    At this moment I thought that the one thing Medic said that he hadn't tried yet was like "True loves kiss" and Spy would have to kiss him or something like that but then Medic legit just SLAPPED him and I DIED.

  8. This. This is one damn good video. And I've been watching stuff like this for a while now. I've seen the boring, the cool, the ugly, the beautiful, and even all the above. But this? This takes second place on today's list. The first place going to Hoovydundy. Good job mate.

  9. OMG this is beautiful, well beautiful is not enough, splendid good job you're the best on YouTube, you are a master for me

  10. Like this comment if you want the Bucket Spies to become a FF2 Boss! (So FF2 Boss creators can see this.)

    How they would likely work:
    One BLU Bucket Spy is the boss. He can spawn more bucket spies with his Rage. (Summoning dead RED players)
    All summoned Bucket Spies have randomized weapons on them. (Even from other classes)
    Every Bucket Spy minion that dies, drops a bucket that can be picked up by whoever walks over it, to give them a speed boost. (Teleport would’ve been OP, so a speed boost would be better.)

    [M2 + Look Up] ability = Bucket Teleport. Teleports the boss to a random RED Player.

    Main Boss randomly changes melee weapon after each kill.

    The voices of both the Boss and the minions are a little more high-pitched, and their Medic calls are replaced by their lines in this video.

    (Edit: Typo Correction. Also anyone can change this up as they want on their server, but I think the randomizer idea would be cool for a boss.)

  11. A suspicious mafia boss gets in and says:
    – Where's Spy ?
    + Why you are asking ?

    "Said no security guard ever"

  12. 16:13 I hate when that happens. Especially since sometimes the cosmetics are gone if you save and load with gmod.

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