100 thoughts on “[Gmod/SFM] Sniper and The Holy Piss

  1. I've just found out that the creator committed suicide some time ago.. This is one of my go-to extended gmod spoofs, since it has just about everything you can ask for in a such a video. Akin to the adventures of Demo and Rappy, this video is a well animated narrative of a truly breathtaking and entertaining story, while delivering clever but subtle jokes not necessarily pointed out.
    I haven't watched any of his other videos yet, but I'm sure they're at least resembling this one in quality considering the creator of said videos. Truly a shame and a waste of a great content creator, and may he rest in peace.

  2. hello piss i had a good piss it taste good i unlock piss what the piss i piss myself piss i will piss you and burry you in your piss go piss youself pis piss and more piss

  3. Mummy or Zombie Scoit sounds like the Hunter from left 4 dead.If you say im dumb becuase I said that Scout in Egypt is a hunter,I know becuase Scout looks like a Zombie(even though he's a mummy)

  4. Indiana Jones:And The Holy Piss (if sniper didn't use his sunglasses and bought a rope.)XD!that wont happen.

  5. The Holy Piss:
    – x2 jarate explosion
    – 2 min reloading time
    !on teammates:
    – can extinguish
    – can stop bleeding
    – unmarks death
    – heals/overheals u 30hp
    !on enemies:
    – bleeding
    – marking deth
    – taking critical hits
    – slow
    – on milk
    – highly burnable
    – 5 damage
    – unable to be healed

  6. You chose wisely with the audio from donic unleashed, that soundtrack was AMAZING even the game itself was great

  7. In case you were wondering what was the text after meanwhile, it just says "Don't add me on steam and call me a pickle. It makes me sad :c"

    Now if you'll excuse me, I need to add someone on steam and call them a pickle.

  8. I always think of this video whenever the topic of how important quality tools are. I mean, halfway through this project you swapped to a brand new tool that had just been released and the quality jumps visibly.

  9. I know the main theme and action theme is from Sonic Unleashed. But it fits really pefectly well.
    2:39. And the broken lawnchair gag. A real classic.

  10. I just came back to this video after realizing the owner died. I am going to re-watch it for old time sake. And also to honor the memory of the creator.

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