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Glock 43x 9mm Pistol is NOT Worth the Money… An Epic Review

I’ve got $500 cash. Now, I could go out and buy the new Glock 43 X. I’ve got a much better idea. The Glock 43 X is the latest brainchild from Glock. It’s a single stack 9-millimeter with a ten plus one magazine capacity. Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself — How did Glock come up with the idea for the 43 X? Oh, yeah! Their Glock 26 has a 10-round magazine capacity. However, some people complain about the thick, short grip. What did you say? On the other hand, the Glock 43 has a very thin grip making it extremely comfortable to carry all day long. However, some people still complain about the short grip. What are you saying? Dude, you’re gonna get me banned from YouTube. Now, the Glock 43 X is the perfect combination of these two pistols. It’s thin. It’s lightweight. And it has a 10 round magazine capacity. It also has these really cool front slide serrations Just in case you’re in need of an emergency cheese grater. Front slide serrations make it easier to rack the slide or performing press checks, if you’re a tactical ninja. Let’s head out to the range and see how she shoots. So, what do you guys think? Is the Glock 43 X a good concealed carry gun? Tell me in this poll right here. The Glock 43 X was a blast to shoot. The trigger is a little bit mushy, which I kind of expect from Glock. But once you hit that wall, the brake is clean. Now, the one thing I really hate about the 43 X is the same thing I dislike about all Glocks, the magazine release and the slide release are very flat. I personally prefer an extended magazine and slide release from Viking tactics. And of course new night sights from Trijicon. But how does the Glock 43 X make you feel when carrying concealed? That’s a great question, random scientist. Carrying the block 43 X was a breeze. It’s super thin, Lightweight and really easy to carry. In fact, it’s pretty easy to forget that it’s even there. Hello? If you’re looking for the perfect concealed carry gun, the Glock 43 X is definitely worth the money. A big thank you to Kyle for a lending this firearm to me so that I can create this video. You are awesome. If you liked this video, watch my review of the Smith & Wesson shield and until next time, stay dangerous

41 thoughts on “Glock 43x 9mm Pistol is NOT Worth the Money… An Epic Review

  1. My hands are way too large for shorty grips. The 43X is a winner for me. Lightweight, easy to carry, 10+1, thin, and I can wrap my mitts around and get a full grip!

  2. It's crazy I love all my Glocks but did you all no S&W 1 line up is a little cheaper than a Glock it even looks like a Glock so much so Glock took them to court and won!!! The really crazy part is S&W has to pay Glock $9.00 for ever gun sold in that line and it's still cheaper than a Glock with the S&W name.But I still love my fucking Glocks & S&W LMFAO these videos are great.

  3. I think id rather have the P365 now that they seem to have ironed out the bugs. Plus it already has nightsights and its smaller. I still dig the reg 43 tho.

  4. Glock wanted to compete with SIG's P365 9mm. CCW & new shooters, gun owners wanted the P365 9mm but its problems, flaws turned many away. 😏. I'd suggest buying a Glock 26 gen 5 9mm. You can CCW it then use 10/15/17/21 size spare magazines 😎. I'm left handed & do not get why Glock chose not to add a 1913 rail to the 48X 🤔 or put gen 5 type slide stops? The new silver-grey upper was not a big push either. Glock owners or armed professionals can get Robar NP3+ or Ceracote Elite if they really want different colors. can trick out nearly any Glock pistol them ship it to a FFL, local shop. Note; the 1968 Gun Control Act allows guns to sent by owners to gunsmiths, shops for repairs or custom work. 😉

  5. Seems like a great pistol for concealment. The thin extended pistol grip makes all the difference. I still love my Glock 19 but this looks pretty tempting for an additional side piece.

  6. I have to disagree with you on the 43x mag release. I have the 43, and I agree it's a bitch to press without changing your grip. With my hands, I don't have to do anything other than push my thumb down and the mag pops right out of the 43x with no issues.

    Good for me right? 🙂

  7. Public Service Announcement: An M&P Shield can be bought brand new for around $250. A 10 round magazine for $19 and the Shield has the same grip length as a 43X, but is even thinner. Shield for the win. 43X is a gimmick.

  8. Enjoyed the video!

    I crapped on the G43X and G48 when they first came out, then I actually held them and shot them. Now I own them. I shoot it better than the Shield, which I believe is a great pistol! Just wish I could shot it better. I would have saved me $$$.

  9. Replaced a very reliable Taurus 709 slim (5,000 rounds without failures), with 43X, for one reason, accuracy. My 709 has been as reliable as my Glock 19, but just not as accurate. So far, loving the 43X, reliable and accurate.

  10. I think Glock 43X is just the Glock Ive been waiting on to replace my S&W M&P Shield 9mm..Only time will tell.The S&W M&P Shield is very reliable and very popular.

  11. And… this is a 10-round Glock that will probably be more reliable than the other Glocks using short-sheeted magazines. That's a firm sell in ban states that will allow this pistol.

  12. Within 4 shots my trigger finger hurt like crazy and couldn't form a tight group at even 5 yards. With the shield PC, no problems.

  13. Are you trying to persuade people the 43x? According to my research the 43x is on the top of the list surpassing the p365, I've had many people say they regret buying the Taurus g2 and the fn 9c and the p365 but they wished the grip on the g43 was longer soon as glock released the 43x they went and replaced their EDC with the 43x, so again what you think doesn't work might work for others, so stop titling your crap with "why this is a waste" or why you shouldnt buy this or that: let the people with the real cash bucks decide for them self, and you married? Who's problem is that? Hmm…. it's your own, good bad or indifferent, lol not only will this video get a dislike but reported as well same goes for your channel, also did you have permission for that fake money? If not that's against the law to own and posses fake money

  14. Its definitely worth it for me I have it and I love it. Full grip, easier to control than the g43 and thinner than the g19. 10+1 round in a compact package.

  15. Funny vid! I just got mine and had to drift the factory night sights to the right. Other than that's it's accurate as all get out. Recoil is mitigated by the grip length. I like it better than my sig 365 and glock 26. I already ordered kydex for it.

  16. When i went to the gun shop I wanted to only look at the 43. Then the clerk gave me the 43x as well. After holding the 43 then the 43x. It was a no brainer. The 43x felt amazing in my hands.

  17. I bought the Glock 43X. I was going to get the G43 but the G43X was just released so for my XXL hands I changed to the longer grip.
    I shot it for 114 rounds and then very lightly cleaned it & lightly oiled it. After this I shot the G43X – 300 to 400 more times without any cleaning.
    Report/Review of the Glock 43X
    This is a very light, very reliable, accurate, and top concealed carry pistol.
    The one or two pluses that makes the Glock better for me over the SIG P365 and the S&W Shield (these are the top three (3) CCW guns in the USA).
    1. Maintaining – It is a Glock. This means it is easy to completely take apart piece by piece for detailed cleaning.
    Much more & easier than any gun on the market. l love this as I can do this myself and save time/money to totally clean it
    or if needed I personally can gunsmith my pistol.
    2. Boring Reliability – At an indoor gun range the small Glock shot all aluminum, brass, & even wolf steel cased fmj bullets without jamming. 
    Not only was the Wolf black box 115 gr bullets reliable in the G43X but it was the most accurate of all the bullets. 
    Yes, that was Russian Wolf – cheap & dirty stuff, WHhhhhhaaaaaaAT!
    I shot HST, Critical Defense, Federal Range & Defense Hollow points… all without jams or anything.
    The SIG P365
    Would have really bought the SIG P365 if it was reliable in the beginning. I was looking at it hard early on and then the "issues" 
    started popping up with the SIGs – the P320 & the P365. Today's SIG P365 is "probably" reliable because of all the changes SIG, Inc.
    has done. But since *you don't ever get a second first impression*…
    I passed for safety concerns & I just don't want a CCW gun that maybe is good. No maybes for self-defense.

    That what I have experienced.

  18. The 43x is way worth the money. Even more so with the 15 round flush magazines from Shield Arms on the way.

  19. Title says Not worth the money, but he owns and like it! This guy would be alright if he lose the doofus not funny or entertaining shit!

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