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GLOCK 19X 9mm pistol: test fire

This is the GLOCK G19X This is Glock entry at the Modular Handgun System competition for the US Army. It’s essentially a more compact version of the 17 because it combines the lenght of the slide of the 19 with the grip of the 17. This is much better and improved control in all shooting conditions and it also allows the use of full capacity magazines up to 19-rounds. The coloring is a Coyote Tan and it uses an improved surface treatment that is called nPVD, which is much better against corrosion and things like that. The gun handles very well and it’s really accurate thanks to the fact that it uses a Glock Marksman Barrel. All controls are ambidextrous and it has a lanyard ring on the grip. ..Let’s see how it shoots! So.. The shorter sight radius of the 19X does not hinder accurancy at all I see absolutely no perceivable difference between the 17 I own and the 19 I am shooting right now. I can get the same exact results and I am mananging to get my groups in about 2 inches with no problem at all, actually it’s a very a very impressive feat of the Glock 19X The recoil and muzzle flip is absolutely comparable to the 17 thanks to the better leverage that the grip of the 19 X gives and all things considered… It’s just great to shoot with this gun! very very very controllable ! The GLOCK 19X

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