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Glock 1926 Hybrid – Mind Blowing Glock 19 Configuration

hey, dudes, mattv2099 here. what this is, is a video on the legend of the glock 1926. yo first let’s nerd check them. are we clear? Robert sent me an e-mail the other day asking me ‘hey dude, will a glock 19 slide fit on a glock 26″ “and vice versa” I was like, oh dude, you haven’t heard about the legend of the glock 1926. heck yeah it will work. let’s just do that real quick. we nerd checked it. let’s nerd check it again the safety nerds watching these videos. they are going to point out everything that they think is unsafe but really is safe this is a glock 19 slide and this is a glock 26 frame. gen 4 let’s put that right on there right there is a glock 1926. and right here is the other version of the glock 1926. Ok so what we are going to do is basically just test fire them. I have a safety rig here. we are going to do this safely and remotely. then I will dump some clipazine mags in half a secondj. ghost gun status what’s the point? why are you going to do this? for operational science. we have operators in the field that need to have this information. they need to know if you can do this stuff. they don’t have time to do every combination themselves. us guys on youtube are basically scientists, man. so let’s try this here 1926a there’s are first problem. it won’t pick up the round. It won’t chamber the first roundazine let’s try the other 1926 that one did, indeed, chamber the round. we will rule this one out. this one does not work the slide doesn’t go back far enough to pick up the next round se it goes back this far so that’s a bummer. nerd check first thing we are going to do – we have our really cool remote firing apparatus. to make sure it’s safe we are going to plug this thing in here and pull the trigger remotely. make sure we are aiming at our target. yep! totally aiming at our target. we are going to step back and fire this thing we ran into an issue. grab our firearm here. we are going to drop the clip mag the barrel should be fin in there. as long as you get that lock up I’m really not concerned. why won’t the trigger pull it’s needing an excessive amount of force to pull that trigger Ok. let’s try this again are we chamberazined? now we are try number two. let’s seeif we can get enough force to pull that trigger remotely perhaps teh trigger went off and nothing happened? ok it works. for some reason it takes a crazy amount of pressure. so our remote firing apparatus sucked and totally didn’t do anything it made it extremely hard to pull the trigger so we will demonstrate that. see what’s happening here is you have full lockup. you are in battery. so let’s give it a couple shots here. brass to the face. oh my god. ejection is terrible. let’s see if we can get a brass to the face. brass to the camera that was weird. slamming the mag in dropped the slide oh. brass to the face. that actually kind of hurt let’s see if we can get a brass to the face see I’m blocking that one hit me in the side of the head this is the ancient technique of brass to the face blocking so that was a quick demonstration of the Glock 1926. it totally worked. if you can handle brass to the face this is your gun. I suggest you carry two of them at all times. this is probably the best concealed carry weapon of all time it’s basically a glock 19 but concealable like the glock 26 mattv2099 out. thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Glock 1926 Hybrid – Mind Blowing Glock 19 Configuration

  1. Don't act like you never "nerd checked" a gun?! It's the cool bandwagon thing to do. I guarantee each and every single one of us… nerd checked a gun. It shows character that we know how to handle a gun. The quicker you remove the magazine, slam the slide back as fast as you can… estimated 5x and point the gun in a safe direction and pull the trigger…. you've just became 100% nerd check cool!

  2. I figgerd that the slide from the 26 on the 19 frame would not work but had a feeling the 19 would work on the 26 looks like it would suck to shoot it alot but in a real world crises yeah I'd say it would be fuck yeah

  3. What about simply a longer barrel in stead?? A 17 barrel in either a 19 or a 26? Or a 19 in a 26
    I mean, all the mechanics are the same. It's like a "threaded barrel" is simply longer.
    How would the gun know, how long the barrel extends? Lol

  4. I can't scroll 1200 comments to check for an answer. Anybody tried glock 23 slide on a 27 frame for "brass in the face" issue? Thanks.

  5. I like your videos but I'm sorry but it was very stupid of you to not put the rope over the trigger safety it was working just fine

  6. These are the types of idiots that shouldn’t have firearms. Then again…. we need people like you to walk point for us in Afghanistan

  7. This guys is a fucking dumb ass…. Why do i have to pull the string so hard?…because your a dumb ass that shouldn't own firearms and your string didny disengage the trigger safty

  8. that's not how you safety check a gun, you look in the chamber. The purpose of safety checking a gun is to SEE if there is a bullet in it. very important in a glock before you take it apart


  10. I put a gen 5 most slide on a gen 4 26 frame. I racked it and it seems fine even cycled a dummy round and fored the pin no problems. even ejected the dummy round and locked back. Would this be safe to fire at the range?

  11. This is a G26 Long combination. Lots of people including me run this reliably.
    You can also get a lonewolf slide spacer to cover the gap for gen3 or gen4 G19/23/32 gen3 or gen4 slide that you put on a gen3 or gen4 subcompact frame.

    You also don't have to change any parts….just put on the slide you want.

    If it does not run reliably then try replacing to a proper or different extractor or ejector.

  12. I just thought about this while watching a video of the 10mm G20..

    I know it didn’t work out well in the video but I feel that Glock could engineer it to make it work. I see potential in it for sure!

  13. Ok so What's the Trick to get a 19 slide & barrel in I thought since the 26 Looks like gen 4 I got a gen 4 19 slide & barrel that Didn't fit. Tatcital toolbox did the same build & His slide looks like a gen 4 So is it a gen 4 slide with a gen 3 barrel or WHAT? I Been at this for TWO Weeks trying to figure it out


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