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Glock 17 Gen4 opis pištolja (gun review, eng subs)

Hello everyone I am Darko you watch a new episode of the Channel DumDum. We are located in Leskovac on the range of company DDA Komerc Canon. At the invitation of our viewers and we are here to test the gun is all very well known. One of the most popular pistols in the world Austrian Glock 17 in 9mm. Glock is a family of Austrian guns that are manufactured in the similar plant in Austria. The first model Glock 17 pistol was manufactured in 1980. Label 17 is the seventeenth patent Gaston Glock, Constructors of the pistol and the founder of the factory Glock. After resistance market acceptance gun because the ram was polymer, that is plastic, after testing and insights that it is incredibly durable weapon, model popularity is steadily growing. The first military police users Glock 17 is a logical austria. As time went by more and more countries are defining that their service pistol Glock is just 17. Today glok kosristi of evolution as an official in more than 60 countries which says a lot about the quality of this gun. We present today the fourth generation Glock 17 pistol. Unlike the third generation it is characterized by variable inserts the handle to adjust the size of the hands of the shooter, aggressive texture on the frame for better grip Double spring–return mechanism, as well as the ability to switch hardener frame on the left side of the gun. Length Glock 17 is 202mm, height 138mm, pipe length 114mm and weight only 710 grams. Here’s how when we look at this gun before embarking course with some further manipulation first check if the gun is empty. Because I always assumed it was loaded. At hardener frame matte frame. Pulling the slide back. Visually check that there are no shot. Several times in case. Okino in a safe direction. So the gun is empty. When you look like everyone is familiar with this form of Glock. It was whether you used it and shot him, or did you see in the movies, games, irrelevant. This is one of the most popular, if not the most popular gun in the world. Thus when we look, the design is very simple. Because of the ease of hiding and let functionality. We see of course the metal sleeve. On the cover we see the sights. When Glock we can see that there is no system of three points, as in the well–known CZ99, We already have one of these forms which enters front sight with a point, and it is very easy sighting. As we can see kicker is hidden. There is no effort from the outside of the longer hitter inside the cover. The gun is in Stryker fajer mode. Then when we look like on the side, we see a natural framework hardener. We see the ram guns, see–lowering clutter. What is very interesting and what I think is flawed, because I’m left–handed shooter, as these controls are only on one side. We see that on the other side there is the descender clutter. However hardener framework Probably it can be switched to be on the other side. For left–handed shooters so it would be easier to release the frame. In the Glock 17, stops 17 shots and of course in klaibru is 9mm. I think what you say. Excellent grip. It is very rare that a gun has better ergonomics. You might say some competition. But Glock Not for nothing on such a good note. Excellent gun with excellent grip. The trigger. Trigger view, a small stroke. Reset trigger sick good. Formidable weapon. When you disassemble the Glock 17 for cleaning, the first course we practice framework. The framework of the polymer and ram guns. Check if there is no bullet in the chamber. Okino in a safe direction. To toggle the Glock 17 is very simple. Just a little pull back the slide. And on this here, how to call them by commas. On both sides easily catch pull back the cover very little Here’s how to get a better view. Very little pull back, pull back, and notch it down and just go down the slide with a shoulder gun. We see the mechanisms inside. Then take off the spring–return mechanism, see what kind of spring means very, very well. Free practicing tube out. And the gun is disassembled and ready for cleaning. Assembly is even simpler than the bed. Simply take the cover. Vraćmo tube. We put the spring back mechanism. And just the same rails pulls the cover. The gun was concluded. I prepared for further use. Let’s try a natural and precision Glock 17 pistol. At 10 meters, we use the PPU shot. Well let’s see. As we can see in the 10–meter pistol Glock 17 9mm. Here we see a group of hits. Excellent, too accurate gun. Few groups of hits taller, probably because of my sight. But I tell you what is yet to Glock. Glock 17 fourth generation is characterized by good accuracy, reliability, long service life and functioning in all home time conditions. Official says the gun that will not disappoint your customers. Very quickly disassembled and eliminate potential faults because riddled disassembled consists of only 33 works. When would you like to ispica all about the gun Glock 17, this episode would last 10 hours, because since this is one of the most popular and most widely used handgun in the world, for it has a mountain of literature. What is important for you is that this is a great gun that just works seamlessly. Also, the market there are innumerable parts which you can modify the Glock 17 according to your personal requirements. If you are interested in buying, Glock 17 in prodavnicma in Serbia is about 650 euros. This was another episode on DumDum. If you like this kind of thing naturally login by clicking here. Follow the dream social networks, and share this video with your friends. Finally we want to thank Canon commerce companies in the hospitality here today on their shooting.

100 thoughts on “Glock 17 Gen4 opis pištolja (gun review, eng subs)

  1. Dobar pistolj. Jedini problem je malo "tvrd" okidac, ali na to se navikne. Veoma robustan Pistolj, funkcionise uvek, bez obzira dali ga bacate, pada u blato, pesak ili sto je AK za automatske Puske, to je Glock za pistolje.

  2. interesuje me da li glock 17 ima kocnicu da mozemo zakocit pistolj jer imam osjecaj da kada je metak u cijevi moze doci do opaljenenja ako smo ne pazljivi

  3. danas sam imao mogucnost da pucam sa ovim pistoljom, interesantna neka igracka .
    Svidja mi se sta ima mali trzaj 🙂

  4. Great pistol. One hand shooting normally not recommended for training but fun to see it in action.
    Smooth. Fun to shoot. Inexpensive. Accurate.

  5. Darko sve pohvale za kanal i gomilu korisnih informacija. Da li bi mogao da odradis G26 Gen5? Pozdrav iz CG!

  6. Dobar pistolj i koje Extra ima to je cudo mozes napravit pusku od njeg mozes Skorpion napravit sa rafalnom paljbom ako sam previse reko pogledajte na you Tube

  7. Ima li test nekog Steyra, mogao bi napraviti test Steyr M9A1, zanimljiv pistolj skroz, dizajnirao ga je lik sto je i Glock dizajnirao, ali je dosta jeftiniji od glocka, a i precizniji.

  8. Svaka cast,njesam gledo odavno da Neko ovako barata sa pistoljima,ida Dobro gadja iz mete u metu,jesili gadjao iz automatskog gloka?👌👌👌

  9. Volim tvoja videa ali u ovom mi se čini da je više bio cilj napraviti reklamu Canoni a ne opisati pištolj. Ako ponovo opisuješ neki Glock ne bi bilo loše da gledaocima objasniš kako je rešena sigurnost kod obarača. Pucao sam iz puno pištolja i meni se lično ne svidja preterano Glock zbog relativno oštre ivice na okidaču a i optički mi baš ne odgovara, mada je preciznost dobra. Naj preciniji postolji iz kojij sam gadjao su CZ SP01 ( češka zbrojovka) i švajcarski SPHINX.

  10. Glock je stvarno ekstra pištolj samo mi se nesviđa što nema obarač horoz kako ko kaže,Ali ja sam ljubitelj zastavinog oruzija tetejac na prvom mjestu m 57 7,62mm x25 pa onda tetejac m70 a u kalibru 9mm x19 ili takozvana dzga devetka,pa onda cz 99 mi se sviđa sto stane 15 metaka i sto nije glomazan lakse nošenje jer tetejac je zaista prevelik za nosenje.gdje god ga stavim žulja me i svida mi se kod tetjca naprimjer sto ima kvakice za vezanje okvira da ako slucajno dođe do ispadanja okvira da se neizgubi sto malo pistolja ima.A trebao bih svaki da ima to.

  11. U USA glock je jedan od najpopularnijih i nikada ne gubi na cijeni popularni su i pistolji 1911 i Sig Sauer i naravno Kimber, ali Kimber je vec druga prica….

  12. super su vam video klipovi i jako mi se sviđa vaš rad ali voliobih da mogu da vidim i video za XDM-9 4.5 cal 9X19 HS ako je moguće hvala i pozz.

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