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Glass Shotgun Slugs – Your Worst Nightmare

chicks dig by singing ability hi and welcome to tell Fledermaus channel today we have some awesome slugs made by a guy named sam strobel his channel is called subconscious design i hope you’ll check out this video because these are not made like you think they are now these are some of the most ornate fancy-shmancy slugs that we’ve ever shot it looked like something out about like when those weirdo role playing games with some kind of Enchanted crystal things and they are designed to be shot out of a 12-gauge shotgun house and did a fantastic job making these things not only are the they just works of art but they’re also dimensionally perfect for a shot good even though they’re rather long each one weighs about 1 out he put nails and other things inside there and it’s just the effective of is just really study the first 2i just loaded right into the shell and then the last 2i use these really deep shot cups because these are a little smaller inside so hopefully those will fit down the barrel hits the rifling of the shotgun and cause of the spin let’s see what happens alright we’re going to shoot Sam’s glass nail round here like a Christmas ornament for icicle the actual glass cylinder that has a nail embedded in it and let’s see how Joe’s break-action inference proved last number one okay is it wow it’s kind of an overcast day to day but still we got some really good imagery with the kronos camera as you can see the majority of the slug shattered when it was shot but a big enough piece state on target and did a number on that clay block I was quite surprised he was able to hit the clay block at all ok Wow last four out of ya ok it’s ok this shot I removed the rifle choke tube some people call it a paradox but watch this the slug does a double and hit the vet nose-first absolutely amazing and one ounce of anything flying through the air is going to do some serious damage ok let’s have a look and see what exactly that selected to that level free a Kevlar vest so in doing those autopsy we approach the table and found Kevlar strands mixed with dogs internal phone and pilots West you probably saw in the slow mo inside of here pieces of wire but that’s uh yeah I had what nail or wire little amateurs why are in it and you can see inside here over eyes glass dust oh boy feeling this cavity but here’s the cool thing just went right out the back all week wow you went right through a level-three a vest into dogs right here we’re going to show your glass on the back set all grab your daytona beach or dolphin tattoo but am i running did not expect that Tebow glass plugs let’s see all those works which company are you going to be able to at the one on the left one on the left ok anything ready other than one of these that I think it’s this hole right here because lines up with the care of direct and which advocates just glad yeah there’s nothing just broken glass and that thing yeah I can’t believe you hit though it appears to have come apart as it was flying through this because that’s your benefit to all the garage sale table of people there without flying shark yeah some blow up behind it since we are using that heavy-duty shot cups we’ve once again 50 rifle choke tube on there you can see that it is kind of spinning a little bit but it is a little unstable and once again that they turned and pointed toes first the moment right before it hit and we can see a cloud of glass dust blowing out the back gate disabled they go guard getting on calculator about okay go ahead haha and there you have it absolutely amazing this one it did shatter a little bit but we had a big enough chunks flying through the air and it went right through that right case of that lawnmower engine i hope you enjoyed this video we had a lot of fun making it and also be sure to check out Sam’s video and see how these are made i’ll have a link in the description thank you very much for watching did do

65 thoughts on “Glass Shotgun Slugs – Your Worst Nightmare

  1. Video was demonetized a couple months ago and was reviewed and kept demonetized. I asked Youtube creator support to re-review it, and they kept it demonetized. NOW, it has been age-restricted. How come all the people reviewing it didn't age-restrict it when they reviewed it months ago?

  2. how much do you have to hate people to even manufacture that thing. Shrapnel would be nigh impossible to remove o_o

  3. Sharp Glass shotgun shell

    53 damage

    Armor Piercing

    10 damage every 3 seconds due to Internal Bleeding From glass

    The Deadly Shell

  4. considering theres a 200% chance this video was demonetised they sure have been trying to show me it on my recommended feed lol

  5. Its one of my fav vids from you. Did the fellow decide to market these? And, sorry for your YT trouble, its undeserved.

  6. Great for when the SHTF and you want to make sure you take your enemy out or do lasting damage.
    I am all for anything with power !

  7. My take on all of these videos is that you really don't want to get hit with anything coming out of a shotgun barrel.

  8. What kind of glass was that? Tempered? What about trying borosilicate or another type that would break into bigger pieces?

  9. That’s a Zombie “ Head Taker Offa “ Killer ha ha ha 🧟‍♂️ ! Nice one guys 👍🏼👍🏼❤️

  10. The dislikes have to be from 3 liberals disliking over and over and…well you get the point. Lol nice video guys

  11. WOW I don't know if I could do something like that to a person for home defense if they lived they would suffer all of there life Peace

  12. i would hate to get hit by that and if i survived the shot pulling all those glass fragments out of my body would really make me not want to live

  13. What's up with YouTube .I gave you thumbs up the first time I saw it .have you thumbs up again .Only now I get an idiotic warning about age apropriateness

  14. Are these really banned in California? I thought shotgun rounds were exempt from alot of ammo types banned in KaliFornia. Such as tracer rounds are illegal unless they are for a shotgun then they are legal

  15. This is just distasteful. If you are gonna shoot someone atleast do it in a more humane way… either just shoot them dead or use beanbags/rock salts, not this shit.

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