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  1. As of 13 May 2018, 1 week after the opening of EN, Maverick has trained 3 of the AR girls to lvl 90, without any shortage of cores along the way. Maverick has told me that he/she followed this guide to the letter, and has this to prove it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xy7IGv7bWHU

    How SG armor works, 3:51.

    List of 2 stars worth training, 5:10

    Breakdown and formation of AR Squad – along with M16A1's exclusive exo and squad 404, 8:00

    'Master Race' in action, 10:36.

    Singularity song link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7XiNTrm0G0

    Layers song link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGWTYuBn4rM

    If you want to ask a question or throw an argument, check the description first. If you want to see the links and references I've mentioned, check the description.

  2. I always wanted to try this game because the girls look hella cute but chinese and korean languages were a great obstacle for me. Thank god for an english release and many thanks for this guide. Props for being the most recent too since it's more up to date!
    Edit: Lore looks interesting too

  3. Are you playing this on PC? What method are you using? If you're using an emulator, where do you download the game files from?

    All this information, especially about 2 Star girls, will be very useful, when English version arrives. Thanks.

  4. Hello.
    What do you thing about AP – AR formations like Ash + 6p62 + 2smg with grande/moltov + hg/riberoles

    dose it have any sence? or mg+sg / ar+hg handle it better?

    also wich fairy you recomend to Antirain squad?

    i maked mosly same squad with anty-rain except RO wich i opend not long ago, so i used vector insead, it have less tanking potential but destroys tonss of dinergate in battle begining.

  5. watching whole video trying to understand than all of a sudden 8:52 I will lay down my sword am like RE CREATORS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O .O

  6. just started this game, the english CBT actually, and i have good time, for sometime this game is really hard to understand… because of that i looking for a beginer guide like this.. and i relize.. that i saw moouse pointer there.. can i ask what emulator you use?

  7. Amazing guide. Thank you. Especially the FB group recommendation. I was stuck looking for an organized closed group for this game. I got one for FGO already. 😀

  8. I just started playing this today and you convince me to go for 2* instead of the 4/5*, and now I'm still gunning for AR G3, but got OTs-12, FFC, PTRD, M14, thompson, and UMP9 instead. do you have a recipe for her? almost used 20 contracts looking for her.

  9. Just started playing the game. I notice that im running out of resources pretty fast. U get more over time but 1 unit per 3 minutes is a long wait. Wherr can i get more faster?

  10. Thank you so much! Im into core debt atm. Im on chapter 3 and i was focused on 5 stars, 4stars and 3 stars. Ill take this video for the better and now use 2 stars to get my way up there

  11. however. How do you get their affection up like that? You literally maxed out on all of those lol. Not to mention you have so much material

  12. somehow i feel my RF-HG video , had low number of views , but recently shooting up recently

    seems like players are coming over for RF teams too owo


  13. First mistake I made out in the chinese and now english version….spend all my dummy cores on 5star girls that ge trashed easily lmao. I never learn.

  14. this is a great help. Now i start to build ar smg team. Btw why st 15 is darling of kanna? i dont understand that referance lol. Anyway nice guide!

  15. Oh man I'm so happy I found this video the game came out today and I'm all lost in what to do. Thanks this really helped a ton

  16. The game seems to what to emphasize using a HG in each squad as seen by the red indicator in formation select. Do you not recommend HGs at all?

  17. Hey man, thanks for the guide but i have a quick question. I'm stuck at 2-3 with my main echelon having strength under 1400. How do i advance? do i just craft girls, hoping to get high level girls or grind the team i already got.

  18. Very helpful and entertaining guide, especially for someone who've just started installing the game like me XD

  19. So you know how you say that you should stick with a 2-star team until you finish 4-6. What about after? Should you replace your team with the AR squad or should you stick with your 2-star team until they reach level 90?

  20. Would 2AR 2SMG and 1 MG/RF work in an echelon or should I stick to building classic AR/SMGs and RF/HGs until SG's come out?

  21. I started play on NA few weeks ago and I heard alot about smgar squads and F/b formations, but i decided to try formation with hg and single tank, currently my two main squads is Sop-chan/Welrod/SVD/FAL/UMP45 and AR15/Grizzly/M14/M2HB/UMP9, first squad is around 20k and second is 17k CE, i placed girls at 78562. The idea is simple: first row gives advanced fire range, so my DD starts shooting early, then, when enemy reaches it's range and ready to shoot, i'm moving 56 to 45 and enemy is forced to move few more steps before they can shoot again, at this point FAL and SOP already have they grenades ready. All my friends formation is plain F-smgar teams and even with higher CE than me they takes much more damage than i, since they can't actually kite enemy, they can only stay here and pray to evasion. So, at first glance it does looks like smgar F formation is just easy to handle, since in most cases you don't have to move your troops and you kinda have two tanks so you can go with "it's fine, let them eat some shots, i have two of them". Or maybe i missed something?

  22. I have been playing on En since pre-launch and I just started watching guides. My main team is NTW, FAL, M1918, MP5, and Sten all x4 lvl 70. From what I have seen from the guides I am screwed for late game… I am now in core hell…

  23. how long should I stick with my initial 2 star echelon? I got IDW, Spectre, Sig-510, G3, and Galil all lvl 30-45 and 3x dummy linked. Should I stick with them until they're 90 or drop them and level the Anti Rain squad?

  24. There's a lot of good in here but I disagree with just as much, particularly on the insistence of the "master race" from a starter point of view and with what is currently available in EN. Anti-Rain is indeed amazing, so I would never roll AR starting out and would only roll RF. However, in terms of AR-SMG being early master race, especially for what EN has, a few objections come to mind:
    1. 1-4N, required to upgrade equipment and a very important milestone, not happening with SMG AR.
    2. No G11 on release
    3. No armor on release, meaning no M16A corpse drag on release, meaning running SMG-AR to level uses quite a bit of resources
    4. Data chip sim times (RF is serviceable, MG is for faster tryhards, AR is not very good) to level skills
    5. Defense Drill stages up to 95 heavily weighted in RF team favor
    Basically, I would promote the EXACT opposite for beginners to EN GF, that is, concentrate on making an RF PPK SMG team as your main team, don't make ARs and just use Anti-Rain.
    I believe rate of fire rifles and G11 will dominate the early game for months, they will dominate the first event EN has (Cube), SG MG (when SGs come out) will fill in the gaps, and it's not until way way way later when Mica finally starts tuning against this that SMGAR become a comparable race again.

  25. Me watching this video:
    "Aah, so it's like that, huh? I understand everything now. :3"

    (^ Doesn't get it at all. ^)

  26. Thanks man, you saved me a number on core debt. Thanks. Btw is it poss to get a decent amount of what you got (cosmetics and not) while keeping it relatively low?

  27. Dumb Question: Is the PC version have animated characters? (like when you were at main menu). I am very new so idk about PC vs mobile vs Chinese version. Anyhow good video and thanks in advance for whoever answers.

  28. I love the guide, so enlightening! thank you and keep it up, now I need to know how to rank S in every combat! XD and btw, what song is this? I am entralled the first time I heard it. Thanks in advance for someone who can tell me the song.

  29. Came back after a few weeks to say thank you ! I learn a lot from your video and now have a pretty solid Anti-Rain + SMG team and I have no trouble 5x coring them all too (Like you said don't waste cores on 5-star dolls early in the game). Also can't wait for DSR to enter the EN server, was that skin obtainable from buying in the shop or the gacha re-supply ?

  30. Is there any other way to dummy link anti rain team? Like could their duplicate be crafted or be rescued?

  31. How do I get costumes? I haven't reached max level yet, only 2 weeks in the game at level 48 on account and level 84 at characters. I have to admit, I didn't grind too much because I had work most of the day and I don't grind at night. I have to wake up early to do the dailies and that is it :<
    My progression is slow 🙁

  32. Ahhhhh shoot. Good thing I found this guide early on because I've been messing with 5 star and 4 star girls at level 15… Saved me from core debt. Hmmm. Does that mean I should abandon 416, SAA, M4A1, and UMP9 for now?

  33. Just started the game a week or so ago, and I'm massively in core debt. Do have the AR-squad, and I'm working on leveling AR-15 and M16 so I can slot them in, but trying not to until they're as strong or stronger than the TAR-21 and Galil I have in there right now, since that squad is my ace at 7k, and my next best is only 5k.

    Wish I had seen this video before I started playing or using all my cores on like a dozen different 4+5 star guns right away.

  34. How do you play the thai version?When I try to make a taiwanese apple id it just says to ask for support.Can someone help me?

  35. I have negev (mg) but i dont have any SG, because heavy construct not unlocked yet. Is it okay if i keep put her into team? because she's girl who carry me into 3-1 :'( <player rank 13 atm>
    Also already uncapped her with cores 3 times, is that a mistake?

  36. I followed this video and thought to myself that the best bet is to get all 5 members of AR team and train only that for beginner as it's a reliable path. After using ally support to push all the way to 7-6 even though i'm barely ready for it, and training them now to 20k CE, it's the best decision I made on this game. Thanks for the well rounded video, definitely helped me to focus all cores on AR team, that can never have another copy from crafting. It took me 1 months, 2 weeks of wandering and exploring the wonder, 3 weeks of grinding team AR to the current potential.

  37. Like your choice of music! Looking forward to voice overs (if you ever decide to start that). Good luck with your channel!

  38. So I watched this and I'm still lacking on resources and all that… I seem to be doing fine on cores at least, but I need a little help… I don't fully understand this game quite yet… My main squad right now is FF F2000, Gr G3, OTs-12, Spectre M4, and IDW. They're all almost level 40 and usually fair pretty well but have a hard time getting through quite a few missions…

  39. What isn't mentioned here is the inordinate amount of time you need to spend grinding, gathering resources, enhancing your T-dolls (leveling doesn't actually make them stronger, just raises their stat caps) training them, and developing items. This is not a casual game.

  40. 10:42 song name 「Re:Creators OST – Layers」

    video link ☟

  41. Gina Graham
    Hey I have a question … my boyfriend plays GF on his Samsung tablet which is able to have multiple tabs open at once. He says he can’t chat to me when he’s playing GF. So my question basically is does GF go full screen automatically?
    Cheers if you can spare a moment to answer distraught girlfriend.

  42. question, how do i get the wallpaper of base menu page? i don't mean in game. i would like to make it into my background wallpaper

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