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Giant .460 S&W Magnum Revolver – Destroys Everything

[Gregg[ Welcome back TAOFLEDER Folks. Jeff and Officer Gregg out here today. Today, We have brought out the BFG. I’ll let you guess what that stands for. This is a Smith & Wesson 460, that uh, Jeff’s brother, the TAOFLEDER Bruder, had bought recently. This thing is so big it needs its own bipod, to shoot off of a table and uh We were looking at this a little bit earlier, the cylinder on this dang thing is the size of a soda can. The rounds that this thing fires are pretty dang impressive. You can see down here on the table, .22 9mm, 40 caliber, 45, 10mm, and then of course a, 300 grain 460 round, which [Imitates putting lipstick on] Looks a lot like a tube of lipstick. You won’t see that on Hitchcock 45 [Jeff laughs] 300 grains traveling at over 2,000 feet per second. That is outrageous. This thing reaches over 2,000 foot-pounds of energy, for comparison, Officer Greg’s weak little 45 federal HST rounds here that I carry, are four hundred, a little over four hundred foot-pounds of energy so, that is a very powerful bullet. We’re gonna give them a try downrange against some various targets today And see how they do, see if I’ve got any shoulder left when we’re all done. Let’s get to it. [Ace of Spades – Motörhead Instrumental Cover plays] [Gunshot] [Jeff] Dang it [Gregg] Wow! [Gunshot] [Gregg] Okay, on the laser dot. [Gunshot] [Jeff] Now it’s better [Gunshot] [Gunshot] [Jeff] Ho, haha. Alright folks, let’s give the Tennessee suppressor a try. Now you’re going to assassinate someone in Tennessee, this is how you do it. Let’s see how it goes. [Jeff] Alright, I’m ready [Gregg] Alright, here we gooo. [Gunshot] [Jeff] Okay, wh- what kind of, is that a spaghetti squash? [Gregg] That’s a Luigi the spaghetti squash. [Jeff] Now you see it [Jeff] I’m ready [Gunshot] [Gunshot] [Jeff] Okay, quarter inch stainless steel plate [Jeff] Should have no problem going through that but let’s find out [Jeff] Okay, I’m ready [Gunshot and metal ringing] [Jeff] Dang it [Gunshot and metal ringing] [Gregg] Punched right through there like Ray Rice. Look at that thing, it just. [Jeff] I think he doesn’t fit. [Gregg] Shiny and silver [Gregg[ Yeah, how are we gonna? How we gonna do the traditional like copyrighted TFM finger wiggle? Look at that splash [Jeff] Mmm. He’s getting better with the aim, and he… I think he landed it right on the dot there So tha- that’s good [Gregg] Unfortunately, I don’t think that pistols gonna fit under my jacket to sneak at home. [Jeff laughs] [Jeff in a high pitch voice] Now here’s something you’ll really like. [Normal voice] Go ahead. [Gunshot] [Gregg] Wow… oof. [Gunshot] [Messiah! – Jonas Kjellberg starts playing] [Gregg] Very scientific. [Jeff] Yes, sir, I’m ready. [Gunshot] [Jeff] There goes the bullets, bouncing along out there. [Gunshot] [High pitch Jeff] Now here’s something you’ll really like [Gunshot] [Gregg] Ooof, that was a… look at that spray pattern. [Jeff] I saw… bi- big splashes out in the water there. [Gregg] Oh, it did? [Jeff] Wow, look at that- Yeah, look at that spray pattern. [Gregg] Dry triangle underneath the table. It tore that jug up! [Jeff] Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen a slug do that.

100 thoughts on “Giant .460 S&W Magnum Revolver – Destroys Everything

  1. Thank you everyone who has submitted non-English (and English) subtitles! Warms my heart that anyone would take the time to do that!

  2. I enjoyed this video very much. Your sound production seems better to me. I know you're here in California; either in the Sacramento Valley or the San Joaquin Valley. Is there any possibility of getting to go watch how you do what you do?

  3. I shot this gun yesterday with no plugs. Thought I was mister tough guy you know not having plugs. Do not recommend bad idea

  4. Dirty Harry: " I know what you're thinking….."
    Thug: " ……gonna need some of that "Tennessee suppressor"!!!!!

  5. Har en 460 XVR selv. 8 3/8” løp
    500 XVR får ikke kjøpt lenger. De som har får beholde de, men ikke selge de i Norge. .0458" er den største tillatte kule i Norge nå.

  6. Can o ly imagine the force of the shockwave u feel in your skull from firing that hand cannon.. shoot two at once

  7. Hear them laughing, only a man can fire a hand cannon like the .460 & watch it's destructive force & laugh & be Entertained by it. It really proves the old adage "the only difference between men & Boys are the price of their toys" thank God..!

  8. The revolver with a bipod.. Just had to see it again. Just waiting for the day there will be a M203 grenade launcher attached to it… Maybe even a 50cm suppressor.

  9. When you look at 06:19 doesnt that spray pattern he points out not look like a demon face when you turn it around? The hole head with horns and everything… That mirrors the spirit of that gun i guess.

  10. TAOFLEDERMAUS – Try these hot hand-loaded 300 grain in the 460V – the 5" barrel version… handed. 😉 🙂

  11. if you carry this to gunfight no shots would have to be fired the other guy would just shit his pants and run away

  12. Just noticed I've been commenting on this one for well over five months.Guess you could say I really like this gun.

  13. I want one really bad! The slightly bigger brother to my 450 bushmaster! If you want to see some real destruction, load it with some barnes 200gr hollow points. You know the ones you can take a shot of whiskey out of! 😱

  14. Have you created a video, or tried any of the ammunition with the ELP projectiles?
    Several Synergy Business Development divisions, including the Extremely Lethal projectile (ELP) division, were recently acquired by SAMS Small Arms Munitions Systems ( and the products are shown on this site. If you have, plan to create or know of video’s that I can link to please let me know?

  15. man a revolver with a bipod and a muzzle break shooting "lipsticks" only a reddot and a unicorn decal would make this thing more hillarious

  16. Believe it or not that pistol is legal in the UK, minimum barrel length for a pistol is 12" over here gov would rather we own these things over 9mm Glocks etc. apparently.

  17. Officer Greg dropping weight keep up the good work and keep putting out the videos we enjoy them have a safe and blessed day

  18. Does China know about this firearm cause they should be aware of how easy it would be if our Ground-To-Air forces used this to down the best they have. My God Sir that is ……WELL… more words. LoL.

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  21. It needs an arm brace and can you use the bipod as a forward grip? It needs an over priced red dot to be tactikewl.

  22. Whilst serving in Iraq cross training sessions were organised with the US Marines. I am embarrassed to say that they endured hours of mind numbing lectures on the characteristics of an SA-80 under a blazing sun, followed by 10 rounds on a makeshift range, and further practice on weapon drills. Meanwhile, i was standing in a pit amongst an assortment of small arms ranging from desert eagles to M60’s. We were encouraged to pick up and blast at will everything and anything whilst two corporals wearing stetsons, chewing on tobacco and offering the occasional words of encouragement “get some, get some”

    There is a flip side to this dit. I was leaning back and preparing to exit a Black Hawk in order to rappel 200ft, just as an ML grabbed me and bollocked me for not checking my set-up. A Gunnery Sargent had made a mistake in which I would have plummeted and definitely “got some” oh well, it taught me a valuable lesson. Thanks go out to the two young Texans, and a switched on ML (best conventional soldiers in the world) Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre. There is a documentary on BBC iplayer “Behind the lines” well worth watching to gain a good insight into this little known military unit that is part of 3 Cdo Brigade RM.

    Pasty 2tp top grot daddy.

  23. Мне не понять, этот смех во время видео, но неплохо было бы всем убийцам людей по одной такой пули в голову

  24. heuresement que les balles ne traverses pas sinon un pecheur arrivant en barque sur la riviere ne serait pas bléssé.

  25. @3:32 it really bothers me that he never said "and now you don't!" after blowing that squash away. What the heck guys?

  26. Greg is a pansy…. my little 5 year old grand daughter can shoot it LOL…like to have that setup to deer hunt with..make a very concealable carry pistol

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