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GG&G Multi-Aperture Device (MAD) Back-Up Iron Sight (BUIS) for AR15 | The Social Regressive

you might not have ever heard of this
thing before but let me explain why I have the GG&G multi aperture device
attached to my ar-15 instead of one of the other multitudinous backup sites out
there even if you hadn’t heard of the multi aperture device before I’m sure
from that little video clip you started to figure out what that’s all about it
typically an ar-15 or an m16 is going to have a peep sight at the rear and then a
you know kind of a post up at the front and there will be maybe two apertures at
the back that you can kind of flip between one of them is small one of them
is large and one is kind of for close quarters sort of work and then if you’re
stepping things back and you want to get more precise then you flip up the other
they’re in kind of the same plane they both hit the same point of aim it’s just
one is a little larger than the other this is my Rock River ar-15 just the
base model in yeah just 223 wild has a couple little upgrades it has an extra
heavy barrel and it has this flip front sight up here which is really easy to
use you just press a little button pops down and flip it up and then as long as
you don’t push the button it pretty well stays locked in place now much like the
front sight this has just a single little button on this side you can push
and you can flip it down this those away and as soon as you’re ready just pop it
up and then it kind of locks into place up top and what makes this so different
from the m16 or other ar-15 basic sights that you’ll see out there is that
instead of having one or two apertures of different sizes this has five
different apertures that are all the same size
what they do though is that they change height in the plane so here is the zero
this will handle pretty much everything up to 200 yards switch over to three so
if you’re stepping back to 300 yards put it on three four hundred yards five
hundred yards and then six hundred yards and we’ll take a look at this up close
so you can see what’s happening take a good close look as I switch between the
two extremes I’m gonna go between the six hundred yard mark and that kind of
200 yard mark and I want you to watch this read up here the the actual little
hole the aperture it’s going to shift you can see this one is kind of
partially occluded by the top of this little front frame here but if I twist
over to 200 it’s right in the center you can see it’s much lower and again I’ll
switch back so you can get a good look pretty slick isn’t it this is a bullet
drop compensating rear iron sight and now naturally this won’t work with every
rifle every load this was developed specifically for a 16 inch ar-15 m16
whatever something with a 16 inch barrel this little carbine and it’s developed
for the m193 load the 55 grain full-metal-jacket or for the m855
apparently the the trajectories of the two are so similar that it kind of works
in there and you know since you’re our using iron sights it doesn’t have to be
more precise than that and as far as in my own use I’ve seen that the two
really do have very similar points of impact they’re very similar trajectories
as far as I know this site has been around for a good long while and I’m
really surprised that I don’t ever see anybody using one of these things either
in a YouTube video or in real life out here at the range I’m the first person
I’ve ever seen actually use one of these things of course you’ll see the Magpul
sights you’ll see the built-in ones you might see Troy or yhm you might see arms
but this one for some reason just doesn’t seem to get much press and I’m
really rather shocked by it it does appeal to a certain nerdy
type of person I’m I consider myself a semi precision rifleman I I really enjoy
figuring out the ballistics of different things I know like hitting small
objects a long distance like prairie dogs but I really am surprised that I don’t
see more of these in addition to the really cool bullet drop compensator
you’ve already seen that this thing folds flat but what isn’t readily
apparent is how flat it folds this thing is just tiny as far as I can tell this
is the flattest folding sight that you can have for an ar-15
the embossed ones get really flat and the arms 4tl that’s also a really thin
one but I don’t know if they get as low as this and part of the reason is that
it just doesn’t have those ears that you normally get on a rear aperture sight
now that is going to take away some of the protection that everything would get
up here the little apertures here but it’s still pretty solid it’s it’s a
steel construction with some aluminum parts I think this set his face right
here is aluminum the rest of Steel not entirely sure on that but this thing
just folds down super flat to get under optics and you’ve probably seen in my my
Falcon video that I have a 30 millimeter Falcon scope that I mean it just fits
over the top of this and if I had some of these thicker sights
yeah they fold down a little bit but you just don’t get much room you’d have to
get some massive massive scope rings to get any optic up over the top of this
fortunately this one is so flat that I’ve had no trouble with any optics that
I’ve ever mounted on this I’ve put on a great big twenty five power scope with a
44 millimeter bail the the Falcon is a 44 millimeter bail and I just have to
have a one-inch high ring which is a little bit on the high side but it still
just fits right on top some of the drawbacks to this particular site are
obvious some of them aren’t you’ve already seen that there isn’t all that
much protection here so if this were deployed and you
dropped it you’re just hoping that this is you know sturdily built enough that
it’s not going to mess things up too badly I think that you probably have a
better chance that this would hold up then something of the more optical
nature like a scope or probably a red dot sighted be tougher but a scope at
least you’d have a chance that something we’ve been something would be thrown off
but yeah this is just a little bit on the weak side
you can definitely get stronger ones some other things you get only
horizontal adjustment right here and it’s a pretty coarse adjustment I
believe this is half MOA per click that’s really not too bad for an iron
sight you know a quarter that’s that might be a little over the top there is
no vertical adjustment so any type of vertical that you want to do you have to
do up front so you have to mess with this post right here and you can see
that mine is sticking out just a little bit I had to bring this up a little bit
in order to get everything working on this end this last sticking point will
only affect a handful of people there are folks like Travis Haley that believe
that a rear sight should be set at a hundred yards and he has some really
good reasons for saying that in this case though this is set up so you start
at 200 that zero mark has to be at 200 and then you work your way back and
that’s the only way that the ballistic compensator works if you’re going to be
hitting things at 600 yards you have to have this zero sighted in at 200 so
Travis Haley and company won’t be interested but in my case I keep
everything pretty well tuned up to 200 yards my optics are usually set at 200
that’s my most common prairie dog shot and I just like to use that as my basic
starting point in addition to the multi aperture device that I just showed you
today there are two new models there’s one that’s made mostly of titanium and
that thing’s pretty cool it has this the same wheel at the back everything’s the
same it’s just a little tougher and then there’s a model that has tritium on the
sides of the apertures and this one only has four apertures so I’m not sure if it
actually does bullet drop compensation it has different sizes and then it has
it has the little nightlight so you can kind of find it in the dark
so again I’m not sure if that one has bullet drop compensation you might read
up on it and see what it does what I’d like to see someday is one of these
aperture wheels that instead of having circular apertures has hexagons or
something polygonal like that or diamonds because apparently those are
much easier to line up that center post right in the middle if you look up hex
sight it looks like a really brilliant idea so I’d be curious to see what that
would look like in the wheel back here you

18 thoughts on “GG&G Multi-Aperture Device (MAD) Back-Up Iron Sight (BUIS) for AR15 | The Social Regressive

  1. Thanks, Dude! It's not often you see a video on iron sights. Does anyone use 'em anymore? Sounds like you do, from your SPARC video. Speaking of which, that was a good video.

  2. I think you'll dig it. I often find that I shoot more precisely with these irons than my red dot sight. A 600-yard shot on a human silhouette is completely doable.

  3. The titanium and the tritium (sp) have only two appatures from what I could find on their website. Put all three together with your diamond appature would be awesome.

  4. I really wish they made this for a 20 inch barrel. Maybe when I get myself a 16 in I will pick this up. What are your thoughts for a 20 in? I'm looking at the matech right now. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I'd like to have the folding front sight you have on my AR on my next build.  Is there any problem installing various handguards with this setup?  My current AR has a GGG A-2 folder with a regular front sight post.

  6. You are totally correct on hex or better yet, rectangular aperture sights. And as you get older, the rectangular become more and more the way to go. Unfortunately, only one guy makes them, and they are very specialized. Years ago I taped the peep on an M1 based on an article I read, and the results were immediate and impressive. Here we are, 30 years later, my eyes can see a golf ball at 300m and can't focus on the front blade – but it I tape off part of the aperture – magic. Damned tape won't stay on though.

  7. I think people aren't warming up to that sight because they would worry about FOV issues, being that it would seem to block a lot of view.

  8. what are the specs as far as height for a front site post? cant find any for the (MAD) to try and figure out which front sight to use with it. not a big fan of the front sight in the set they sell. I've seen a lot that I would like on the front but not sure if they would line up with the (MAD) any ideas?

  9. I've had one of these for a few years and I ended up drilling out the "0" aperture out to where it works well at closer ranges. Love it.

  10. What brands of equipment did you use to build your ar? What hand guard ring or barrel nut and hand guards did you use?

  11. nice review.i wish you gave a height and length measurement though.
    folded and deployed.

    ive been interested in the G,G&G MAD since i first saw it in the mid to late '90s.

    i wish it had a large aperature for CQB and the rest arranged for BDC.
    or have all aperatures at a common zero but different sizes and perhaps shapes. maybe 1 with tritium.

    ill check into G,G&G to see what they have.
    i know they make a bad ass bipod and other accessories too.

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