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Getting to Grips with the 9mm – TLOU PISTOL ONLY #SidearmSeptember

hey guys welcome back so today we have
an actual video how about that makes a change so when okay I have no idea what that
was about Oh God this lobby looks interesting we’re gonna try and make something
happen with the 9mm oh that guy was completely unawarel there we go
that’s one so I’m just gonna get this box yeah so this video is probably gonna
be a sort of blast from the past for some of you who have been subscribed to
me for a long time and that’s because I used to do these kind of getting to
grips with a certain weapon kind of it’s just showcasing weapons that I I never
really used that much and trying to make something happen with it so oh god yeah
that wasn’t going to go well they’re all right there all right not too bad though
not too bad of a start so yeah I probably won’t do these types of vids
too often but I thought it would be would be interesting to give this a try
especially since its #SidearmSeptember and I really would like to get better
with the 9mm so hopefully we can we can get something going with this it’s
been a while it really has and I like to call this kind of video like a #LiveNotLive video because the principle’s kind of the same it’s just me talking and
chilling with you guys just sadly without the chat with you guys being
there so yeah we probably won’t do these too often but it’s kind of fun once
in a while just when I feel like it not sure whereabouts they are there yeah
they’re all across from us aren’t they oh god this lobby is just Oh no
bad move I’m really trying to get the hang of there we go the hang of these
throwables oh my god I didn’t expect him to jump through the
window then that was crazy at least teammate got him nice so yeah while
we’re slowly dying and we may as well just go through my loadout real quick
okay so a few days ago I asked people on Twitter if they could recommend a
9-millimeter only loadout to me and the amount of responses I had back was
awesome it was so difficult to choose one but I found two loadouts which I
really liked and this first one is from Levroz_
and it’s got the silenced 9mm, agility 2 sharpshooter 2, scavenger 2. I really
like this loadout the only thing that’s killing it for me is no first aid but I
have ran with it for a few games and I do like the Sharpshooter actually but
for this video I went with this one so it’s the 9mm not silenced, the
first-aid 1 which is great. agility 2 explosion expert 2 and scavenger 2. So,
explosion I know that I don’t use throwables a lot but hopefully this loadout
will encourage me to use a bit more and got FAT 1 which is awesome and this
loadout is from Deathwish so thank you Deathwish for this and thank you
everyone who who gave me a loadout to try I am actually interested in in
giving them all a try at some point but yeah this is the one that we’re rolling
with today sweet And we’re back and yeah so 9mm only, it’s quite new for me, but this seems like quite a newbie lobby, oh god why is this guy
just stay still, there we go yeah definitely not the most tryhardy
lobby I’ve seen this is quite a refreshing change of pace I think I
prefer it fast paced though to be honest so since I mentioned streaming a bit
earlier there’s a couple of things that I might as well just say while we’re
going trying to find these guys and I might start.. this isn’t for definite.. but
I might start streaming a few other games and I don’t want people to think
that I don’t think people to think it’ll be replacing TLOU because it won’t
it’s just.. there we go.. it’s just at the moment whenever I play other
games you just get radio silence from me because TLOU is not the only game that I
play but it’s probably the only one that I share so I’d quite like that to
change oh no he had armour on that wasn’t good. Armour and an enforcer.. so yeah I might I might do that also I keep meaning to do like a test stream on Twitch one day and again that
won’t be replacing YouTube because I absolutely love all the interactions I
have on here on this platform teamate got him nice but yeah I’ve heard
from a lot of streamers that which is a really fun platform to stream on so Ah that bomb got him! There we go
that’s probably like the first time ever I’ve actually downed somebody like that oh
my god oh my god let’s revive this guy and I’m
I’m really struggling to say what I want say when I’m playing at the same time
I’m sorry guys I’m trying my best oh I don’t know whether to push up or
not oh my god my teammate needs me oh no no no stay there, stay there, there we go
at least this guy kind of knows what he’s doing. Stay behind cover, that’s it. so yeah if anyone wants to join me on
Twitch I’ll probably put like oh my god I’m sorry teammate oh I know just set
off that bomb oh my god oh my god I feel so bad that was funny
though Oh God that was funny well but yeah I’ll put
the link to my twitch in the description of this video so that if you want to
find it you can there we go this is my my first game this evening so
I’m probably a little rusty this is probably like the first time I played in
a couple of weeks now I think as well oh god oh god oh yeah and I literally just have time for one I
don’t even think I can play another one after this so I just thought I just
wanted to I just wanted some upload a video today so I I just thought you know
whatever happens I’ll upload it but maybe that wasn’t such a good idea
oh good this might be terrible but I think we’re doing okay we’re doing okay
we’re doing better than I thought I would actually with me then I know okay
now I don’t know what to do and I kind of want support from my teammates but I
don’t know where to go they’re all hanging back for some reason they’re
like that spot up there don’t they oh my god this is so out of my comfort zone as well.. there’s a guy over there. If I had like a HR or something I’d be
much more comfortable challenging these guys but I just I don’t know what to do
with this gun. I don’t know what to do for the best I kind of want to rush just to
make the game a bit more fast-paced but that’s quite a bad idea oh god oh god
I’m gonna have to go for it oh no it’s such a bad idea He didn’t heal up okay there we go
oh my god, okay, oh my god oh my god there we go
And the revive as well nice no why did it oh my god teammate no why why why why
the hell did he move I had him I was just checking for if anyone was around
oh I wasn’t paying attention to him moving oh my god okay all right that’s
his fault not mine sorry not sorry oh god that’s annoyed me though why
would he do that maybe you wanted to change loadout I don’t know oh okay Oh No oh that was too short no way I
feel like that should have got somebody god what is going on with this game this
is absolutely mental is it just me always every game mental oh my god I
can’t believe I was actually gonna upload this maybe I should rethink okay nice somebody got him oh one more shot I
think oh my god I don’t really want to challenge that we know health let’s get
that I wish I could heal my teammate then as
he got shot oh I got one oh god that’s not good it’s not good oh
that was crazy but um yeah I’m actually in the process
of making another video at the moment it’s gonna be a montage probably with
the HR and the bow.. the bow and arrow I think and that’s what I’m
feeling anyway and it’s gonna be edited and pretty much in the same sort of
style as my 200 sub video. my 200 subscriber celebration yeah so I’m
really excited tonight I’m gonna try and make it a bit more advanced with all the
edits oh god oh god he got him up Oh No okay oh it’s the last guy no way but
yeah it’s taking up a lot of time on this project that I’m doing so I swear
this guy was around here somewhere we go I feel like this is a trap oh god oh god oh no oh no it was a trap oh please get him ah there we go
Oh 8 downs 5 revives that was a good match yeah I’m happy with that one
I can go cook now on that note Thanks so much for watching guys, I
really appreciate it and I look forward to talking with everyone soon! See you

7 thoughts on “Getting to Grips with the 9mm – TLOU PISTOL ONLY #SidearmSeptember

  1. Premiers in Reads Title 17 HOURS?!
    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFor the love of all Tlou epicness! Why must I wait 17 hours?! I canโ€™t do that ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  2. I had quite a few try hardy matchups last night. It was def mental, it was as if cod players jumped from their prime spot to TLOU. All the bullet barrages ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ฑ. I'm using the silenced 9mm atm, the revolver is shaky bc it jumps and it throws my aim way mental ๐Ÿ˜‚

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