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where? [ teammate speaking ] where are u from? teammate: i won’t tell u then why u wanna say something? [ teammate speaking ] haha u are so disgusting teammate: let u eat the shit wow! want me to eat? teased me, the girl so disgusting teammate: ask u to eat shit means teased u? then all people can teased u eat less your brain can’t function if u eat more teammate: is father fault ya. is my fault why i let u eat that kinds of things is my fault teammate: my left or right hand side looks good? don’t look good, unless teammate: go away teammate: why this place so poor cause u come her, if not here must be so fat teammate: i’m the player that fill in the money in this game i will get m24 while i landing down then why u are so poor in this match? teammate: because of u are u kidding with me? i also fill in the money okay. u ask no 3 no 3, don’t u fill the money? teammate: that must be no 3, no wonder so poor teammate: i didn’t fill money i don’t trust u your skin color, i saw it teammate: skin color? teammate: i received it from Guanzi, u don’t have? received? teammate: only send to the handsome guys teammate: so u don’t have Pipixia still laugh? pipixia teammate: u want kar-98? if not, i throw it u throw it, i don’t wanna use the sniper can’t save, if using the sniper can’t save teammate: i want use mini i scare that i can’t save u teammate: what? teammate: who ask u to save me teammate: i will be the one to save u okay. let see later the first person down, call father teammate: not good teammate: does someone want let’s go. i got M16A4 teammate: i got scar, do u want? teammate: u want? i want then give me teammate: go away. teammate: call me daddy, then i give u i don’t. get out quickly quickly get in the car teammate: i’m coming what? luoli? luoli? why u laugh? i want the gun teammate: give u some ammo u see this girl don’t want. i have get in the car no 3 come on, no 3 where is she? why i can’t see her teammate: behind record it down i wanna go g harbor cause i saw the signal gun teammate: did u see no 3 name? ps: ( he thanks the people who send him the gift ) thanks boss teammate: can u bring me victory? as long as u praise me the girl praise me just now so victory where is it like u teased your father who like u teammate: and got the last place is them i wanna shot them but can’t teammate: u go to pick the airdrop what if there’s a gun u over think left person stay at here 2 follow me oh no. one get in the car come one of u bro, no 3. shot them teammate: behind there bro, are u panic? panic? die together will u teammate: M24 teammate: what? die together will me? teammate: mini the last match, is time to [ teammate speaking ] [ teammate speaking ] [ in a low voice ] bro, i want to eat quickly get in the car, no more oil go to find another car get in teammate: have a look teammate: left side how many of these? change a car. be fast. we have to go there m24 mention me to wait for it got AWM what? drink bubble milk tea? u can only drink milk teammate: record that video? teammate: yes teammate: u show to him i have seen it i wanna show it up later teammate: bullshit teammate: i send to “dou” then “dou” send to me teammate: shit the signal gun is over here right? teammate: what happen? driver is distracted, small mistakes are inevitable teammate: pick or not? teammate: no i know already, the airdrop is at the mountain teammate: groza here at 75 direction 3 airdrop teammate: wow must go to there maybe they have gone teammate: someone above there teammate: wow! give me a kill see properly, whose kill is teammate: still got kills? get in the car, there are over the warehouse let’s go teammate: i wanna cry teammate: i are too over maybe they run off teammate: got AWM teammate: why got one player down over there teammate: wow! so fat where is the AWM? teammate: there got AWM teammate: here got ghrillie suit teammate: wow! here got AWM. here teammate: here also have i got the ammo teammate: here still got the ammo teammate: faster teammate: then i help u to take some no pick the Groza teammate: i don’t use the sniper teammate: give u i got the Groza teammate: wow! u guys don’t want the sniper? teammate: someone is coming arrogant? don’t wanna leave? get in the car. let’s go teammate: in front of us your laugh teammate: i got one kill teammate: nice teammate: one kill i doubt that pipixia is a stupid i’m glad hahaha have a drink have a drink there is an airdrop over here rich nothing teammate: no more oil they definitely don’t know 4 of us is coming teammate: 2 cars teammate: in front there teammate: they may have gone teammate: haven’t left yet teammate: roof top end teammate: here still got Groza i think i’m so powerful right now i got Groza and AWM what? u are powerful? teammate: this car is out of the oil teammate: no car in the garage? teammate: there is a oil beside the airdrop there is a car in front there u see that? why wanna pick an oil look at this genius teammate: so good teammate: bro, i tell u. yesterday… i play with xxx my rank level have deduct 34 marks oh my god! why would u play with him? he is bad skills in this game [ teammate speaking ] i have knock ed on him. why he is still okay? teammate: shit. there is still one person inside the car teammate: my god. there was another person inside the car teammate: DK Xiaoshi? don’t. is another team. be careful teammate: let’s go no 3, quickly what u wanna to do, dear? wow! this circle is so painful. hurry up so painful painful 10, 9, 8, 7 i think we can get out quickly have a drink there might have someone in the garage no one teammate: maybe yes. someone someone here teammate: someone teammate: beside teammate: at the right side window what? why pipixia dead? i’m sorry, my daughter nice dead teammate: there is ammo inside my box teammate: i picked it up for u teammate: u have bring it. i brought it specially for u really? teammate: yes. pick it i picked it up for u where is your box. i’ll be right there teammate: over here teammate: below there. pick it up i have more than 50 ammo get in teammate: is okay. i got 3 kills in this match look at me, your father how many kill i got why u don’t come out? no one wanna fight with me there must be someone get out to play sniper with me they scare me cause i’m taking the sniper they hide themselves teammate: i knew you’d hit this tree i purposely do it teammate: what are 3 of them doing? i don’t know teammate: what are 2 of them doing? suddenly got 3 kills teammate: this rubbish people teammate: shot the signal gun get in the car. i go to find the others teammate: wow! u got 19 kills yes. don’t u said u are so powerful that u got 3 kills look at your father, me teammate: there is a car in front there teammate: u grab 18 kills from me teammate: what can i say teammate: 18 kills teammate: is there anymore over the ramp? teammate: bubble milk tea teammate: Baozi, u grab 21 kills of me u have dead what a bullshit teammate: hahaha teammate: u grab my 21 kills u brain is really…. teammate: i don’t have shrimp head and tail what are u what are u u are the line of the shrimp u are a pig shrimp teammate: left 4 person. u can’t grab it teammate: is mine i can operate freely, as long as i have teammates left one person. maybe he is down of the ramp. drive to have a look let’s go have a meal!!!! still need one more subscribe i can’t eat if no one press the subscribe button press the subscribe button ya teammate: i’m alive victory daughter, Dada bring u victory i wanna leave, see u teammate: okay teammate: bye bye teammate: what?


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