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Getting Started in PCC, Ruger PC Carbine, Pistol Caliber Carbine for 3 Gun and USPSA

21 thoughts on “Getting Started in PCC, Ruger PC Carbine, Pistol Caliber Carbine for 3 Gun and USPSA

  1. Mark mentioned about being on the fence with the muzzle brake……and with the Ruger PC carbine…..very debatable as to whether the brake works or not. I will say that it does…….. a little. IS it needed? ehhhhhh mmmmmmaybe. Is it cool? OH YES!! The brake on the rifle in this video is actually our carbine brake that is pinned and welded. We took the barrel and cut it down to 13.5" We would normally use the short 1/2-28 brake on the factory configuration, but well….we have a lathe and wanted to try something different. As with any 9mm……the recoil system, how well you hold the rifle in the 'pocket' and ammo selection really does more for recoil management than a brake will ever do. The Brake will refine and lessen the dot bounce some, but may not be too noticeable except on paper with double taps…..that's where the user gets to test his equipment. With any 9mm, I would not count on the muzzle brake to eliminate recoil, but still a useful item for competition. May not be the first thing to think about, but something to look into only to refine and once you have the rest of the system in line. The PC carbine is an awesome rifle to get started with for USPSA competition and with the go fast parts we sell……it can be a reliable, viable weapon for the game. If you are on the fence…..try one, you may just like it a lot!! AND…..kudo's to Mark….welcome back, keep it up and the good work.

  2. If the brake doesn't work then why have it? Because it's useless but cool looking? Looks like dead weight on the end of the barrel. Pass!

  3. Why does everyone say it’s perfect for backpacking? When you’re backpacking, every ounce matters. You’re not going to lug a 7 lb rifle. If you were taking a firearm, you’d pack a small, lightweight pistol. 2” .357 or 9mm subcompact. Bueller??

  4. First malfunction occurred on the 4th shot on the upgraded version. Why he doesnt mention that I have no idea. Horrible reliability.

  5. Questions:
    – Besides playing around with at the range what is "THE THING" that pistol caliber carbines offer over a handgun or rifle?
    – What police force issue pistol caliber carbines for street use?
    – What is the name of the US Army or Marines pistol caliber carbine?
    – Name any animal that is hunted more efficiently with pistol caliber carbine over a LR or rifle caliber.

    The Ruger PC Carbine in 9mm?? or any pistol caliber carbine??

  6. The upgraded mag release look like it would be very easy to engage accidentally
    Nothing I have seen has said that there is a problem with mounting a red dot on the rear rails when it comes to loosing zero. To me mounting it forward is a solution looking for a problem.
    Also you loose a back up iron sight.
    No thanks.

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