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German G43: Hitler’s Battle Rifle (w/ENG sub)

Hello all SBAM friends, I’m Cook and I’m Max this evening thanks to our friend Davide we have a really interesting piece a quality piece something you don’t really see everyday especially in these conditions we have a Gewehr 43 made by Walther late war production, ’45 so many of you, me included start to know about this gun thanks to the Call of Duty series since it’s one of the main guns available in the game since the beginning of the serie what can we say to give you some historical informations this is the arrival point at which the Germans came after after going through several projects let’s start having a look as you know at the beginning of World War 2 the German infatry was entirely armed with bolt action rifles 8×57 model Kar 98 they never thought differently from other armies to develop a program for automatic guns semiautomatic for what reason? Not because they were stupid simply because the German doctrine for the German doctrine the squad firepower was entirely based on the machine gun therefore in the german infantry squad there was a machinegun that was supposed to create the maximum firepower and the soldiers the remaining of the squad where a sort of support for the machinegun this tactic gave his results during the first blitzkriegs at the beginning of the war since they found themselves against armies that were used to a kind of obsolete warfare especially the French but also the British were much better they all used the same tactics when instead the germans attacked on the Eastern front captured they fought against and also captured many hundreds…. thousands because they really captured a lot of them of Tokarev SVT-40 and SVT-38 at that point the Germans since they obtained these guns and many were distributed to the troops the Germans really loved them, probably more than the russians themselves and the German troops started to ask for a Semiautomatic gun too the answer arrived initially with the Gewher 41 project the project that was developed both by Walther and Mauser the project that won in the end was the one by Mauser… by Walther since was, rightfully, considered better the Mauser… sorry again from Walther it was a project for those years was extremely underdeveloped because how it worked? the Germans didn’t wanted the German designers were inflexible about making holes in the barrel thing that instead the russians where doing since 1936 they didn’t want to make holes to obtain gasses from the middle of the barrel therefore they insisted till 1941 to to implement the gas port with Bang system the so called gas trap a device that used the exausted gasses that were leaving after the muzzle therefore gasses… weak and in particular that left a lot of dirt having a very low pressure tended to get the rearming actions really dirty that after a while jammed to the point that the Mauser Gewher 41 project was born implementing a backup bolt-action thinking that when the gas system will block because it will they started with good expectations the soldier closed the gas port and started using the bolt action then following the fact that believed, rightfully, that the Gewehr 41 was rubbish finally in 1943 the designers decided to implement the gas port on the barrel like the Russians did an actual gas port and this rifle was born the Gewehr 43 had to be, theoretically completely substitute the Kar 98 as main infantry gun ok, now let’s start taking a look to this specimen we have here first of all we can see that we have it’s scope here these models were all born with the later rail giving the possibility to install a quick detach scope this one I think is called ZF3 we will talk later about it this one deserve a separate discussion let’s stay focused on the rifle itself now ok Max, tell something about this gun look initially we believed was a tilting bolt like all the later Krauts rifles instead we have noticed that on the bolt head there are two locking little wings that wedges just before the chamber is a system that doesn’t really appeals me is nothing incredible knowing that there are much better systems they had a nice rifle to copy… and they didn’t even managed to copy it they kept this there were many problems at the gas port I believe yeah, so firstly this rifle here Like many German guns of the period is overgassed so it takes more gas than what is necessary I honestly don’t know why they do it this way probably during the design phase thought that taking a lot of gas the action worked with more strenght giving you a more reliable rearm in reality this wasn’t the case but anyway, the germans had to put together this project very quickly they could copy something that worked… instead “no, let’s make it different” just to show that we ain’t copying that’s fine.. this is brilliant… a spring.. super weak in my opinion.. a spring… more weak than this one couldn’t be fitted I’m not even sure if it has been changed later on and put a wrong one I think being overgassed aimed on the rebound of the bolt at the end marvellous! this small hatch.. is a dust cover boh.. was used probably… something like that probably just served to cover I think it has something to do with the disassembly but again don’t take me for granted, I’m not sure is the first time I see this thing we will not take this apart we risk to break it live and it cost money what can we see we can see the ramp rear sight like the Kar 98, nothing special locked by a welding this is the German demilitarization sight that gets blocked and cannot go beyond 300m otherwise is too dangerous otherwise you can make long range sniping the sling instead, let’s talk about the less important things the sling is the same used in the Kar 98 the cleaning rod is screwed in is the exact same of the Kar 98 we start to see all the compatible things the sight cover should be the same of the Kar 98 too you need 10 rifles to clean one yeah, 3 10 round magazine loadable with clips I don’t know if they issued spare magazines to the troops I don’t know they gave nevertheless the possibility to reload using clips if you open the bolt you can see the notches to insert the clip two 5 rounds clips and then you can close it other peculiarity, there’s no bayonet lug right! That’s a really peculiar thing for a military rifle it has no bayonet lug, differently from the Gewehr 41 that could mount the K98 bayonet this one hasn;t they didn’t tought about putting a bayonet lug other thing is the flag safety like the Mauser “like” Mauser with two positions everything locked everything unlocked the stock is too reminds a lot to the Kar 98 one with also the shoe on the stock it has no hole of course to disassemble the firing pin that’s obviously not needed anymore we can also take a look to some constructive detail of this gun we can see that being this one a… a piece built at the end of the war what code is this? is from 1945 yeah ok, is a.. DUV? DUF? AC AC, ok AC Walher 45 so is stuff buit at the end of the war extremely unrefined the bolt carrier looks like has been just casted I believe it is there are all the markings made during the milling process is nice you can see they were in a hurry also here on the receiver is really rough you can see the casting marks something really quick nevertheless looks like it works fine looks quite fluid in the operation not really sturdy like here this stamped cover doesn’t looks particularly sturdy doesn’t gives me an idea of sturdiness let’s say maybe is not needed not the cover, this thing here yes you can remove everything.. small detail there should be somewhere a letter what letter? the camp letter somewhere there should be a N letter that we didn’t look for it yet that indicates that this rifle was made in the Neuengamme concentration camp therefore stuff made by from the Jew prisoners that apparently often I can understand them sabotaged the pieces it was a good routine other stuff we can say maybe later about the scope some details we have the arming handle on the opposite side because there was some specific rule probably I think that with this rifle the western doctrine of where the rifle is held by the strong hand and is loaded with the weak hand differently from the russians that continued with the doctrine in which the rifle is held by the weaker hand and the strong hand loads therefore the charging handle is on the right this is a small but quite important detail the trigger pull let’s try it has a pre stage it’s a nice trigger it has a pre stage very fluid it does’t hangs or anything, like you could imagine from a rifle built really quickly and then has a second stage, a bit long but really nice anyway, a nice trigger pull weird for such a gun almost better than a Kar 98 in my opinion ok now let’s go back to the discussion about the scope this scope here is a Czechoslovakian scope from the 1950’s since these guns where used by the Czechoslovakians after the war, they too produced accessories for the gun and this scope infact is one of them instead the mount is a reproduction yeah… is a reproduction a good quality one but nevertheless a reproduction this way, ok now is locked as you can see is a quick detach scope, it reminds a lot to the Dragunov one the reticle is the tipical German one T shape with the pole in the middle this mount is made in this way because theoretically this gun should have become a “universal gun” a gun with the possibility to install a scope or not it could be used both ways basically like the SVT 38 and SVT 40 initially let’s remove this thing here now let’s see if I manage without making damage ahh ok that’s the relese ok good so what else can we say? for sure is a valid gun nowdays you must be carefull shooting with these guns because not having building solutions really exceptional to use them preserving them the best way possible is always advisable to buy a so called “shooter kit” which are basically spare parts so, cover and a set of springs and a different gas port that guarantee to shoot with it being relatively sure to not damage anything to damage any sensible part is always advisable to mount them some do, some doesn’t but I repeat, being a gun with a value not really neglectable because we are talking about thousands of euros I believe that if you have 3000 or 3500 euros to spend on this gun you probably have 200 as well to buy something like that and being safe that’s my opinion ok now we say thanks once again to our friend Davide that gave us the opportunity to show you this gun, great Dave! and see you again at the firing test, when this shoter kit finally arrives and we will be able to shoot with it without making damage ok, from Cook and Max that’s all!

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