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(silence) – Many of the teen survivors
say they’re tired of waiting for adults
to something about gun control, so they announced
a nation-wide demonstration– – This is so sad. – It’s so sad. I don’t think anyone deserves to go
through something like this. – (anchor) They announced
a nation-wide demonstration. It’s called the “March for Our Lives”
and will be held on March 24th. – I’ve heard about this.
My school’s talking about it. – (reporter) These students,
some too young to go to the polls, are using their voices as their vote. – It’s like it’s under
such terrible circumstances, but the fact the students
organized like this is so admirable. – (Delaney) People that I loved died. – This is heartbreaking. – (David) This is a turning point
in American history. – (student) I feel
like no one listens to us because we are kids. – (reporter) And what
do you say to that? – (student) I think that’s crap.
– Yep. – (student) I think we
should have a voice, too. – It’s great that the students
are speaking out. It’s what should be done. – It’s so cool that
they’re all standing up and doing that, you know? They’re not just staying quiet
about everything that’s going on. – The right to bear arms
is our Second Amendment and I whole-heartedly,
you know what I mean, agree with that,
but times have changed and so I think the laws
should change with that. – It sucks because it
had to come down to this, but it’s exciting to see the reactions
from all the kids involved and how they’re,
you know, trying to change, pretty much start a revolution
and start getting rid of these stupid-ass guns. – (Cameron) This isn’t
about red and blue. We can’t boo people–
– I saw this, with Marco Rubio. – (Cameron) …because
they’re Republicans. – Yeah, he got his ass chewed out. – (Cameron) We can’t boo people
because they’re Democrats and boo people
because they’re Republicans. – That’s right. – Preach! – (Cameron) Anybody who’s willing
to start to make a difference is somebody we need
on our side here. – Yeah. – I agree.
It’s not a partisan issue. – (Cameron) Senator Rubio,
can you tell me right now that you will not accept
a single donation from the NRA? (audience roaring)
– Wow. Wow! – Wow. Calling him out. – That’s right. And he didn’t answer the question. – (Rubio) You have every right
to ask that question of me and I’m here to tell you– – (Cameron) Are you going
to be accepting money from the NRA? – Just… (scoffing)
– (Rubio) I have always supported– I will always accept–
– Ugh! – He’s just dodging the question. – These kids are great
because they keep asking the question until
you give me an answer. – (Rubio) I have told you
that I support lifting the age from 18 to 21 on buying a rifle.
– Yes, yes, that’s good. – (Rubio) My understanding,
as before I walked out here, is that organization
is not in favor of that. – It’s just so dumb
why they can’t just say no. – (Rubio) I don’t know
what their position is on teachers being armed,
but I don’t think they should be. – Oh, doubletalk! – (Rubio) I will do
what I think is right, and if people want
to support my agenda, they’re welcome to do so,
but they buy into my ideas. I don’t buy into theirs.
– (wry chuckle) Politicians will take money
from wherever it comes. – It’s not about them
buying into your ideas and you buying into theirs. If you’re accepting money from them,
you’re accepting their support. – I thought he said
some good things in this, but they are definitely masters
of weaving their words in a certain way. – It’s kind of hard because
the students are coming from actually being in a school shooting,
so it’s one far end of the spectrum
to the political standpoint, which has to take in
consideration all of America, not just people who have
experienced these things first hand, but I think it’s really cool
that they’re actually bring up this topic and they’re
having these conversations because, I mean, it’s about time. – (Emma) The shooter at our school
obtained weapons that he used on us legally.
– Emma Gonzales! – Oh, I love Emma Gonzales. – (Emma) Do you believe
that it should be harder to obtain these semi-automatic weapons
and the modifications for these weapons to make them fully automatic,
like bump stocks? – No, she doesn’t!
She’s the NRA person. – (Loesch) First off, Emma,
I want to applaud you for standing up and speaking out.
– At least she acknowledges that. – (Loesch) I,
nor the millions of people that I represent
as a part of this organization, that I’m here speaking for,
none of us support people who are crazy–
– They support getting that money. – (Loesch) …none of us support
people who are crazy, who are a danger to themselves–
– Exactly. I think it’s a mental
health thing, for sure. – (Loesch) Because I have kids,
and I’m not just fighting for my kids. I’m fighting for you. How was he able to pass
a background check? – She didn’t even answer the question. – (Loesch) He was able to pass
the background check because we have
a system that’s flawed. – Very flawed. – (Emma) I think I’m gonna
interrupt you real quick and remind you–
– Atta girl. – Yeah, she’s avoiding the question. – (Emma) Do you believe
it should be harder to obtain these
semi-automatic weapons and modifications
to make them fully automatic, such as bump stocks?
– Yeah! – I love this ’cause she’s just like
you’re not actually answering my question. – (Loesch) The President
ordered the DOJ to look into it. – (Emma) I’m asking your opinion
as a representative– – Yes, Emma! – (Loesch) …NRA’s position has been.
– Damn. – (Loesch) The NRA came–
– (Emma) What’s yours? – (Loesch) I’m talking for them,
the 5 million members… – Well done!
– (Loesch) …we’re representing. – These kids are kind of angsty. Not gonna lie,
they’re not really listening to what she’s saying. – (Israel) I understand
you’re standing up for the NRA and I understand that’s
what you’re supposed to do, but you just told this group of people
that you are standing up for them. You’re not standing up for them–
– You’re not standing up for them. – (Israel) …I want less weapons! – It’s all they would do,
is avoid the serious question, because they don’t want to offend
or say anything that won’t get them money. – She was, in some way,
answering her question. She wasn’t just ignoring the question. She was answering it,
but they wanted a clear yes or no, and since she
wasn’t giving that to them, they just weren’t hearing
what she was saying at all. It’s important to hear people out
and have actual conversations about it. – This changes the perspective
that a lot of adults have on teens. Just because it’s like–
they’re not these lazy high schoolers who just worry about themselves. They’re here as
the activist generation. – In the way that our society
is functioning right now, something as delicate as this
needs to be handled by our generation
that are the victims. I’m really proud of our generation
for the fact that we’re actually getting
a lot of attention for this right now. – (Sam) I just want to take
a second first to thank you for having me, Mr. President. I want to feel safe at school.
– Seriously. My mom, the other day, was like, “I’m so glad you’re
not in school anymore because it’s just so scary.” – (Sam) I turned 18 the day after, (choking up) woke up to the news
that my best friend was gone. – That’s traumatizing. – This makes me so sad. – (Sam) And I don’t understand
why I could still go in a store and buy a weapon of war, an AR. – Our babies are buying
weapons of war at 18. – (Sam) How did we not stop
this after Columbine, after Sandy Hook? I’m sitting with
a mother that lost her son. It’s still happening. – To me, lives have
been lost because of this. – Our priorities
are in the wrong place. – (Sam) In Australia, there
was a shooting at a school in 1999. You know, after that,
they took a lot of ideas, they put legislation together,
and they stopped it. – Yeah. – (Sam) Can anyone here guess
how many shootings there have been in schools
since then in Australia? Zero.
– Zero. That’s right, baby. Zero. – (Sam) Zero.
– Yeah, that’s a good point. – (Sam) We need to do something.
That’s why we’re here. – This is so heavy. I mean, as a teacher
on top of it, this is heavy. This is hard. – Very good point, but unfortunately,
they don’t realize that some of the mindsets
that are in control aren’t going
to allow things like that. – I saw this during the last week
and it’s just still so awful and raw. It’s just painful. Painful. – All over the world,
there’s shootings that happened, and they went and made laws,
and they stopped it. It makes me mad. – (Emma) Companies trying
to make caricatures of the teenagers nowadays,
saying that all we are– – There is she is again.
Heck yeah. – (sighing) Okay, I saw this. – This is a video
that went off on Twitter. – (Emma) And hush us into submission
when our message doesn’t reach the ears of the nation. We are prepared to call BS! Politicians– – Emma has become such a powerhouse. – (Emma) Politicians
who sit in their gilded House and Senate seats funded by the NRA…
– Look at her go. – (Emma) …telling us nothing
could have ever been done to prevent this, we call BS!
– She is fired up. – (Emma) They say
a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun.
We call BS! – Let’s go. – (Emma) They say
guns are just tools like knives, and are as dangerous as cars. We call BS!
– (crowd) BS! – (Emma) That us kids don’t know
what we’re talking about… – You don’t have the life experiences. – (Emma) …that we’re
too young to understand how the government works.
– Yes, girl. – (Emma) We call BS!
– BS, it’s bull[bleep]. – (Emma) If you agree,
register to vote. Contact your local congresspeople–
– That’s right. – (Emma) Give them
a piece of your mind! – Jeez. And you hear,
especially with all these students who have been
organizing from Florida, it’s like you hear the actual rawness
and emotion behind them. They’ve survived this awful tragedy,
and now they’re trying to do something with it
and it’s frustrating when legislators
aren’t listening to them. – You’d think they would do
something after the club, you’d think they’d
do something after Sandy Hook, you’d think they’d do
something after even Columbine but they don’t because of money. – People say it’s time
for thoughts and prayers right now, but it’s not. It’s time to actually
directly address the issue and start talking about gun control. – I get what she’s saying,
but it’s not, to me, it’s not the gun
that kills the people. It’s the person with
the mental health issue who picks up a gun
and decides to go and murder as many people as they can. There should just be
a strict screening process and a full evaluation to anyone
who buys a weapon. – If we’re not to the point
where we think there’s something wrong with the system, then shame on us. – (FBE) So it’s not possible for us
to cover all of the angles with this, so we’ll only be able
to scratch the surface of this complex issue
for this episode. – Oh, of course. – (FBE) FBE has discussed gun control
in the U.S. over the years and, sad to say, the issue
has not had much change. – No. – (FBE) So we’ll focus more
on the movement that is beginning to rise,
rather than gun control itself, but do you feel like there
has been any change in this country from school shootings
over the last five, 10, or 15 plus years? – It’s kind of crazy because,
I mean, things are changing, but I don’t even know
if it’s for the better. With the proposals
that we should arm teachers, there’s changes,
but not in the right direction. – The worst nightmares that I’ve had
are the ones that have been about school shootings,
where I’ve dreamt about having to hide behind a desk
or hide into a closet, and it’s something that students
are actually going through. That’s the rational, where it’s like,
Oh, no, we don’t have to actually fix the guns.
Guns don’t kill people. “People kill people”
is the argument that I hear over and over again. – These kids, and now teachers
like myself, have to be looking over
our shoulders all the time. I can’t focus completely on teaching
because I’m concerned about this. – Not until my age demographic
hits that age requirement to become a member of office,
so give it another 10, 20 years. That’s when real change
is gonna happen, because right now, all politicians
are too money hungry and to self-indulged with themselves
to do anything about it. – (FBE) We know that
you are a gun owner yourself. What is your stance
when you hear people talking about this issue? – Well, I can see their frustration. The best defense against
evil men is good men skilled in violence,
and if good men are allowed and can, we can
stop these situations. The more good people that have guns,
the less likely that bad people will be able to get away
with as much. – (FBE) So as a teen
in high school right now, how have the school shootings affected
your school experience or view of living in the country? – Someone brought up in class the idea
of us having bullet-proof cabinets so that if a school shooting
was to happen, we’d have something
to protect ourselves with, which is crazy that we’d
even have to think of installing bullet-proof cabinets
in our high school so that we would be protected,
when we’re supposed to feel safe. – The day after,
we had to practice a lockdown drill. And it’s a little crazy. I get it. The drills are safety
and they’re mandatory, but if there’s actually
a shooter on campus, I am not running to a classroom. I’m getting out of there
as quick as I can. – We actually had an incident
about a week or two weeks before the shooting, where there was a gunman
running around the streets near our school
and we were put on lockdown for about two or three hours. It made all of us realize
that we weren’t prepared. My school has enforced
more safety protocols, and now we know
where we’re gonna go if someone does
come into the building, and it’s scary. – (FBE) From your generation,
when you were a teenager in school, were school shootings an issue,
and was the gun debate kind of the same,
or have you watched this evolve over the years?
– Never. I can’t think of any situations
occurring like that. Extremely, extremely rare. – I never remember
feeling unsafe in school. When I was growing up,
we had atomic bomb drills, so, you know, there
was a different fear as a student for my generation. – (FBE) As a parent raising kids,
how does this issue affect how you view the safety
of your own children? – Oh, you think about it all the time. I teach on what we
would call an open campus. Anybody can enter
that campus at any point. We’re trying to up mental health
resources and things like that, and we’re doing our best there,
but it’s just not happening. – (FBE) In what
feels like a larger way than in previous tragedies,
the survivors of the Parkman shooting have been getting vocal
in the streets and on social media, and have sparked a new movement,
which is part of the March for Our Lives. – Yeah, I’ve heard
of March for Our Lives. I mean, it’s all over social media. At least in my area,
we are trying to organize a March for Our Lives
on our city hall. – (FBE) They’re asking
students and supporters to walk out of schools on March 24th
to demand that lawmakers put an end to gun violence
and mass shootings. – Lawmakers can’t do that. That’s just to show off
their frustration, to have these rallies and think
they’re gonna do something. It’s not gonna have any effect. People that are educators,
that are scholars, that are professors,
they don’t have the mentality of what it takes to really stop
things like this. They’re focused on
the only thing they know. Their way of life is teaching. – (FBE) What do
you think about the way that these survivors
have been organizing in the aftermath of this tragedy? – I mean, I think that it’s awesome
that they’re actually standing up. I’m not really one for marches
because I’m like what does it really solve
besides raising awareness, but if it raises even more awareness,
then, I mean, all power to them. – A lot of the times, kids my age
feel like they don’t have a voice. That’s a lame excuse because
you can advocate for anything and your voice really does count. – I incredibly support them
and I respect them. The March for Our Lives,
I think that’s a perfect name for them, just because of the fact,
from what I’ve seen, they’ve been willing to stop
at nothing in order to achieve their goal. – I have great admiration for them
and I’m hoping that that energy will be
the energy that does make a change. – People try to invalidate
the comments and attitudes of teenagers because
they say we’re too young, we can’t even vote. We’re the next generation. So it’s important that
we have our own opinions and we voice our opinions
on these matters. – (FBE) Why do you think
the issue of gun control has been such a difficult issue
for this country to figure out and solve? – The middle ground can’t be reached
because both sides don’t want to reach
that middle ground. They are too selfish
in what they want. – We need to be able to somehow
voice our opinions without completely keeping
the other out of the conversation, which is why I thought it
was important, when we had the town hall in Florida,
that Marco Rubio was there and that the legislators
from Florida were also there, so they were both representing
the Democrats and Republicans. – You have a small amount of people
acting like they’re the majority of the people,
trying to run something, and they’ve been running it
because of greed, because of money. They don’t care about
people getting killed. They care about the almighty dollar. – These big companies
and organizations can fund money and they have puppets
in political places, and when you have
puppets in political places, things that even common
sense laws that we need, that could be put into place,
are not being pushed through. As someone who does support
the right to have guns, I do think there are changes
that need to be made. – Everyone believes
in the Second Amendment that says, yes,
we have the right to bear arms, but the logic has to prevail that says
that does not mean assault weapons. Here’s what always happens. We have the shooting,
everyone feels badly about it, and a week later, we’re done. And I think this has legs
and I don’t think these kids are going to let it go. – (FBE) Finally,
I’d hope we can all agree that no one wants to see
these tragedies continue to happen, so where do you think we go from here? – Well, I think they need
to definitely make it harder for anybody who wants
to get a gun, to get a gun to what levels somebody
is mentally or not mentally capable, and passing a more
stricter level of training and not making it easy. “Oh, I can buy a gun first
and then go get some training.” No, I believe that
should be in reverse. – Taking away all the guns
isn’t gonna solve the problem because it’s not the gun necessarily
that’s killing all the people. Like I said, it’s the person
behind the gun. So I think that there
needs to be something done with mental health
and I think there needs to be reformation with guns as well. Not everyone should be
able to get a gun. That’s just common sense to me. – Fewer guns. And there’s research that says
fewer guns, fewer problems. – We start with
changing the age limit. I know it won’t really stop anyone
from getting what they want, but I think it’s a start. – We go exactly where we’re going,
which is, you know, the movement is picking up. Everybody has to do their part. I don’t care if you retweet the tweet
that needed to be tweeted. You know what I mean?
That’s your part. – As kids have grown up with this,
I think we’re all coming together, one way or another,
and I think we’ll stop it. – People, if they
want to make an impact, they can march for their lives
on March 24th. That’s at any major city, really. If they don’t have one in their city,
they should create it. March 14th, there’s
a school walkout at 10:00 AM. They could participate in that, 17 minutes for each one
of the people who were killed. And then, on April 20th, I’ve
also heard speak of another walkout. So if anyone
is wanting to participate, there are three
different dates for movements and they can participate
in any of them to make an impact. (silence)


  1. Thanks for watching this important episode. – FBE Team
    Tori (Teens React) and Julie (Producer) recently attended the March for Our Lives rally in LA. Follow their vlog on FBE2:

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    Obviously it's not working in the US either . I'd say this is the world we live in where ever we go. Defend yourself, it starts with you. Prepare what ever you can.

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    Comment brought to you through WiFi by a homeless guy.

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