100 thoughts on “General Liu’s Chinese Semiauto Rifle from WWI

  1. A self loading rifle that is designed to be able to be used as a straight pull bolt action rifle? It's almost amazing that Hitler wanted something like this, but it was General Liu who came up with a decent design, almost 30 years prior.

  2. I saw some Pratt and Whitney tools in the machine shop at my tech school and I thought I'd heard that name before and then I rewatched this video

  3. Chinese, even got the tool to built it, can't produce much. Industry sucks so much that sth like this rifle that need good quality of steel is sth Chinese can't produce that time, not mentioning the illiterate farmer based work force.Really, it is a dream that is no way close to affordable for Liu, for the Chinese.
    Also the quality of the Chinese troops may simply ruin the gun.

  4. As a machinist I marvel at the amount of work it would take to make such a complex mechanism. Great video thanks. I'd like to see more artillery and big guns

  5. That'd be scary, having that bolt flying right at your eyeball, still a big shame that Liu couldn't finish this project.

  6. My question is about the 8mm mauser ammo that it used; was it able to handle the basic milsurp ammo that was also used in mauser bolt actions? I ask because I know that semi-autos tend to be restricted on the powder type used due to the velocity being too great and bending, shearing, or breaking internal parts like op rods.

  7. If you aren't going shoot it, THEN DON"T MAKE A FUCKING VIDEO ON IT! The most fucking annoying thing about your channel

  8. Their is also a Pratt and Whitney in Alabama. I believe it started life around Eli Whitney's cotton gin. Their was a building still standing, just a few years ago that had a Pratt and Whitney carriage company sign still on the front. This is located in Prattville Alabama. I wonder if Daniel Pratt had anything to do with the name of the town… lol.

  9. The first marking on the muzzle cap:“自” directly translates into "by one's self", which can be interpreted as an abbreviation for “自动”—"automatic", which is what semiautomatic used to be called before fully automatic existed. The second marking on the muzzle cap: "普" is an abbreviated form of "普通" which means "regular". Given how most other rifles functioned back then, "regular" refers to a bolt action firing mode.

  10. Apart from the resignation of Liu in 1920, there were several other problems that stopped the development of this rifle.
    Firstly the steel that was used for this gun must be imported, then the bullets made in Hanyang had different quality from batch to batch, which caused the bolt to travel at different speed, resulting failure of ejection(too fast) or unable to perform a full cycle(too slow). Also the spring was a big problem as well since they were of very poor quality.
    Overall China lacked both the infrastructure and money to make this gun a standard issue

  11. Hey lan, it's necessary to mention that the ship which carried the manufacturing instruments
    for General Liu rifle sunk on the way back to China, which was a huge blow for Liu. That's why he suffered stroke and never recovered. After he passed away, there was no one knew how to produce Liu's Rifle and the instruments in China were used to produce other weapons. This accident was a great loss for Chinese military industry.

  12. Wouldn't the bolt/breach mechanism hit you in the face? I'm much more used to target rifles so maybe its more to do with how I would hold a rifle but it looks like there is no specific guard against the whole back of the mechanism sliding back right into your cheekbone.

    Again I'll freely admit this may just be me not holding combat rifles properly and getting the wrong idea. I have memories of being hit in the face with the sights of an L98A2 when I was in cadets because I was too use to using aperture sites with a single point sling.

  13. It looks well put together. Only question I have is why would you ever want to switch to a manual pull instead of keeping it in semi-auto mode?

  14. Have to appreciate the high quality of machine work that went into building this rifle, it looks better than some rifles that were built many decades later and even today.

  15. I love that the testing report is mostly a list of technical problems caused by handmade springs, inconsistent propellants, etc.

    And then they say that because the soldiers testing it are used to bolt-action rifles and put their face too close to the action, causing them to smack themselves in the face with the bolt.

  16. Marking: Made by Army Arsenal of Hanyang. People in China call this rifle "Made by Hanyang". Such as, I need a "Made by Hanyang".

  17. So sad that china didn't have such a mature industrial system, I am from the city that owns this factory, by that time Wuhan city is the second largest city of china, holds over 3 million people, it also have the largest steel plant in china by that time, producing steel to build this country's immature industrial system.
    China have good talents on weapon designs, but by that time the country is in a turmoil of corruption and chaos, coexist with a potential invasion from our eastern neighbour, if china have enough steel production industry, plus more attention to innovation, china will be able to resist the invasion in ww2, reducing its damage to this country.

  18. Hmm, I don’t know if anyone’s definitively answered this already, but perhaps the idea behind the select-fire was to appeal to military tradition, which said that an autoloader would encourage soldiers to waste ammunition?

  19. So it was developed by pratt&whitney ( 2 white dudes) and just sent to china where they could mass produce it.. but it couldnt handle the shitty ammo they were putting through it well enough to cycle properly. And prolly making really cheap flimsy springs Lol

  20. I'm sorry but the first self loading rifles were designed in America after the mannlicher design set the stage:
    Your own website says so.
    Browning worked with and patented gas operated at the end of the 19th century when Mondragon was still working with straight pull bolts.
    Maxim also submitted a patent explaining the idea of gas operated long before 1908, if you are not considering blow-back a gas-operated design.
    And… they were of an internal design such that your face wouldn't get ripped off by the massive action exposed to everything.

  21. First of all, it's "Republic of China", "Republic of Formosa", "Formosa", or "Takasago /K/oku".

    Not "China" as the name has been associated in recent times (the past 20 years) with degenerate ChiComms. Not like any modern nation deserves to use the name after Mao.

    Please don't associate the venerable Taiwanese Empire with a disgusting country like the PROC.

    Second of all, the lettering at the base of the barrel is: Loo Jiun (Land Army) Han Yang Bing Gong Tsang (Hanyang Arsenal) Zhi (made). Probably translates to: Made for Army by Hanyang Arsenal.

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  22. trying to shoot that thing must be terrifying! that bolt is massive and it flies backwards straight into your face.

  23. If you release the safety will the gun immediately fire since all it's doing is holding back the striker?

  24. Considering the extreme poverty, week industry and backward technology, coming up with such an semi-auto rifle that preceded its era is just a miracle. Frankly as a Chinese, little did I know about Qing'en Liu and this masterpiece until now. The Chinese people are creative and innovative. I am proud of them.

  25. I am curious if this Whitney is the same one that produced many sheetmetal machines and woodworking machines too.

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