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Gemershooting Rifle/Handgun 2016 – STIPSC

I managed to mess up my rifle competition totally and completely. By the penultimate stage I managed to realise what is the technical problem with my rifle. Now the rifle works well. The problem was not particularly big. It needed to be a bit dismounted and remounted again and then I managed to shoot with it the penultimate stage excellently. Doesn’t matter, I have a discarded competition. We’re going to continue with handgun in the afternoon. So, we arrived… We arrived in Čachtice… from Komarno. We shot – as for me, just here and there – a rifle-handgun competition. I’m not thirsty any more. I really enjoyed today. Go to hell! I have to translate it, because Kolarits really liked my simultaneous interpretation. We had a very good lunch… and tomorrow we shoot another handgun competition. If everything goes well! That’s it!

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