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Gebrüder Rempt Four-Barrel Enormous Flare Pistol

Hi guys Thanks for tuning in to another video on forgotten I’m Ian McCollum and I’m here today at the Rock Island auction Company Taking a look at some of the guns and flare guns that they’re going to be selling in their upcoming september of 2017 Premiere auction this one is a very rare and very Impressive German World War one four-barrel flare launcher now There’s some misinformation floating around the web about these this was actually a design that was contracted for in late 1917 and It was designed specifically for illuminating airfields if you think about it if you’re going to be landing aircraft at night on these sort of primitive Airfields that were used a lot in world war one you need some way to actually light the place up and it’s not like they had a lot of you know power poles and streetlights that running just everywhere that they could hook up to nor did they really have a lot of portable electric generators like we do today sure some of that stuff existed but Much simpler to just have a really heavy-duty flare gun that you could either shoot by hand or bolt to a fixture so is always pointed in a predetermined direction You’ve got four flares on tap and and then this thing actually was designed with detachable replaceable magazines so you can hit the button here, I’ll show you this up close in a minute, but these are interchangeable, so you would get bunch of them and that allows you to quickly reload the thing and maintain a steady stream of flares illuminating your airfield so that the the airplanes don’t crash Like I said these were contracted for in 1917 a total of 2,500 were ordered I believe about two dozen are known to still exist today They were manufactured by a total of seven different companies this particular one was made by a company called Gebruder Rempt R.E.M.P.T., and it’s marked there on the side so just…Man.. It’s a flare pistol, but holy cow is it a pretty cool fire pistol. Let me show you up close This thing is huge, but it’s mechanically actually quite simple The trigger is really pretty obvious It’s a two or three finger affair because this has a really quite heavy trigger pull you can feel that. There’s a very heavy spring. I’m sure it’s a flat spring in the back here behind the striker or the hammer There is a safety lever here fire and safe and on safe locks the trigger Of our markings here G.R. is for Gebruder Rempt, the company that made this particular one, and this is serial number 123 Interestingly the other one of the other ones, I’m aware of was in Jeffery Sturges’ collection And it was a Gebruder Rempt serial number 124 so the one right after this anyway There is a latch right here, which detaches your barrel cluster so push that in and This comes right out the top of the gun and of course takes four flares twenty five millimeter flares, and the guns actually shipped with eight of these per flare gun, so you have a good supply of pre-loaded flares to keep up a steady illumination We have a few proof marks there on the side of the clip. I guess you call. It clip or magazine one of the two Once you had a magazine or a clip of flares in place there are four firing pins one for each flare and the trigger is just a progressive unit, so it fires one two three four, one two three four, one two three four, and so on so depending on If you drive fire did a couple times you may not start at the top you’ll start somewhere But it’ll just cycle through all four. So once you fire the fourth round, you know the clips empty, and it’s time to reload it this big mounting bracket was probably… Well I’ve seen some people say it was for a shoulder stock which I’m pretty sure is not the case I believe that was there to give you an option to mount this to the side of a building or a pole or a fixture of some sort Because it was intended for illuminating airfields. You would generally have a specific direction that you would want to be firing flares. You probably have a number of these flare launchers arrayed around an area You know you want both ends the runway at least for example so this allowed you to set them up in position, and then just not have to worry about where they were being aimed. A lot of people may not think about it if you’re a typical gun collector but there some specialty areas of collecting like flare pistols where there’s quite a lot of interesting variety and frankly just as much historical relevancy in context as there are for true firearms So something like this really would be the centerpiece of an awesome flare gun collection if You don’t have one and you’d like to have this one take a look at the description text below you’ll find a link there to Rock Island catalog page on this guy you can see their pictures and description and their price estimate and everything like that, and if you decide you’d like to make a try at it you can place a bid over the phone or through the website or course live at the auction. Thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Gebrüder Rempt Four-Barrel Enormous Flare Pistol

  1. From just a photograph, with nothing to tell you the scale, you'd think you were looking at a late 19th-early 20th century four barreled .22 or something.

  2. I think technically flare launchers should never be classified as guns. Illuminating tool that is, not damaging tool, although even with flashlight you can deliver some damage. But the GunJesus named it correctly a pistol, which is just a one hand grip with trigger (to deliver some filling into the holes f.e.) So not all pistols are forgotten weapons on this channel from now on.

  3. Firing the topmost barrel must have been a real wrist-breaker. I'm guessing you'd probably want to hold the metal part at the back with your off-hand.

  4. I edc a pair of these in a double shoulder holster. It's no problem , with a pair of deagles as BUGs, and some glock 20s for both ankles. Unless I'm going to Wal-Mart, then I bring my serious stuff.

  5. Ian, do you have any info on the Kjellman machine gun? From my research the Kjellman actually predates the maxim by a few years.

  6. +Forgotten Weapons There is an error in your reasoning of the hole for stock or static post. During that time airfields were fields without dedicated runways. The direction of landing or taking of depended totally on the wind.

  7. Yo Dawg I heard you like flare pistols, so I added 3 more flare pistols to your flare pistol and turned the barrels into loading block and now it's a fucking mess…

  8. I wonder which will be more effective against an enemy soldier.
    1. Shoot four rounds of flare against the enemy and hope any of them hit him, and moreover gives effective damage than to just burn his cloth a little bit.
    2. Hold the device reverse and swing it to smash the enemy with its rear part like an axe, pull the trigger to accelerate the swing using the recoil.
    I bet on number 2. It looks lethal by itself already.

  9. Communication is critical in combat and flares are just about the best thing to use in a low light or night time situation. loud noises when you barely have a sense of direction in low light or night conditions are detrimental to the soldier. They also can illuminate the enemy. This isn't always good because as we all know tracers work both ways same goes for flares. edit unless you have a radio directly in your ear. But we are talking about the great war so radio headsets weren't that mobile.

  10. Cool device. I doubt the point of four barrels was to illuminate large areas though.

    Rather the point would be to allow coded messages to be sent using color coded flare groups to direct defensive SOS artillery barrages on designated sectors, direct the pace of offensive barrages and call for zone fire on popup targets. This kind of fire direction was very important to German 1917-1918 tactics. If you had to do it with single flare pistols your odds of firing the correct signal, and having it picked up by rearward observes with field telephones, would naturally be much lower.

  11. Good question on whether that is a clip or magazine. Since it also is the barrel maybe it could be called a clibarrezine. Haha

  12. If you have the choice to take this four barrel flare gun or the Japanese three barrel one into the wilderness, what do you pick?

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