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gear review: closed pistol pouches – Warrior + Tacticalpro + SRVV

Ladies and gentlemen. This time we are going to look at some of
the closed pistol magazine pouches from Warrior, Tacticalpro and SRVV. The Warrior 9mm direct action mag pouch is
very well made and comes in single, double and triple magazine configurations with the
first two usually and miraculously having the same cost. The flap cannot be removed but offers open
and closed mode of operation. The positive thing is that in the closed mode
the pistol magazine is very secure and is not going to fall outside no matter what you
do. But that also brings us to the main negative. The inside of the pouch, which is made of
very sticky rubber does grip onto the magazines so hard that pulling them out is quite difficult
even in open mode. The tacticalpro pouch is offered in single,
double and triple magazine configurations, all of which have the CQB versions with a
retention strip and a removable flap. The CQB variant has the same velcro as the
appropriate rifle mag pouches, which means secure but silent and very easy to operate. The user friendly cost also make this a very
interesting option. The SRVV Pistol-UV-1m pouch is offered in
single and double magazine configurations, has a removable flap and adjustable retention
cord. The velcro is more secure but also more noisy
and sligtly harder to operate than the one that comes with the tacticalpro pouch. The flap is very wide so it can cover all
sharp edges of older magazines like these available for CZ-75B. Considering the quality, the cost is very
user friendly as well. That is all for today, I think that neither one
of these pouches is going to disappoint you.

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