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Gear of 3-Gun at Night: Pro Shooting Tips w Kalani Laker –

Hi, I’m Kalani, prostaff with Tonight, we’re here at the Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun Invitational. I’d like to show you what kind of gear I use, the kind of modifications I use for my 3-Gun gear for a complete night match. This is the rifle that I use on 3-Gun Nation Pro Tour. It’s a Stagarm AR15. I have a Steiner MX5I, the 1-5. For a night match, I have two Streamlight products. The first one is a TLR-1 HP. I really like this light because it throws its beam about 300-400 yards, so I’m never lacking in terms of distance with the rifle. On the other side, I have a TLR-2 HL. It’s a combo. It has a whopping 630 lumens and it throws it out, like, more like a flood. So, in the pistol bays or in a house one light will light up the room, the other light will shoot out the window so I have everything covered from contact out to about 300 yards. What’s nice about this setup is that I can run my reticle or I can run the Streamlight laser. It just depends, again, on what they want us to do if the targets are going to be at contact distance or if they, you know, if it’s going to be out to 250 yards like it will be tonight. Moving over to the shotgun, I use a Benelli M2, pretty heavily customized. I’ve had this going on from about 3 years now and it’s seen a lot of, lot of, lot of rounds. What I use for this one is, again, I use a pair of Streamlight TLR-1 HP’s. It’s beautiful. You don’t really need the, you don’t need the spotlight which needs a flood because, in general, you’re only going to engage out to about 10-15 yards with the shotgun Other than that, my biggest tip, for anyone going to shoot a night match with a shotgun, is to move the lights back on the rail and what that will do is it allows the light, the ambient light, to actually light up your fiber optic, so I don’t run a dot. Now, again, this is an open equipment class match and a lot of my competitors will be running red dots on their rails. I decided not to. I like the fiber optic. It lights up just like a red dot. For my pistol, I run an STI 2011 chamber 9mm, exact same thing I use on all the 3-Gun Nation Pro Tour matches. As you can tell by now, this is my favorite Streamlight product. It’s a TLR-2 HL 630 lumen. It’s got a combo red laser on it. What I do is I come out to a night match. I find out what the longest distance is going to be. I, then, zero my laser. Right now, it looks like it’s going to be about 35 yards, so I will have this in dead zero at 35 yards and I will just shoot the whole match with a laser. My belt and holster, I run Playtech. All I did was call them up and order the exact same holster I use for the Pro Tour, for an STI 2011, except I told them that it needs to fit the Streamlight TLR-2 and they made one up for you. It’s available online. That’s about it. It’s all pretty much the same. We just have got to add as many mini lights and lasers as you possibly can because it’s dark. You’ve got to beat that dark somehow. I’m Kalani Laker, prostaff with Thanks a lot.

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