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Gamma Case Weapon Skins

Following the recent update, Valve released
their Gamma case containing 17 new weapon skins. I’m no expert but I can at least
show you them… IN 4K! First of all is a clean, high-contrast military
spec grade skin by SLIMEface. Next is a metallic blue Tec9 skin by Nordcrisp,
which would go nicely as a terrorist version of the P2000 Oceanfoam.
This Harvester Bizon skin was one of the winners of the recent Polycount Weapon Finish contest,
featuring a demure yet detailed skin by G-99 Factory, who was influenced by the works of
surrealist painter H R Giger. But clearly more from his alien work than from his Penis
Landscapes. This green metallic P250 was also made by
G-99 Factory, who has a thing for creating cold hard looking skins. He also played a
part in the revolver skin, shown later on. Now onto the restricted skins, starting with
a striking black and white revolver. With red all over.
This AWP skin by Apel7 was another winner of the Polycount competition. He even posted
a fascinating in-depth step-by-step look at how he created the skin. Check it out in the
description of this video! Moving onto the Classified weapons, here’s
a shiny, firey P2000 skin by The Honey Badger, who also made the purple five-seven shown
earlier. This M4A4 is the last of the restricted skins
and was the third and final winner of the Polycount competition, created by Andy and
DryDoctorEgg. The first of the two covert skins is an M4A1
by Coyote37. And lastly, a Glock skin by SA_22. This is
in Factory New state, as it descends towards battlescarred the rest of the paintjob and
graffiti wears off. A second bombcode is slowly revealed under the ‘T’ in ‘Them’.
And that’s it, if you liked this then also check out my Chroma 3 skin video which is
similar and with yet more of my amateurish commentary!

100 thoughts on “Gamma Case Weapon Skins

  1. Dear Philip,
    I have a map that i really want to make progress on but I'm not sure if it is worth your time, most of it is orange with black floors and ceilings but I just wanted to focus on the different angles, flashes, smokes, boosts and timings. this is so the CT's have many places to hide but there are very few crossfires so the T's can check each angles individually.
    The problem comes when I need to get a theme to the map and make it look some what realistic, unfortunately the walls are designed to be high enough that they cannot be boosted over and all the other walls, gaps and boxes are taken from a list of heights depending on their purpose. E.g a path way can either be; very difficult to smoke: 288hu difficult to smoke: 270hu or easy to smoke: <250hu.
    I would hate to see this map go to waste from me being unimaginative and I hope you would be able to help me make this orange mess look like an actual map.
    Sean Reynolds. AKA your 1337th biggest fan. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. Now I have a different problem than most people.
    My screen is 4k but my intetnet is too slow for it.
    It SUCKS.

  3. The Desolate Space should have DEFINITELY been a covert skin. Stupid how they put the other m4 skin above it.

  4. Can 3kliksphilp release the song in the background, or at least put in an new album along with his other songs in his CS:GO videos. They're just great to listen to. =D

  5. How did you get the black screen, yet still have a light right above you illuminate the weapon skin? Custom map of yours?? Video magic?

    And what is the name of the song in this video?

  6. i can't watch stuff in 4k… 🙁
    Even though i have a 4k monitor, the fucking internet around here is wayyy too shit

  7. I've searched everywhere but cant find the music Philip used on this video, I've looked at all your albums! 🙁

  8. Thats the fanciest Sawed-Off ive ever seen XD I WANT IT !! Oh wait,i dont have CS:GO….RIP Dreams 🙁

  9. coyote37 is such a piece of Shit in-game I met him in a mm team vs me and he flamed me so hard and cried that I was a cheater….

  10. The fact that the M4A4 Desolate Space is not named 'Space Oddity" or something else referring to that song is an atrocity.

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