87 thoughts on “Gameloft’s Sniper Fury Developer Diary

  1. By "production process" they mean they Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V the same game that Glu has been crapping out for three years. This just another skid mark in Gameloft's bed, since going full on stupid by making their best Premium series free-to-play last year.

  2. 1:40 …. WTF is this animation? And did you believe we wouldn't notice that you've used the same gun sounds as in MC5?

  3. Hmmmm…. Reminds me a ton of another game but I can't for some reason remember what it is…… 1:40 and wtf was that lmao??

  4. Buenos días gamelot e estado buscando el juego ya salio o todavía o denme un enlace para ir a descargar la apk y ver que tal y dar mis comentarios

  5. Hola buena noches amigo quiero saber si ya salio el fue e pasado toda la tarde buscando el juego solo quiero saber si ya esta en play store o hay que ir a otra lugar para descargar

  6. What really?MC 5 snipers see too much i think)))Many things from MC 5.In start trailer of this gamei thinkto it will be just cool snper tier,BUT!No!It sniper game with MC 5 items,REALLY?And here assult rifile was…Uh i think it will be like HitMan Sniper but with good grathick and by GAMELOFT.But no srysly!?UGHT!SOOOO BAD!

  7. Hola buenas tardes saben tuve un problema con mi celular y lo formatie y lo volví a instalar el juego y lo tengo enlacado con Google y no puedo recuperar mi avanse y debería parecer rápido enlasandoce con Google y no lo hace nesecito ayuda espero respuesta saludos para todos los creadores

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  13. this game is a suk of game is full of cheat becouse they force you to spend real money to pla it so wvwn is forbiden

  14. My progress in sniper fury i lost because exsist problem in the game with log in in anither device

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