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Galil ACE 800+ Round Rifle Review. The BEST AK EVER ???

– The Galil ACE, the successor
to the classic Israeli AK variant that is still in
use today around the world. So why the update? Why even bother
resurrecting an old design? Well, the answer is a bit strange. 7.62 by 39 is a popular
caliber around the world, and tons of nations are
set up to produce it. However, there aren’t that
many firearms that use it aside from AKMs. The fins have the Sako Rk.95TP, but that isn’t even in production anymore. So IWI answered the call
and introduced the ACE, an improvement over the
old Galils in many ways that is now available in 7.62 by 39, making it appealing to other nations. Now, it’s no secret that
I’m a fan of the old Galil. I once called it Israel’s best small arm, and it is a favorite of mine. I’ve done a video on my classic example, but is the new model a worthy successor? It’s no secret that I’m
not a big fan of the Tavor, and I think IWI has a lot
to make up for with guns like the UZI PRO and the
accuracy problems of the X95. But what about this gun? Well, let’s check out
some of its features. First, we have a set of great sights. The front is an adjustable post
with a glowing night sight. The rear is an AR15-like
peep with two glowing dots and settings for 300 and 500 meters. The rear sight can also be removed. The muzzle device resembles
a simple A2 birdcage. The stock is user-adjustable and can be folded for ease of storage. I do wish it used an
AR15 buffer tube, though. The safety can be
operated from either side, but on the left side it has
a switch like the classics. The elimination of the dust cover safety results in a more well-sealed system. The charging handle is on the
left side, which is brilliant, and the sliding dust
cover resembles one found on an M249 FNC or the old Micro Galils. The foreign comes with the rail system to add whatever the user desires, and the pistol grip features
a storage compartment. So how does it shoot? Well, I brought out 27
loaded magazines to shoot, for a total of 810 rounds. Let’s see how it does. Alright, here we go, first
shots with my new Galil ACE let’s see how it performs. (cocks gun) (gun firing) Okay, it’s a really sweet shooting gun, the recoil is mild for 7.62 by 39, not that 7.62 by 39 is ever
a high recoiling cartridge. It does seem to recoil
straight back a little bit more than a traditional AK, and what would really tame
this would be a muzzle break, not that that’s gonna
make or break my decision to purchase it if I was in the market, but with something like
a PWS or something, this would be a sweet shooter and I might add one. (gun firing) Alright, something I immediately noticed that I like about the Galil ACE is that while it does
have a polymer lower, some of you guys might not like that, it does kind of function like a jet funnel magazine well on a pistol, like a competition pistol. You’re not gonna get mag lock. I’ve been messin’ with
this thing for a while, inserting mags, taking them out, and it’s just really dang
easy to rock ’em in there. It almost guides it into place perfectly, and a mag change with this
thing is remarkably quick and easy, and you can do the
thing where you knock out the mag with the trailing
mag, if you want to. I’m not a fan of that technique,
but a lot of people are. (cocks gun) Also, it’s very smooth. It’s hard to compare
to the original Galil, because they are very different guns. It’s smooth, but not
as smooth as a Valmet, however, I do like that
the charging handle’s on the left side of the gun, that does make things more
natural for me as a right-hander. I can have the gun up and
naturally operate it this way. You can also use that as a
forward-assist, if you have to. And I really like that safety,
just like the original Galil. (gun firing) You know, it’s throwing the
shell casing out of there with consistency, not too hard. The original Galil really
throws the cases out of there, it’s like a giant brass rainbow. This thing, not as violent as that. Does its job, does it right. Let’s keep shooting. So I wanted to go ahead and
get the accuracy portion of the test out of the way earlier on, so I used the included cheek riser which is nice that it comes with the gun, then went ahead and threw in
my 4X Acog on top of the rail. The rail doesn’t run the top
of the receiver which is nice, so I lined it up on the back of the ranger and fired several five shot
groups at an IDPA silhouette that I spray painted
with green spray paint. I actually ran out of
stick-able targets that day when I was sighting and
various other things, but I will say the recoil
impulse from this gun kind of posed a little
bit of a problem here. I like to get my eye
pretty close to the acog and it really wanted to flip back. Almost got me a few times
but didn’t quite make it, just kissed me a little
bit on the eyebrow, but what was really
impressive was the groups. That first one right there you saw was a little bigger than one and a half, this was the best one but
I do consider this a fluke, just a little under one inch, that was the best group of the day by far. However I would not a (mumbles) gun. So next up we have about a
one and a quarter inch group which was pretty darn good actually, I mean I was really blown away
by how this gun performed, but this group here is
a little more reflective of the performance I was getting that day. This is about a one and a half inch group so I would comfortably call this a one and a half inch gun, just a little over one MOA zone. Not bad really, I was astonished. So again that safety
really comes in handy, if you see a threat or
a target or an animal that you’re hunting if
you’re hunting with a Galil, I don’t see why you couldn’t or wouldn’t. But on a traditional AK
you guys know how it is, you gotta kind of reach over to the side and bring the dust cover down. Well that doesn’t take
five seconds or something. It’s definitely not as
easy as just bringing it up and the clicking the
safety of at the same time. Now you still have the option to come around to the right side and bring it down off
safe if you’d like to. (safe clicks) but I really don’t know why you would unless you’re of left handed. (gun firing) It’s remarkably slower when you have to come
around on the other side. (fires gun) Well this isn’t as crazy
in the AR15 selector, it’s pretty close and I’m
sure with some training you could get to that point. (fires successive shots) (cocks gun) Let’s try some offence
shots at 100 meters. (fires successive shots) It’s almost not even fair, the sights on this thing
are so great (laughs) I’m having a lot of fun with this thing. A lot better than Tronian
Manet sights on an AKM. (safe clicks off) So I figured why not bring it
back to about 120, 130 meters but I am crouching. (fires shots) Now it’s time to take it back
to 300 meters with iron sights this is always my favorite
part of any of any rifle test. I really like trying and seeing
how accurate a rifle can be using the irons at 300 meters. I knew the Galil would be
probably better than a gun with Tronian Manet sights like an AKM but I really didn’t know to what extent and I was pleasantly surprised. This gun seriously blew my mind, it was not only very reliable that’s blown too much the test, but I could could make
this this thing dance. I only missed a couple rounds, I really wasted more ammunition
back here than I should have just because I kept shooting it because I was having so much fun. (fires shots slowly) (fires successive shots) (fires rapid shots) Now we’re just kinda to the
reliability portion of the test where I’m just blowing through ammo for the sake of blowing through ammo. Generally that’s pretty
uneventful unless the gun sucks which this one does not. Really, it was pretty uneventful, I was just dumping
magazine after magazine, the gun was getting very very hot. I eventually put a glove on my left hand but wasn’t that point yet. This did keep my trigger finger
working, that’s for sure, and really trying to work that
trigger as fast as possible was actually kind of interesting. The trigger pull is
probably about six pounds which is quite nice making it very easy to make follow up shots
and the more I shot it, the better I got as you can see with me taming it pretty well but then all of a sudden
this happened (cocks gun) (fires rapid successive shots) (gun clicks) One malfunction! Alright, one malfunction guys,
and it’s a legitimate dead. We have a very solid primer strike that indicates to me that
it was the ammunition rather than the gun. At this point I had 10 magazines left and I just wanted to blow
through all the ammunition as fast as I could. I had the glove in my left hand so I didn’t basically burn myself. Despite the rail covers being there it’s still very very hot. However it did not melt
the covers on the gun, which was pretty cool. (rapid shots) I do wish this gun was full out, that would be incredibly rad, but it’s not. Last mag! (cocks gun) (fires rapid shots) (exhales) So 27 magazines later, 810 rounds fired and we have one malfunction that was most likely due to ammo based on the very solid primer hit, it failed to ignite. That’s pretty damn reliable! I didn’t clean this gun or disassemble it at all during this day and
I got it extremely hot, yet it kept on ticking! Honestly this is the gun that I think IWY needed to release a long time ago. The Tavor is fine for some people but some people don’t like bull pups. I like them but the
Tavor is just not for me. This gun on the other
hand I strongly believe is the best AK variant money can buy. With a street price right
now of 16 or 1700 dollars the value is there. While that is expensive,
it’s the best you can buy. It has all the features of
not just an AK that I want, but of a semi-automatic rifle that I want. That’s a no brainer for me and when a 223 version comes out, I’ll most likely be
buying that one as well. This gun gets an absolute
five star review from me. This review was a lot of fun, it’s not often that I go out and I really just have a great day and I drive home from the rain
with a big smile on my face, but I did this day! Thanks for watching guys, big thanks to Venture Munitions, we hope to see you next time. (fires shots)

100 thoughts on “Galil ACE 800+ Round Rifle Review. The BEST AK EVER ???

  1. If you had to choose, 556 or 762 39 ace? 762 has ak style controls, but 556 mag release is like an ar, and has bolt lock open feature. To me, it's not really like an ak anymore.

  2. Mag looks awkward with the rest of the gun. Just looking at the gun with out the mag it gives the impression it would be chambered in 5.56 with an AR style mag.

  3. I just look , $2000 that’s a lot ..
    Can trick out a Ak with that amount .. but I’ll save this to my list Incase I come across one for the right price

  4. Next time you do a review; you might want to spend a little less time showing you shooting the rifle. Maybe a little more time showing any possible accessories that can be mounted to it; like lights, scopes, and/or grips. Just saying.

  5. I agree the Galil was superb this looks a winner. 7.62×39 a guaranteed man stopper unlike 5.56 where all types of ammo are still useless 15 hits on one Afghan who was finally dropped by a .45 almost 60 years and 5.56 is still useless.

  6. I find with my 12" 762N i get around 1moa with 168gr FGMM, but i think more importantly, ~1.4 moa with wolf 145gr. Absolutely love these rifles, think they are incredibly underrated. Personally i think this is a better 762N platform, in that cartridge it stacks up much better to its competition. I think it provides more value than any of the others.

    Thanks for the upload

  7. Ugliest Assault/military pattern rifle, ever! Thank you for making up my mind, I'm keeping my old Galil and going HK for all else!

  8. I just bought the ACE pistol w/brace in 5.56, and it shoots very well. I think my next purchase will be either the full-size rifle in 5.56 or 7.62.

  9. Your trigger control needs more practice, you're snapping the trigger not pulling it this will limit your accuracy for sure

  10. the gun is marketed as being ambidextrous but as i lefty every third round i shot out of it smacked me in the forehead. it is a simple fix you just need to ad a shell deflector, and since the top cover is stamped sheet metal adding one at the factory would have been quiet easy. so its a shame there is no shell deflector.

  11. Ok, I’ve had my 7.62X39 ACE SAR with brace for about a year and absolutely love the little but heavy beast. What bothers me slightly is the wobble in the brace or stock. Mine has a single pin mount which is the source of the wiggle. No worse than a Magpul MOE on an AR though. Great review as always.

  12. I would love to have one of these next to my ATI Galeo and mak-90 it would be pretty cool I would even take one of the blemished ones just to save the money it's definitely worth it and they are great

  13. I still like the retro better for the simple fact of swiping over the top coming back on the charging handle I've always found it to be the most simple way to pull a charging handle that still is my favorite and I believe the extras can be added to make it very similar to this one which is why I went with the retro style Israeli parts kit ATI model

  14. The ACE is a colombian design, if I´m not mistaken. Israel sold everything to colombia, the patents and the factories, -since they changed to another rifle-. With that, the colombian army designed this.

  15. Idk. Swiss arms makes a SG553R which fires the same round. I heard alot of good things about it. The 7.62×39 ACE seems like a great rifle aswell.

  16. I like how at the end of the video the creator states that as soon as he can get his hands on the 5.56x45mm version he will make that purchase as well. Yes spoken like a true Galil Ace owner. Once you try the simplistic yet precise functionality and unbeatable fit and finish of these rifles you too will crave one in every caliber!

  17. How about various AK mag compatibility? Does it use mags OTHER THAN the great Magpul AK mags? I see the Bakelite, some steel, etc..

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