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  1. I'm really considering getting one of these for carrying a full size 1911. Have you tried to conceal it? Thanks =)

  2. As a matter of fact, yes I have. Whenever I'm out of IL, I take advantage of my concealed carry permit from the Great State of Utah. During the fall and winter, I carry a 5” Springfield Armory 1911 in Galco’s VHS. I recommend a tie down for the holster side; it gives you something to pull against when drawing the gun. With a jacket, it can certainly be worn concealed. It’s not as fast as a strong side hip holster and you must be hyperaware of the muzzle direction on the draw.

  3. I own both the VHS and 3 horizontal Miami Classics. The Miami Classic is shorter and swings less. I recommend Galco tiedowns for a vertical, not only to keep it from moving, but to give you something to draw against. With a horizontal, your shoulder provides tension for the draw. With a vertical, it needs to be anchored to your belt or the holster goes with the gun when you draw. It’ll also prevent the VHS from swinging forward when you bend over to grab a Mounds bar from the bottom shelf of a..

  4. The Vertical holster component was designed to function without a holster side tie down and will not accommodate one. The draw is more of a forward rocking motion than a straight vertical pull.

  5. There are provisions for a strap (known as a tie-down) at the bottom of the holster that anchors it to your belt, so you have something to pull against on the draw.

  6. Personally, I like the Miami Classic. The VHS is better for handguns with longer barrels (a 6” Model 29 doesn’t conceal so well horizontally, ask Harry Callahan). The Jackass never did much for me, although a lot of people like it. I prefer to have more of the gun covered, I Can’t quite warm up to the angle, and I’m just not a fan of Havana Brown. Holsters should be black, damn it!

  7. You said this holster is available with a horizontal mag pouch but I can't find that option on your site?

  8. I'm a left handed shooter – Do they make the magazine cases which mount for left handed users? I like the Miami Classic II Shoulder System but It appears they are all made for right hand draw?

  9. What is the largest size gun that can be effectively concealed in a shoulder holster and how well would they work for something like S&W Model 10

  10. I have this rig for my Beretta 92. However, mine has the wide front straps for more comfort. I love my Galco VHS Rig.

  11. Soooo, how does it feel hanging on your spine behind the neck? Looks uncomfortable for everyday use vs lowering that X a little more to between the shoulder blades

  12. I don't like horizontal holster since I don't like the idea of pointing a loaded weapon at someone standing behind me.

  13. I got my VSH at a garage sale for $5.00.
    The guy who owned mounted the holster crooked, and didn't like it. I took it all apart, and mounted it, correctly, and it is wonderful. I can use it on both my single stack, and double stack 9mm. I've had it since 2005.

  14. Screw Galco! I found a great little shop that makes much better shoulder holsters for about 100x more guns than Galco, and for about the same price, maybe less. The quality is far better, but the wait time is about six weeks, and YES it is well worth it. Galco's quality has really slid over the years, and I am done with them. There are a few dozen excellent small shops that charge from about the same as Galco to 2-3x more. The more I pay, generally, the more I get. Repairs are FREE! After a while one shop GAVE me a FREE replacement holster, so paying 3x more was worth EVERY PENNY! I have spent 140 hours in a shoulder rig, but not with a modern Galco rig. I can sleep in my German made rig. Galco is what I call "costume grade gear" now. It's just not professional grade stuff anymore. Thankfully people are ignorant enough that I managed to sell all my pieces of Galco off for about 85-90% of what I paid for them.

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